The new Mini Ice Age is upon us!

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“The CO2 story is over. It has been pointing the world in the wrong direction for too long.”

“MIA (Mini Ice Age ) fingerprint now overwhelming,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of

“March 10th 1947 was the day of the thaw ending the late snowy cold winter of 1947 in Britain & Europe and there was a giant sunspot group at the centre of the solar disc,” says Corbyn.

“This year, three magnetic (22yr) solar cycles later, solar activity has been generally very low and this day marked deep cold ” – heralding more snow, on 12th, when snow blizzards hit S/E England (Pic Folkstone) as WeatherAction forecasted in detail 25 days ahead.

“This is further evidence of the inevitable plunge from now into the new Mini-Ice Age we warned of some years ago”, said Corbyn just last week (March 10th).

“The CO2 story is over. It has been pointing the world in the wrong direction for too long. The serious implications of the developing MIA to agriculture and the world economy through the next 25 to 35 years must be addressed. ”

“Warmists have been fiddling (“selecting”) data for years. But whatever they do, even with “new” data, the world is cooling while CO2 continues to rise.

● The CO2 story is over

● World cooling is now ‘locked in’

● Average solar activity way down

● Jet stream often way south

● Jet Stream develops wild waves giving very extreme weather events –  hail, thunder, floods etc. sMarch.pdf

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  1. Reporting from Ireland, I can tell you that it was in the media last week that March 2013 was the coldest on record. I don’t usually put much stock in media weather reports because they aren’t localized very well, but this was undoubtedly the coldest spring I can remember in decades, as said everyone I know. The grass here is burnt to near death from the cold, like which happens in Scandinavia usually. Many large farmers here harvest two yields of silage (stored grass) for animal feed every year. This year there will only be one. In case you don’t know, Ireland is considered one of the best pasture areas because of high precipitation and mild climate. This looks like being a thing of the past. As of the last few years crop-based agriculture of many many types has suffered hugely here. You probably won’t hear it in the media until the poorest of us are fighting over tinned beans but I certainly think we are in big climate cooling trouble. How can a whole world of so-called climate experts get it so wrong???

  2. Try hydroponic gardening. My dad saw a great video of a gardening system that you can put in your basement. The grow light can last for up to five years and you’ll yield quite a bit of food. The system is $600.

  3. This info. is a real wake-up call
    because the results of their long
    time operation, messing with our atmosphere`s natural mechanisms,
    are now becoming ‘uncontrollable’!
    read on..

    Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Geoengineering Chemtrails

    Global Geoengineering Fueling ‘Venus Syndrome’

    I heard this show- very disturbing!
    Geoengineering Threats

    They Are Blocking the Sun, Period

  4. Joe Bastardi is reporting on Facebook that the Central England Temperature for the first 17 days of March is running at 0.2C below the JANUARY average!

  5. There are indicators of the regional weather patterns, thinking of northern Europe, that we are heading towards a cooler climate. If we are looking at what has happened the last three years, because I am hobby gardener, and what I have been observing, is that the growing season has been shorter in time. And also, that there has been more days with rain, haze and clouds. Less days with sunshine. It started four years ago when I could not grow tomatoes any longer at the open field, but had to buy a greenhouse.

    I am very concerned if we also this year could experience a delayed spring. Last year it was delayed by 7 to 10 days. This winter has been persistent regarding below zero C, so the frost in the ground is very deep. This will mean that my tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, have to wait for late April to be put into my greenhouse.

    BTW, I learned yesterday that you can grow potatoes in milk boxes. I will try that with “almond potatoes”. But, what I learned, the potatoes you put into the boxes, must not have started to grow, before you put them there.

    Potatoe fields on the balconies in these difficult times, maybe an option. Cherry tomatoes (6 branches with fruits) and beaf tomatoes (4 branches) are excellent plants to grow in buckets on a balcony. Give them some grains of fertilizer twice a week. Cut of immediately the the new stems at the core of the branches. For pollination, shake the stem. If you have been smoking, wash your hands before you touch them, so that the tobacco virus do not infect your tomatoe plant.

    Good luck.

  6. Over three decades ago, I was given to know, among other things, that “another ice age is coming.” This was a strong exerience; I am not given to doubt. I was amazed when a letter of mine on this subject appeared in a local newspaper. Since I wasn’t given to know about timing and severity, and because of the way I came to know this, I very seldom mention it to anyone. Probably better not to have written about it here!!

