The Mini-Ice Age has Arrived

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“Everything you have been told about carbon dioxide emissions and those of other so-called greenhouse gases “causing” a warming earth is just lies, lies, and lies.”

The Mini-Ice Age has Arrived

By Alan Caruba
Snowfall Map for March 19 to 20

Climatologists and meteorologists are familiar with the last Mini Ice Age (MIA) that occurred between 1350 and 1850 AD. It is also referred to as the Little Ice Age. Suffice to say it was cold and, as such weather cycles tend to do, it altered history in a variety of ways.

The failure of crops was one aspect of the cold spell and in France the revolution that overthrew the monarchy is attributed to the unhappiness of its citizens, but famine in the northern hemisphere was widespread. In the United States, it is best recalled for the horrid winter our revolutionary war soldiers spent at Valley Forge. At one point during the cycle Americans spent what they called “a year without summer” when the weather remained too cold to plant crops.

Since climate is cyclical, it is not surprising that the MIA followed the Medieval Warm Period, also known as a climate optimum. Crops flourished, empires rose and declined, and neither cycle had a thing to do with so-called greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and everything to do with what was happening on the sun.

As spring arrives in the U.S., there was also a broad band of snow storms that comes with it.

One of the world’s most respected long-term climate forecasters is Piers Corbyn, an astrophysicist whose expertise is relied upon by corporations and others who need to know what the weather will really be as opposed to the criminally false claims about global warming. His website, WeatherAction, is well worth visiting.

In his own words, “WeatherAction is involved in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate where we point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any effect on weather or climate. There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data. There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels.”

Recently Corbyn announced that “The CO2 story is over. It has been pointing the world in the wrong direction for too long. The serious implications of the developing mini ice age to agriculture and the world economy through the next 25 to 35 years must be addressed.” World cooling is now locked in says Corbyn, citing the decrease in average solar activity and a jet stream that is often further south than normal, resulting in extreme weather events.

Following in the heels of Corbyn’s forecast was the release of a new report by Dr. David Whitehouse, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and what makes it fairly extraordinary after decades of global warming propaganda is that he concludes that there has been no statistically significant increase in annual global temperatures since 1997. That’s seventeen years of atrocious lies about a warming earth.

The irony that Dr. Whitehouse includes in his report is that the atmospheric composition of carbon dioxide has increased during that time from 370 ppm to 390 ppm. So, everything you have been told about carbon dioxide emissions and those of other so-called greenhouse gases “causing” a warming earth is just lies, lies, and lies.

“If the standstill (lower temperatures) continues for a few more years,” wrote Dr. Whitehouse, “it will mean that no one who has just reached adulthood, or younger, will have witnessed the earth get warmer during their lifetime.”

Now here’s the kicker. The President of the United States, according to a recent Business Week article, “is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving projects, from pipelines to highways.” The result “could be significant delays for natural gas export facilities, ports for coal sales to Asia, and even new forest roads, industry lobbyists say.”

“In taking the step,” said Business Week reporter Mark Drajem, “Obama would be fulfilling a vow to act alone in the face of a Republican-run House of Representatives unwilling to pass measures limiting greenhouse gases.”

The President, as usual, is lying through his teeth. There is no global warming or, as it is more frequently called these days, climate change unless you include a colder earth in that change.

The result will be four years of a second term in office during which Obama and his minions will do everything they can to slow what little is left of the U.S. economy, currently growing at a rate that requires a microscope to detect.

For the rest of us, the Mini Ice Age has arrived.

© Alan Caruba, 2013

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33 thoughts on “The Mini-Ice Age has Arrived”

  1. Some believe there is no climate change, some believe that the planet is flat.

    I believe there is no God, or he would have weeded the blind and ignorant out.

    Changes in ocean temperature and ph due to carbon absorbtion, is ignored i the debate for 1 of 2 reasons: Doesn’t fit into the claim of no climate change – of simple ignorance.

    1. “I believe there is no God”

      [SLOW. HAND. CLAP.] Wowwwwwww, good for you.

      “Changes in ocean temperature and ph due to carbon absorbtion”….is BS.

      The cooling(or warming) of earth in any given year is driven by the level of sunspots on the sun. This year=less sunspots=cooler climate. Last year=more sunspots=warmer. In both cases the CO2 is the same. Nobody is denying climate change by NON-human means(like the sun). You don’t have to be a Jesus freak(I’m not) to believe this. Quit using that apex fallacy; it’s so 2007.

  2. Hi Robert & friends. Here’s a useful opinion:- “Climate issues are being used for nothing more than to boost and to drive consumerism, the issue of whether it exists or not is moot.

