Wait! Look up in the sky! Its NOT a bird, its NOT a plane, its the SUN.

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Its big, hot, & only 0.987 AU away.

The Sun has a radius 100 times the size of Earth. It would take 1.3 million Earths to fill the Sun. The core of the sun is 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun accounts for 98% of our solar system’s mass. Every second it converts 700 million tons of hydrogen to helium ashes.

A direct hit from an X Class solar flare could knock out all of the power grids on Earth for many months (until fixed). This is called the “kill shot”.

Yea, so its a safe bet the Sun is responsible for ANY global warming.

– John C. Fleming

6 thoughts on “Wait! Look up in the sky! Its NOT a bird, its NOT a plane, its the SUN.”

    1. I’m approving this for its potential interest to others. However, just to be clear, I don’t put any stock in the Niburu or Planet X or 2nd Sun theories.

  1. Hi. I live near Salem Oregon and want to know a few things.

    What’s this sun you speak of? I cannot see it? Is it real or is it as imaginary as God?

    What does this sunshine feel like and is it healthy for me or should I stay indoors till the situation passes when we get a *sun* event?

    1. Here in Oregon we do, occasionally, get a “sun” break. You should stay under cover when these events happen. Oregonians are not physically capable of living in sun events – others do something called “tanning” to allow them to live with their “sun” events – Oregonians only rust which does not help in the sun even though it may look the same as the “tan” that protects others.

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