  7. Mike Carr and Brent Walker are onto something.

    The planets control the Sun’s weather, mainly by the Jovian Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) through the interchange of angular momentum and spin-orbit coupling. They are responsible for the 11 year sun spot cycle, 90-yr Gleisberg Cycle, 210-yr DeVries cycle, 360-yr cycle, 1,400-yr cycle, 2,400-yr cycle, etc. To a lesser extent the Tidal Planets (Jupiter, Venus, and – yes, even – the Earth) control the Sun’s tide. Then there is the moon which imposes its 18-yr abundance cycles and 1,800-yr cycles on us.

    The Sun’s weather and the Moon control our weather. Nothing else. Planetary mechanics is the elephant in the room of climate change. Co2 is just a flea on the elephant’s ass, coming along for the ride.

    The myth of global warming and climate change persists because of the trillions of dollars at stake. The politicians, environmentalists, media, alternative energy companies, banks, developers, the sustainability and green building crowd, numerous cottage industries, and a plethora of scientists who prefer to graze out of the bottomless trough of free grant money, would all have to find honest meaningful employment.

    1. Thank you for adding some true flesh to my boney understanding of this monumental matter. Kindest regards Mike

  8. My personal view is if you can see past all the man made warming bull ,as Piers clearly has and focus on our Planets relationship with the solar system our climate cycles will begin to reveal themselves, that said I also believe that this has already been done…. and it has been decided that the conclusions weren’t for everybody!

  9. My personal view is if you can see past all the man made warming bull ,as Piers clearly has and focus on our Planets relationship with the solar system our climate cycles will begin to reveal themselves, that said I also believe that this has already been done…. and it has been decided that the conclusions weren’t for everybody!

  10. This is the result of Spraying the Chem Trails 24/7
    Everyday that they spray Chem Trails you can’t really feel the warmth of the Sun. We are all being Poisoned every day and my question to you is why haven’t you been a voice against that poison that the babies and children and every living creature on planet earth? most of the bees are dead and where are the Birds? The bark on all the trees is peeling off. Our greatest Enemy right now is these Chem Trails and the Leadership in Washington. Both can be stopped if the 99% wake up and do something to stop them now!

    1. I had heard of these chem trails and taken an interest, searching for videos etc… recently, on one of the few clear days we get lately here in Ireland, I saw a very large amount of them covering about 15% of the sky. It is really scary to think that there may indeed be some sort of worldwide coalition going on to cool the planet in such a way. Unfortunately I think that logically there is very little we can do as citizens. Violent revolution would come far too late in this case as too many would have died from deteriorating atmospheric conditions. Again unfortunately, violent revolution against governments is the only thing which would halt a clandestine conspiracy, and I do not wish to become a martyr when the masses do not seem to notice or care until they are without food to eat or gizmos to play with.

  11. My brothers live in New England. They’re going to be hit with another big either snow or rainstorm. Their summers haven’t been as warm as they used to be.

  12. What evidence exists that the coming Ice Age will be “mini”? How do we know it is not shaping up to be another major ice age. The sun has been VERY dark lately. The signs are all for cold. Some have said that a major Ice Age is overdue. What is the evidence for “mini”?

  13. You’re telling me! We haven’t had a summer here in the UK in the last five years.
    I also bet this year we won’t have one either. If the world is heating up, shouldn’t I have seen some half decent weather?

  14. It doesn’t matter whether the problem is warming (which is unlikely at the moment) or cooling – energy supplies are the key to beating it. We need to building nuclear power plants, looking at new technology like thorium reactors, getting coal, oil and gas out of the ground as quickly as possible. In addition, covering deserts with solar cells and planting geothermal sources wherever we can, whilst working at true renewable energy such as fusion reactors.

    1. one thing that would help with the nuclear reactors is vitrification of the waste so that leaking storage tanks would no longer be a problem. I know France does this with their waste but don’t believe anyone else is doing it.

  15. Down here in central Alabama, the trees appear to be a couple of weeks later than normal budding out this year.

  16. I live in the South of England, weve had 1 snowfall this winter. and about 15 frosts. Its been quite cold but nothing out of the usual. Im hoping for More snowfall here in Dorset. But overall a normal winter for us.

  17. I live in Northern Finland (oulu), it’s not to far south of the Arctic Circle. Last winter, was a once in a 20 year winter…VERY cold. However, this Jan/Feb. were fairly warmer than average, but this March has been very unseasonably cold, so far it feels colder than both Jan./Feb.