    Here we go, lets be kind to the environment by buying lots of new eco cars that produced more harmful emissions during their production than they will in their entire lifetime. We could “make do and mend”, but it’s easier to keep people buying new car’s if we give them a socially acceptable excuse.

    Save the planet by raping it’s natural resources to make new things, things that won’t last as long as the old things and will soon need replacing with MORE things…. But don’t worry, they’re 10% more economical in use so it’s good for the environment :(

    I swear, the planet as an entity would be better off if nobody had ever been told about “climate change”.

    People are so damn short sighted, they never think about where stuff comes from or where it’ll go when it’s replaced in a years time.

    The solution is not to recycle, the solution is not to use in the first place!”
    The statement was discovered in an unlikely source:- Plenty of Fish, the dating website, not overly keen on Asian Ladies, advertised on Ice Age Now, I want a closer to home lover LOL. But you would be perennially surprised at how far into ‘straight society’ the underlying currents of disbelief in official news fed stories find themselves.
    Look after yourself Robert. Cheers!

    1. Ken, here’s another wrinkle on all the new “environmentally sound” and “sustainable” consumer products, not only do they wear out faster, but they’re harder and more expensive to repair, if they can be repaired at all! It’s often cheaper just to replace them. In addition, they are more complicated, and overly reliant on computer technology, and they require specialized (and expensive) “technicians” to do anything to them. The mechanic who overhauled the engine on the 1965 model Ford Fairlane I drove to college in the late 1960’s and early ’70’s, would have trouble even FINDING the engine on late model car!

  3. I’m just an old/retired scientist. You say your not “Bull S***”. The simplicity of your responce. I take my hat off to You

  4. Pipelines, roads and other infrastructure needed for them will very likely be built, but not without a lot of costly exemptions, exceptions, licenses, permits, environmental fees etc, etc etc. Obama is basically just shaking down all the companies associated with these projects with threats of stopping them so he can squeeze as much money as possible out of them to shovel down the federal debt rat hole.

  5. Yes. Well, not straight away, but eventually. :)

    The ice takes its time to accumulate, and it does so in the presence of a climate that’s already cold enough. In other words, the climate will be frigid long before the ice gets there… So yeah, there will be refugees, from the cold, long before the ice.

  6. PHEW! This is my fourth Spring in West Virginia and, given the ongoing cold weather .. at midday it is only 42 F outside, way too cold and wet to get anything in the ground (compared to the 60’s and 70’s for the previous three springs), I would like to tell everyone that it’s 78F in my greenhouse. Awesome investment as far as I am concerned. Then again I’ve been listening to folks like Robert and Piers for a while :^)

  7. I’m not sure anyone can just state that cooling is “locked in” as even in the LIA there were still heat waves and mild winters. In an overall sense, looking year to year, the trend was clearly downward. Prepare for the AGW cretins to overhype every heat wave and ignore every cold wave…there’s going to be a lot less weather news in the future I guess.

    Certainly March 2013 a lot different than 2012 here. High temperatures this week are 30-40 deg cooler than last year on same dates, when we were in the 70s here in PA with my cherry trees blooming. March 2012 was 8 above avg, 2013 is 2 below avg and probably dropping more over the last 11 days of March. The one month’s difference alone will cause 2013’s avg temp to be nearly 1 deg colder than 2012…Feb 2013 was also colder than Feb 2012.

  8. “If the standstill (lower temperatures) continues for a few more years,” wrote Dr. Whitehouse, “it will mean that no one who has just reached adulthood, or younger, will have witnessed the earth get warmer during their lifetime.”

    This isn’t entirely true. According to the satellite record there has been no statistically significant (95% confidence) global warming for 23 years. It is already the case after 23 years of increasing CO2 – no global warming.

    Of course as cooling begins to bite within five years I think we will be able to say “no significant global warming for a century”. We will find ourselves out of work and huddling around the wind generators for warmth…

  9. It’s probably not just you, Ali of other countries as well. I’m still trying to find out how cold the Southern Hemisphere got.

    If we get to a full blown ice age take a look at the underwater city off Japan. I guess we will be Abel to walk on this as it comes out of the ocean

    1. Uh huh.
      This shows the beginning of the next ice age.
      And the cause?
      You guessed it. “Global warming.”

  10. I guess the question you should ask is which deserts are likely to produce sufficient rainfall in an LIA to become fertile??

  11. I believe that our Sun is the anchor of our solar system and the framework of Planets and bodies is bound together by gravity through it. The true source of the Sun’s energy is gravity! We can see an exact example of gravity turning to energy here on Earth where our planets core is held in a molten state by the pressures of gravity.

