Whiteout hits Romania – Video

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Two die and thousands isolated in Moldova – Snow two meters deep completely isolated houses in four villages of Vrancea. In Bacau, a woman aged 45 was found dead after a car ran over her snow removal.

Hundreds of people are isolated and Vaslui, and dozens of trucks at Albita checkpoint stopped due to snowfall.

Nearly a thousand people in Boldu village, Buzau, remained stranded by the snow for more than 3 days without power, food and without being able to reach a hospital in case of emergency.

On a stretch of about 8 km (4.8 miles) people can move only on foot. Blowing snow completely covered the road and people can barely see their homes . People Bordeiasca village, Vrancea, bowed helplessly before nature’s fury.

For 3 days roadworkers worked continuously to unblock roads, but due to blizzards have been impossible.  People have done as they could. Elders were helped by neighbors to reach the animals. Those who had no choice, they walk about 10 miles to get to work.

On Sunday evening they struggled equipment through more than five feet of snow on DN 22, which connects the town of Ramnicu Sarat Boldu

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