  18. Colder, yes. Wetter, not necessarily – depending upon where you live. We’ve had more snow this winter in the mountains and even on the plains, but here on the lee-side of the Rockies it remains pretty dry, and we’ve already had a couple of wildfires in the foothills and on the grasslands in recent days. I don’t know if I can take another summer and fall with so much smoke in the air.

    There are lots of old, stabilized sand dunes around here and more out in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. These are very recent geological features with only a thin veneer of topsoil on them. I’ve already seen a lot of dust blowing this winter. Despite the heavy snows in the Midwest this year, the world’s “bread basket” could easily become the cactus basket in a very short time, just like it was in the past.

    The CAGW proponents will blame it all on global warming.

  19. The AGW agenda championed by the Greens and directed by their Globalist masters are committed to the plan regardless of the science as shown in an email discovered in ClimateGate 11 authored by an agent of the World Bank to Phil Jones of University of East Anglia.

    They will continue to blame global cooling on global warming until they finally find a way to morph it into fighting global cooling itself. It’s still climate change so they can’t lose.

  20. In Denmark, the warm period peaked in 2006/07. Since then, winters have brought more snow and cold, summers more rain. Next week will bring a blizzard and the cold continues afterwards.

    We see early spring blizzards in France, Great Britain, Spain and Hungary. No doubt the climate is getter cooler, also the US, China and Japan experiences colder winters now. Not affecting the global temperature in the middle of the troposphere though, measured by the AQUA satellite. It has been unchanged for the last 15 years.

    But what about the surface temperature where we humans live our lives? We don’t exactly know because of an “upgrade until further notice” since Oct. 2011 have left us with no data.

    Flemming Kjemtrup Sørensen
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  21. Well Piers is correct. My only concern is what to do about Energy to heat our homes. Solar and wind don’t work in 10′ of snow and extreme cold. There is not enough wood about to warm everyone. We must press to keep the coal and natural gas in use. If not and we fail the Eugenicists win.

  22. Piers Corbyn was one of the few to correctly forecate the weakness of cycle 24 while Hathaway/NASA predicted the most active solar cycle yet seen. PC is now being proven to be approximately correct with his MIA forecasts.
    It would be useful if he would educate us about how solar changes kick the jet-stream away from the Poles.

    1. When there is little sunspot activity there is greatly reduced magnetic influence by the Sun on Earth. With no magnetic force controlling the Jet Stream it is free to wander much farther Southward than normal.

  23. from 36c down to 26c now down to 20c if that,
    nights gone from over 20c down to 10 or lower
    in the last 3 days.
    and the agw fools fret over half a degree change?
    the real world and AGW have zip in common.

  24. Recently the Australian Climate Commission, led by scientist Tim Flannery, published a report on the heatwave conditions in parts of Australia in December 2102 and early January 2013 entitled ‘The Angry Summer’. Of course he is blaming AGW and using this a justification for Australia’s carbon tax. An article appeared in the Australian Business Spectator about this. I published a comment about this which could be relevant.
    “Tim Flannery is writing about the wrong subject.
    Roughly every 200 years the sun goes into a grand minimum. The last one was known as the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830) and was known as a “little ice-age”. But this was a term coined by people in Europe due to the sometimes extremely cold winters that they experienced. Other times the winters were wetter rather than colder while other times quite mild. Summers were often very dry in some places and very wet in others. Down in Australia there were climatic extremes during this grand minimum. Often major heatwaves followed by very heavy rains and floods – at least in the NSW colony. The Hawkesbury river system flooded often. For example, in March 1799 the Hawkesbury reached 50′ at Windsor washing it away. There was a 40′ flood there in March 1800, 48′ in March 1806 and 48′ again in both March and August 1809. The droughts and heatwaves were incredible. For example, no rain fell in the colony between June and November 1790. There was a heatwave in December 1790 and it continued intermittently in January and February 1791 with extreme 105 deg F. temperatures recorded in both the second week of January and the second week of February. There were also significant hail storms – for example one in 1814 apparently smashed every pane of glass in the colony.
    A new grand minimum has commenced. The Astro-physics community have named it the Eddy Minimum. The top solar physicist in Russia believes it will be a very deep minimum more like the Maunder Minimum the the Dalton Minimum. The Maunder Minimum lasted most of the 17th C and the early years of the 18th C. Study of the climatic conditions across the world during these periods indicate climate extremes were experienced – not just cold but hot, but also droughts, floods and failed (or delayed) monsoons, which caused starvation on a massive scale (eg 15 million in China in 1811).
    Currently the extreme UV output of the sun is between 50% and 60% of normal for this stage of a solar cycle. (This one commenced in January 2008 and would normally be expected to end between 2018 and 2020). The EUV emissions of photons provide heating of the thermosphere and the energy required to create ozone. So all of the upper atmosphere has become colder and less insulated by ozone. This has affected the jet streams, which have become very loopy, often running north/south or south/north rather than west/east. This in turn affects the positioning of the high and low pressure systems and can lock them into unusual locations. Also the sun’s magnetic strength is between 50% and 60% of normal for the current stage of a solar cycle.
    Even NASA has recently admitted that the sun is behaving like it is entering a grand minimum. The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation is very worried because world store of grains is slowly reducing. Now down to 10-12 weeks. The big concern exercising the minds of serious thinkers is what will happen if there is a very large volcanic eruption like there was in 1809 and 1815. (There were also many in the middle of the Maunder Minimum.)
    This doesn’t mean mankind shouldn’t be concerned about global warming. It is just that there is a much greater threat from Nature that has already commenced and we should be dealing with the mitigation of this threat first.
    Right now Tim Flannery and our government are doing a pretty good imitation of Nero. Isn’t it time to address what Nature is dishing up?”

