Glaciers Growing in Alaska

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I hope the masses wake up soon and realize that they are being lied to every day.”
“I just returned from Alaska where I was working/heli skiing in the Chugach Range,” says reader Josh.

“Longtime heli ski guides told me that many glaciers are growing, most notably the massive Schwan Glacier, which one guide said has grown by one-half mile to one mile in length in the past two to three years.

“The glaciers in the vast Chugach Range are magnificent. While flying in a helicopter over the Chugach Range I saw dozens and dozens of glaciers.Most of them are un-named, and I would guess most of them are not being studied.

“It’s definitely an icy, snowy world up there, and most of the public is completely unaware of the state of reality in Chugach Range.

“I’ve now seen the reality with my own eyes. Those glaciers are not disappearing. The guides that see them season after season confirm that they are growing.

“I hope the masses wake up soon and realize that they are being lied to every day.”

– Josh

5 May 2013 – I just got word from my friend in Alaska that it snowed 8-10 feet in the last week on Thompson Pass in the Chugach Range.

Oh, and Alyeska Resort reported 60 feet of snowfall this season. Looks like those Chugach glaciers will continue advancing.

8 thoughts on “Glaciers Growing in Alaska”

  1. The big lie will not last too long once the glaciers in the Alps will began to grow because there are so many ski resorts that people will have to surrender to evidence.
    One may witness that the big lie is yet full speed ahead in the mainstream media, newspapers, TV, etc… while it is in full recession on the internet, websites and scientific blogs.
    Everybody with a bit of critical feeling may discern the ongoing lie since it no longer holds water for many reasons.
    Only the idiots, and sad to say, there are a lot in the media still are truly believeing in the GW lie or if they don’t, they are propagating it due to their troubled agenda.

  2. Maybe it’s better that “the common man” continue to believe what he’s told about a globe of warming temperatures. If the truth be told now it is human nature to panic and hoard. Nothing will be better when panic wipes away the veneer of humanity.

  3. Aye,maybe the recent military involvement of Britain and France in Libya was not philanthropy.

  4. Either that or they’ll wake up in horror when a loaf of bread gets up to $50 bucks once our crops finally freeze.

  5. “I hope the masses wake up soon and realize that they are being lied to every day.”

    The “Big Lie” is a propaganda technique that was perfected by the Nazis during the World War II era. I was born just after the end of the war, grew up in post-war America, and many years ago students were routinely taught about the Big Lie in high school civics and speech classes.

    I don’t know if they still teach about propaganda today. However, according to the German propagandists, if the lie was improbable enough and repeated often enough, it would be believed. For a time, it worked with the German people.

    This propaganda tool was hardly a new idea. The essence of the idea was popularized by Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson, during the 19th. century in his tale about the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” Only fools and ignoramuses would fail to see the emperor’s clothes according to the tale. Of course, no one wanted to appear to be a fool, so everyone “saw” the nonexistent, elegant suit of clothes.

    My first thought about AGW some 20-25 years ago was that it was improbable and didn’t fit in with a common sense view of the world. However, during the 1990s there was some unusually hot summer weather across the continental U.S. I had been teaching a basic graduate research class at the time, so I decided to do a review of the literature on AGW. I found that there was very little in the way of supporting evidence for the theory, hot weather or not. Without evidence, theory is all that remains, no matter how many computer models you create to support the theory.

    To this day, the supporting evidence remains poor to nonexistent. None-the-less, there are still quite a few people who do not want to appear to be fools, and they cling to their belief in what they perceive is the accepted scientific wisdom, i.e. that people cause global warming. For these people the Big Lie still works, but their numbers are growing smaller.

    History has shown that the bigger the lie is, the easier it is to eventually disprove. You can appeal to consensus to support your theory for only so long. Eventually, the facts must support what you are saying.

    It is easy to lie about regions of the earth that are sparsely populated, for example, the Arctic, the Antarctic, or Alaska. Eventually, however, the lie will be exposed as such.

    Belief in the Big Lie about Anthropogenic Global Warming is in the process of collapsing. It will continue to collapse so long as the climate continues to cool or just remain unchanged, and there is much better evidence for that eventuality than there is for global warming. I suspect that, within another year, it will become difficult for the AGW faithful to even appeal to consensus, as fewer and fewer real scientists continue to subscribe to the notion.

  6. No, people will wake up well before The Great Lakes in North America stay frozen.

    At least in IMNSOHO. China and Russia are already looking to expand south.

    They are both partnering with middle east countries. China has got a pretty good hold on Australia, and China has start putting troops in the disputed lands between China and India.

    India is telling China to get their troops of their lands, China is saying, we have no troops in your territory.

    And of course, the simple fact that the Canadian Prairies still have snow on them, and are already late in planting could actually start putting pressure on some food supplies this year ???

  7. Robert a few might wake up but for most they might have to wait untill their homes are buried under the snow of a new ice age before they face reality.

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