Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes Moscow traffic for 2170 miles

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That’s farther than it is from New York City to Miami; farther than it is from New York City to Denver.

The snowiest winter in a century has hit the Russian capital, causing traffic jams 3,500 km (2,174 miles) in length on Monday evening – the distance from Moscow to Madrid.

Since the beginning of the winter, over 2 meters of snow has fallen on the Russian capital, the Moscow mayor’s aide in housing and public utilities Pyotr Biryukov told Interfax. Snowfall is expected in Moscow for four or five more days, he added.

On Monday, 45,000 community services employees and 15,000 units of equipment were attempting to cope with 26 cm of snow – nearly a fifth of the average annual fall.

The latest snowfall has become a nightmare for drivers with the capital’s commuters trapped in gridlock. Many of those who left their workplace in the evening had to spend five to 10 hours getting home.

­It’s not the first time that Moscow has seen massive snowfalls this winter – in mid-January the situation was similar in terms of heavy falls – and traffic.

In December, the harshest temperatures in 70 years were recorded, with thermometers showing temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius in some regions of Russia.

Meteorologists predict more snow is in store for Muscovites in February and March.

See lots of photos:

Thanks to Eunice Farmilantfor this link

“I am constantly trying to convince friends–no it is not global warming—we just aren’t aware of how bad this winter has been in Europe, Asia and Russia!!” says Eunice.

7 thoughts on “Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes Moscow traffic for 2170 miles”

  1. Yep, government and corporate media gotta love em. I keep telling friends don’t trust them they are up to something very sinister, people just think your mad.

  2. I hope they keep this trend chart up at NOAA; it clearly shows the massive falloff from the previous 11 year sunspot cycle. If this continues, and we’re unlucky with some big volcanoes, all that busted real estate in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, South Texas & NM is gonna come roaring back.

  3. In the Dutch Main Stream Media (MSM) this news is not reported. Instead we saw on Dutch television news (the State Controled NOS) that people in the Russian city of Sotchi were preparing for the Olympic Games next year and that they have their fear for a lack of snow.
    The fact that Sotchi is located in the subtropics is not mentioned and the extreme heavy snowfall in Moscow and other places in Russia is also not mentioned. In this way people are being manipulated into believing in global warming.

    1. :-) lets all wish a cold snap…for sotchi next season
      one does wonder why they plan winter sports on a subtropical spot?

    2. It’s hard to believe that they’re doing this in the Netherlands, Argiris. They’ll be eating their words very, very soon.

  4. My wife is in Moscow now and showed from her webcam the snow outside. It deeper then I saw then the past five winters when I lived there.

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