    Read more:

  25. It’s true, new mini or big ice age is here. I live in Eastern Europe and at this time of the year trees are suppose to blossom, but not this year; it’s cold and snowy. Spring forecast is below average.

  26. Mike Carr here and I want to bounce some ideas off you, now I’m no good at emails so forgive me if this is not that easy to follow. Anyway here goes…

    I believe that our Sun is the anchor of our solar system and the framework of Planets and bodies is bound together by gravity through it. The true source of the Sun’s energy is gravity! We can see an exact example of gravity turning to energy here on Earth where our planets core is held in a molten state by the pressures of gravity.

    Now we know that everything is held in its present state by equal opposing forces.

    In the procession of our solar system there are many Astronomical events, our Sun offsets against these varying forces by turning this cosmic tug of war into energy. When that radiated energy reaches Earth it has climatic effects.

    Because currently 70% of the planets surface is water when there is a jump in solar energy more water vapour is produced thus forming clouds which act as shield at surface level.
    This is a very basic synopsis of our planets relationship with the Sun, but if we can understand that it is the action of the solar cycle that drive our climate we can begin to understand why the Ancients lived their lives guided by the stars.
    The correct conjunction in the cosmos would lead to a prolonged increase in solar energy.

    The Earth would have a spell of global warming, then it would go into a defencive phase, as more precipitation enters into the atmosphere. This moisture would dissipate though convection to the poles of the planet where surface temperature’s would be forced down due to increased cloud cover. In a relatively short space of time due to the lack of penetrating sunlight these lands would be covered by ice but at the same time, once scorched deserts would see regular rain.
    Sea levels would drop because the warmer atmosphere would contain greater water levels. Ice sheets would begin to expand,
    Also there would be a distortion of the planets shape as the Equatorial band would receive a far greater level of solar energy than the poles making it expand. Seismic activity would increase, volcano’s would spew dust into the skies compounding the dulling effect. This hypothesis would perfectly explain the planets topography prior to the end of the last ice age and I believe it is this planets unique composition and the relationship that it’s waters have with levels of the suns energy.
    what do you thihk??

    1. If you draw a circle and place dots all through the inside of that circle, you will see that on the surface of that circle, according to the law of gravity, every “dot,” which represents matter, will pull anything on the surface down towards the center. If you move your point of reference inside that circle, perhaps closer to the center, you will find that many of those dots pull your reference point towards the surface, not towards the center. If you put your reference point AT the center, you will see that EVERY dot pulls that reference point towards the surface. Point is, there is NO crushing force at the center of the Earth to cause a molten center. IF there is a molten center, it is being created by something other than gravity. Just do the exercise, use your senses, and you will see that this is yet another aspect of science that is not supported by logic or reality.

      I don’t pretend to understand what Piers does but I will agree that his ability to predict weather is a helluva lot better than computer models that are designed to produce specific output will ever be. Computer models will never show anything but what the designer of the model expects, no matter what you feed it for data.

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