    Now we know that everything is held in its present state by equal opposing forces.

    In the procession of our solar system there are many Astronomical events, our Sun offsets against these varying forces by turning this cosmic tug of war into energy. When that radiated energy reaches Earth it has climatic effects.

    Because currently 70% of the planets surface is water, when there is a jump in solar energy more water vapour is produced thus forming clouds which act as a shield from the Sun at surface level.
    This is a very basic synopsis of our planets relationship with the Sun, But it is the solar cycle that drives our climate.

    The correct conjunctions in the cosmos would lead to a prolonged increase in solar energy.
    The Earth would have a brief spell of global warming, then it would go into a defensive phase.
    As more precipitation enters into the atmosphere, this moisture would dissipate though convection to the poles of the planet where surface temperature’s would be forced down due to increased cloud cover. In a relatively short space of time due to the lack of penetrating sunlight these lands would be covered by ice and then snow, which would continue to form from precipitation made in warmed seas around the equator.
    There levels would drop because the warmer atmosphere would contain greater water levels.
    Ice sheets would begin to grow. There would be massive contrasts on surface temperatures over small areas and the resulting storms would be biblical.
    Also there then would follow distortion of the planets shape as the Equatorial band would receive a far greater levels of solar energy than the poles, making it expand. Seismic activity would increase, volcano’s would spew dust into the skies compounding the dulling effect.
    An Ice Age would be born!
    This comes as a result of an increase in the output of our Sun and the reaction of the water on our Planet to it.
    I’m 38 year’s old, father of two boys & Joiner by trade, not a scientist, But is this not what’s starting to happening out there??
    kindest regards,

    1. In fact the cloud cover has decreased systematically exactly during the period of greatest solar radiations

      A good explanation is given by Phil Rockke

      The whole process seems a bit complicate and related with the decreasing magnetic field of our Planet and the effect of the variation of solar radiations.

      The entire thread there is very instructive and explains many details of the process that will probably lead us to a new LIA in the immediate future and to end of the present interglacial after that.

    2. Fair play mate…I’m a plasterer and I know all this stuff as well…so much for a degree lololol…enjoy the snow…I’m hoping to get somewhere warm and secluded…sick of grey and cold and retarded politics and greed…have a great day and good luck ;o)

  12. GWTW


    We are going to export blocks of ice to our southern neighbour so they can grow food in the desert that forms on their lands. – – water for grub.

    1. No, what we should do is allow SMR development (small modular reactors) in geologically stable locations close to the oceans & arid lands that are not sterile, but areas that would be fertile if they had water.

      Then using the new graphene nano-technology filtration-desal systems that are 2-300X more efficient than present, desalinate that water for food production. This is a model that will work when the frigid world needs food.

    2. Don’t misunderstand. We love Canadians. I often say Canadians are just like Americans but with manners. If the ice age suddenly happens I for one will welcome our friends from the North.

      1. Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather brave the ice-age than your race baiting, class warfare spewing fascist federal government and their bankster masters.
        What makes you think the USA will be able to feed themselves or heat their homes even if an ice-age does not hit?, the EPA is making that very difficult even now.
        But thanks for the offer.

        1. When people wake up(when things get bad enough & they will) they’ll vote out the present EPA-enabling congress & presidential party, then all you smarty-pants keyboard-toughass foreigners(trolls) can go back to calling us Nazi, fascist, fundamentalist, neocon bla bla bla like you do whenever we elect a Republican post-Clinton era……..damned if we do damned if we don’t, nothing makes you people happy…..we should just do what we’re always accused of by you people anyway & JUST STOP CARING ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  13. I notice the Ice Age map show all of Canada under ice. Should we prepare for 33 million refugees?

    1. No, a good chunk of those 33 million would be dead well before becoming displaced. Yes, mass amounts of people who could afford it, through finance or fitness, would move south, but this would include Canadians and northern living U.S. Americans. The question remains would they head south as refugees or invaders?

      1. Refugees or invaders? Great question. Just for the record, Ghengis Khan and his hordes moved south in sync with the Little-Ice-Age cycle. Were they refugees? Or invaders?

    2. No. Mexico will have to prepare for about 200 million refuges – including the 20 or so million Mexicans that are “undocumented.” I doubt if any of us will be “warmly received,” no real pun intended.

    3. “I notice the Ice Age map show all of Canada under ice.”

      This link shows the current modeled snow depth(

      As I’m writing this(evening March 20), most of LOWER Canada, according to the model/map in the link, appears to be buried in 40-to-50 or more inches of snow, with a BIG chunk of that being FIFTY or more.

      It might be starting already.

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