Germany – Coldest spring on record

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“Since records began it has never been so cold at the end of March in Brandenburg,” said Eva Wille from the German weather service (DWD).

At minus 19 degrees, Coschen in Brandenburg was the coldest spot in the country on Saturday night, with temperatures in the outskirts of Berlin also dipping to a record-breaking minus 17 degrees.

And  the minus 17 degrees on Brocken mountain made it the coldest spring temperature in more than five decades.

This means that it’s turning out to be the coldest spring on record in both northern and eastern Germany.

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5 thoughts on “Germany – Coldest spring on record”

  1. Mother Nature better watch out! Obama and his leftys will come out in droves and teach her a lesson that she will never forget! Its Global Warming, they say! Mother Nature is violating the left wing law and will suffer dire consequences, for sure!

    1. Good for us that Mother Nature couldn’t care less about what they say or not.
      The laws of Nature still govern the world and that’s why we’re here collecting data and speculating/theorizing about the coming ice age.
      We’re just trying to understand the true laws of Nature and the observed facts.

  2. If they have and easterly wind like present in the UK then the windchill will be brutal…. it’s bad enough here with an air temperature of 1C

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