Record cold in Switzerland

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This winter has “cracked” previous cold records, says this Google translation.

Freezing temperatures ruled Switzerland on Sunday night (Feb 10). In many places in Graubünden the thermometer dropped far below zero. The mercury plunged to -29.4 degrees in Buffalora SRF Meteo, to -27.3 in Samedan, and -20.4 degrees in Davos.

Even colder than Graubünden, the temperature dropped to  -36 degrees in Glattalp, furthest up the schwyzerischen Muotatal, while La Brévine in the Neuchâtel Jura registered -31 degrees.

Bern reported -12.4 degrees, Aarau reported -8.0, in Basel the mercury fell to -7.3 Basel and -6.4 in Zurich.

(I never saw anything about the record cold in Switzerland this winter in the mainstream media. L uckily, Steave brought it to my attention.)

Thanks to Steave for this link

8 thoughts on “Record cold in Switzerland”

  1. I live in Switzerland and I missed this. Then again I wasn’t in Graubunden last month and I don’t much read the local papers!

    But still, weird. To be honest, last year was a LOT colder – it was like -15C for about two weeks straight just down here on Lake Zürich. And when we stopped the car on the way over the Julierpass to St Moritz, it was -26C.

  2. Yep, this ongoing “global cooling” is very significant. This plus the -96.1 F reported on February 19th in Siberia (all-time low temp record for the Northern Hemisphere) is even more evidence of this “cooling”.

  3. You Americans don’t have to go to Switzerland for a cold record.
    The problem is that record colds are sometimes contributed to global warming (really, how stupid do they think we are to believe such nonsense?)
    But most of the time record colds are simply ignored and not even mentioned in the Main Stream Media

  4. The actual translation means the cold record for THIS winter has been broken.
    But yes, it was definitely cold.

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