Little Ice Age Coming in 2014

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Geophysicist says the mini ice age will start within a few years and will last 60-80 years.

7 March 2013 – The Little Ice Age should be the story of the century, yet it’s only being announced quietly by climate scientists and solar physicists. Not a word is being mentioned by the mainstream media, who had a hand in selling the Global Warming propaganda that has become irrelevant as we slide into colder climate.

US solar scientists have announced years ago that the sun appears to be headed into a lengthly spell of low activity, which means that the Earth is far from facing a Global Warming catastrophe and actually headed into a Little Ice Age.

According to geophysicist Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera at the University of Mexico, in about 5 years the “Earth will enter a “Little Ice Age” which will last from 60 to 80 years and may be caused by the decrease in solar activity.”

The geophysicist slammed the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), saying their stand on global warming “is incorrect because only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity”.

We’re already seeing and feeling the signs of the Little Ice Age, the article continues.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“The MSM do not consider the coming of the new ice age to be news,” says Argiris. “In the Netherlands we were not informed about the spring snow storms in the USA, but every little heat wave that happens gets a lot of attention because it “proves” the earth is warming (while it is actually cooling).

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  1. I don’t think that their will an ice age because the bible tell that the earth will be destroy by fire and that is the way earth will end. Then there will be a new heaven and a new earth and their will be no ice age.

  2. Definite cooling happening Narnia conditions very soon
    hope we can feed everyone god help us all!?

  3. The main problem of climate studies is the narrowness of the period of data collection. You may not think that 300, but also 400, years are representative of solar and terrestrial cycles. In this case it becomes inevitable to refer to the Quaternary geology which can give sufficient details about the last million years.

  4. Two weeks ago, here in the UK we had two days with temperatures between 18-20C and the MSM where saying it’s a heatwave. The next week snow and sleet, with many minus temps around the country and very little real news as to why it is so cold (and has been getting colder and wetter for the past 17 years.)
    Yet when I talk to people they don’t get it, they believe what the MSM tells them. The majority have no logic to put the peices together; they are mostly concerned with sports, soaps and reality TV.
    Billions of people the unknowing and willing victims of Intellectual Genocide; not prepared for what is coming, relying on the government.

  5. Much of the constant warming propaganda is built around the wind “farm” scam and its need to have a reason for its existance (despite none of its data showing any real saving on CO2 emissions, as if they mattered).

    While there are cronies in local and national governments (and their funded departments) who profit from the racket, the rubbish will continue even as cooling becomes far more obvious.

    It is an eco-scam not totally unlike pyramid selling schemes, with the mass of consumers being the victims of the greed and corruption of a few.

  6. We keep hearing about a “little ice age.” Interesting. But if you bother to do a little reading, you might discover that what is more likely is a regular, long lasting ice age. It could have started already and could last for centuries – lots of them. I think we need to be prepared for a very (very!) long event. It is started and it will last (and last),

  7. I also expect the 25 will fail. 24 is also at about 40% of the 23 spot numbers. So DOOM on u warmists!

  8. So, while many prepare for global warming we will actually be facing the opposite and many will be woefully unprepared. Maybe all those solar panels aren’t a good idea after all. Put in a wood stove, build up the wood pile and store actual food…gardening is not something we can rely on either!

  9. This has been an uncommonly temperate and enjoyable spring in southeast Texas. Meterologists are warning to be careful of intense heat this weekend that we are not used to because of the unusually cool spring we have just enjoyed. It’s laughable!!! Ice age beginning next year??? Nah!!!

    1. Local weather ISNT climate. Heatwaves are NOT indication of warming there caused by weather events and trapped high pressure zones and jetsream shifts. There would have been dry hot periods even in a full Ice Age.

    2. Houston,Shanghai & Cairo are on similar latitudes to Buenos Aires,Cape Town & Sydney (where I live) and these places will remain warm during the next proper ice age & continue to have lovely weather with the usual seasonal variations.
      My best guess is that we are currently on the cusp of the next LIA event which comes round every 178 years or so, and is modulated by other climate factors such as ocean circulation patterns.

      1. So you’re saying that down here in Houston Texas or New Orleans the weather will not change during an Ice Age. Very well then, so I’d like to know why the 1950s through the 1980s had so many more Arctic outbreaks of sever and frigid weather down here? And this type of weather occurred with no Ice Age at all!

    3. If you had done even a modicum of research you would have discovered that summer temperatures in tropical and sub-tropical zones diffeered little during ice ages and inter-glacial periods (See Robert’s Ice Age map on right side of web page for verification). Not very observant are we. Best leave the predictions to those who research the topic befor commenting. And what about the unusually cold winters you have been having in recent years?

  10. Got a chuckle out of this one: “However with the mass production of current carbon dioxide (CO2) it is unlikely that we will see a major ice age like the one experienced 12,000 years ago.”
    How do they know this? Ans.: They don’t.

