Europe’s freezing Easter caused by global warming, says

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Freezing is caused by warming … What a load of crap!

Record cold. Record snowfall. And they blame it on global warming?

I sure hope people aren’t this gullible.

I mean, if you really want freezing weather, I guess you should move to Bermuda.

If you want it even colder, maybe you should move to – where? – Rio de Janiero? The rain forest?

The very last sentence in the article backtracks, saying, “Other climate experts are uncertain about this effect, saying more research is needed.”

But how many people actually read to the very end of the article?

I think this kind of reporting is reprehensible.

Please note the comment from Marcus:

MSN: Please unplug your air conditioning so the warming in your office gets warm (Local Warming) thereby causing snow and ice to gather on your desks. Also try that with your refrigerator at home, so you can have ice cold beer every night.

The Earth’s refrigerator is , obviously, NOT broken!


“At what temperature should I set the oven to keep the soda pop cold, but not freezing?” asks Stew.

Read MSN’s twisted logic for yourself:

31 thoughts on “Europe’s freezing Easter caused by global warming, says”

  1. For 15 years many of us – deniers – have called for criminal prosecution of the MSM and the nexus of corruption around the cult of warm. Sadly a plurality of uninformed citizens and most children believe this propaganda. Truly a dark age.

  2. Maybe it’s just another “April Fools Day” joke, but the BBC is now reporting that the thicker and more extensive Antarctic sea ice (it hit a record high last summer) is also… you guessed it: caused by global warming, as the land glaciers on Antarctica melt and that cold fresh water flows into the ocean.

    Somehow, the BBC article fails to mention that the land glaciers on Antarctica have steadily been adding mass, year after year. Oops! However, it is an understandable omission, from an organization with an agenda to promote.

  3. It’s April fools but I wouldn’t be surprised by anything posted by these nutters! Mores the pity for the fools who read it and believe it!

  4. Holding my belly because of too much laughing. Now Global Warming is causing the Little Ice Age! After having betrayed billions of people with their mainstream bullshit created by a few to fill their pockets with false flag alarms, they try to prevent the worst by telling more bullshit. Governments, mainstream media and all those who have been promoting Global Warming for years, causing the people to find themselves unprepared for what is really happening, should be called in front of a court and sentenced to pay the necessary measurements to be taken for the survival of the coming years for EVERYBODY.

  5. Yep. It’s Easter Sunday. I’m sitting in Warsaw, Poland. This is my 12th. winter here, and by far the worst.

    There is an old lady across the hall from us. She was an adult survivor of Auschwitz. It’s the worst winter she can remember, with the exception of that bad one in 1941-1942.

    I could use a little global warming.

  6. Yup, these global warmists will be saying that the present hot spell in the tropics, (presently, daytime temperatures in Malaysia is 36deg C) is due to cold air leaving the tropics causing the winter conditions in the northern hemisphere. LOL

  7. Wish all a happy Easter. It is only polite. Yet it is far more freezing than any Xmas I can remember
    What do you get if you cross the Easter Bunny with Santa Claus? A Hoppy Xmas ho ho ho!

  8. I can also assure you that either astrology or tarot cards would give better information than their computer models.

  9. Straight from Orwell:
    War is peace
    weakness is strength
    Black is white (I make this up),fits, doesn’t it?

  10. This article makes my blood boil! How stupid do they think people are… Here in Ireland our weather has been getting colder, wetter and snowier over the last 5 years, only last winter was anyway mild, thats 4 out of 5 cold winters it used to be 1 out of 5 winters would be cold. Yet my kids still come home from school full of stories of global warming and drowning polar bears. It’s lunacy!

    1. “Yet my kids still come home from school full of stories of global warming and drowning polar bears. It’s lunacy!”

      What are they saying now???

  11. It’s a painful walk-back for the alarmists, but fun to watch them squirm. They’ve certainly created a lot of angst among the masses, now they deserve a little themselves.

    It shouldn’t take too many more years before this scam just becomes a bad memory.

  12. Come on – everybody knows that water will freeze faster in the freezer if you heat it up first!!

  13. Not really surprising now I see it originated in a Stockport paper. It pumps out the limp-dim line on every occasion. Mind you, they are keeping wuiet about the £5m missing from the “Stockport SK” accounts, apparently a compny set up by some Councillors to do contract work. And now Council Tax has gone up by 2.8%.

  14. last tome they blamed the missing Arctic ice for the cold:-)
    this time the arctic ice is near
    average” whatever someone called average..
    and its -25C with 2foot thick coverage depth at least, deeper in places of course.
    antarctic was down to -97 or something equally stunningly nippy last I read.
    no warm troposphere either and the oceans are cool
    but none of this is reported on.

  15. Living in Denmark, it’s tough reading this nonsense from MSN. It’s frigid here, and globally there has been no temperature rise for the last 15 years, and the global sea ice area is growing.

    It’s not only Europe getting colder, but also the US, most of Russia, East China and Japan.

  16. hilarious … unfortunately people really believe. People are so dulled by the lie of global warming that can not realize what is happening.

  17. Don’t blame MSM too much.
    They know the truth, but how do you sell the idea to a Norwegian that in order to survive he’ll have to move to Africa… in 10 to 20 years from now.
    Answer; You keep it secret and maybe create a new type of extremely deadly AIDS.

    1. Like a lake. Average depth 10 cm and you can still hide a ship like the Titanic in it.
      Average is such a stupid argument.
      Example: 30th of March 13:00 in the northern hemisphere is spring and in the southern hemisphere is autumn and on the sun side is day and the other side is night. Mix it well and what do you get? Garbage!
      Btw.: The Antarctic ice cover acts for a long time against the AGW garbage.
      That is the canary bird in the climate!

  18. The Warmists are desperate. Their cockamamie CO2 theory is proving to be a load of crap, as we skeptics have been stating for years.

    The alarmists are now reduced to inventing fantasies about how the recent frigid weather is caused by melting arctic ice, which is warming the atmosphere aloft and pushing the jet stream south. This latest fairy tale is another not-so-clever attempt to prop up their asinine theory.

    Given the abject failure of their climate models, perhaps we should begin referring to climatologists as “climastrologists.” Next, they’ll be reading Tarot Cards and gazing into crystal balls to arrive at their predictions. Who knows? Those methods might be an improvement.

    1. Yes, the warmers are desperate, but the use of a crystal ball or astrology would have no discernible effect on their predictions. They have already made them, they are just doctoring up the models so they produce the right outcomes. This in essence is the fundamental problem with the whole global warming/climate change/sustainable development thing – it’s not based on any form of reliable, verifiable scientific method, but rather, the worst type of “scientific” method possible – fudging the figures to prove the desired outcome. They simply keep tweaking the models until their result is the one they want.

      While they continue to do this, they will never reach the conclusion that their valiant quixotic efforts are in vain. But that won’t stop the world’s climate proving them wrong!

      1. 3 years ago a Global warming scientist made the comment that we wouldn’t see any more snow in North America as a result of global warming. BS
        12 years ago one made the comment that Cape Cod would be under water in 30 years. Shouldn’t it be close to 1/2 way there now!
        I predict that small stop gap measures will be forced upon the country and when no global warming happens, they will claim victory.

  19. MSN:
    Please unplug your air conditioning so the warming in your office gets warm (Local Warming) thereby causing snow and ice to gather on your desks. Also try that with your refrigerator at home, so you can have ice cold beer every night.

    The Earth’s refrigerator is , obviously, NOT broken!

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