    Who is responsible for this ‘mass production’?
    Who was responsible for the mass production of co2 some 550 million years ago when co2 was at a whopping 7000 ppm?
    The simple fact is that co2 has been decreasing for the bulk of earths history, a glance at the above graph will show you.
    Around 300 MYA in the thick of the Carboniferous co2 was at or near present day levels, then by the late Jurassic, 175 MYA it soared to above 2000 ppm.
    The graph also shows that not all Ice Ages correspond to low levels of co2. The ice age of 440 MYA at the Ordovician/Silurian boundary shows a whopping 4500 ppm co2; the longer ice age at 286 MYA shows co2 at near present levels; and the smaller less severe ice age at 144 MYA shows co2 at above 2000 ppm co2.
    In addition the Avg. Global Temperature line in the graph appears to indicate that we are on descent into, and are currently in an ice age. The depths of which we simply do not know.

    So the statement about mass production of co2 mitigating the effects of an ice age is pure poppycock, when you can have an ice age at thousands of times current co2 levels.

    What is also clear from this graph is that the development of Algae and more complex plant life has been the main contributor to the reduction of atmospheric co2. And probably the main contributor to co2 increase is Volcanism. Plants need Volcanoes.

    1. Ice Age Now is a very appropriate name for this site as we are currently living in an ice age that began about 3 million yrs. ago:

      “At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth’s history: the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!).”

      1. You’re quite right. We just happen to be living during a warm interglacial period — the Holocene Epoch, which is close to 12,000 years old, average the length of many past interglacials. When the Holocene ends, our planet will descend into another major glaciation, which, based on ice core measurements of past glacial periods, will last roughly 90,000 years.

        Mankind is very fortunate to be living during the present warm period. A cold climate would be deadly to humans, forcing Northern Hemisphere grain-producing belts southward and substantially reducing agricultural production.

        1. Fortunate is only a statement of adaption.

          civilization is much older than we are taught in school. We lived during the last glaciation period in vast empires and cities. There are countless sunken cities and pyramids that predate modern civilization found all around the world. There are ruins at the bottom of the Caribbean, when the sea was landlocked because of the lower ocean levels during the last glaciation period. The Caribbean used to be a great valley.

          Tales of great floods like we read in the bible have very real beginnings. When we entered the interglacial period of the Holocene, when the ice sheets started melting and the rapid sea level rise ensued, most of the past civilization was buried under hundreds of feet of water. We always have and most likely always will live near to or around major bodies of water.

          Modern civilization that we are taught about starts at the end of this disastrous warming period at the beginning of the Holocene. Yes warming was bad and had dire consequences, even back then. It took thousands of years to rebound from that climatic disaster. But like all of life, we are resilient and adapt. The next glaciation period will be no different. After we adapt, we will flourish once again.

          We lived in great civilizations deep into the last glaciation period. Dating human civilization 20-30 thousand years would not be a ridiculous statement.

    2. “…In addition the Avg. Global Temperature line in the graph appears to indicate that we are on descent into, and are currently in an ice age. The depths of which we simply do not know…”
      The length and “depth” of the previous glacial periods (of the present Ice Age) indicate an increasing trend that agrees with your statement,

  11. If solar cycle 25 refuses to start up; I can’t wait to see how the IPCC spin doctors work that one.

    Maybe spun like this: with a certain level of Co2, conveniently 400-600ppm, Co2 actually acts as a coolant. We can’t wait 80 years for Co2 to once again to show it’s ugly uncontrollable green house effect. We have to act now, we must act now to stop this cooling, cooling we have created. If we don’t act now this cooling may trigger the next ice age. An Ice Age we conveniently caused, because of AGW.

    Time will tell. However they spin it, let’s hope the Legions Of Idiots don’t fall for it but based on past history, they probably will.

    1. Solar cycle C23 lasted ~ 12 years, from 1996 to 2008. It was already longer than the usual cycles (similar to C20 in this and other aspects), indicating the cooling trend

      Low intensity cycles are known to be of longer duration

      The maximum of C24 is happening now (or has happened already last year), and we’re entering the waning phase that could last until 2022 or more.
      Therefore, even before C25 the trend is for strong solar forcing towards cooling in the next 9-10 years (at least).
      They already have (at least) a decade of “difficult explanations” (more lies) to give ahead of them.

  12. No, in 5 years, then going in to full ice age. I won’t live to see that, but in the next five years ice will come to stay.thats if I’m right, only time will tell.

  13. The warming agenda is gone too far. The German Ministry Of Environment Identifies, Targets American And German Enemy Skeptics In 123-Page Pamphlet

    They argue in this document that the fluctuations of the energy flow of the sun, converted to the earth’s surface, is only 0.07 % an is too little to have an impact. They forget that the CO2 level of 400 ppm is only 0.04 % and the change in the industrial age, 280 ppm to 400 ppm, is only about 0.012 %.

    0.07 % vs. 0.012%

  14. yup,
    john cooks latest ffffudged survey of supposedly 12k of warmist peer reviewed toilet papers, with some work- managed to be twisted to say 97% of scientists???
    agree on warming
    and our press immediately give him airtime interviews etc
    total NON checking on veracity,
    blind faith you could say?

  15. Same in Australia, they beef up any hot weather, while playing down abnormally cold weather, there was even a warning for sheep farmers with lambs issued for the southern highlands, due to the excessive cold, 16th may, 2013.

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