The new mini ice age is upon us! says astrophysicist

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Piers Corbyn agrees: the mini ice age has started.

In 2000, they warned us about runaway global warming.

They told us that 2010 would be the end of snow in the U.K.

Instead, the world got colder

So now they say warm is cold.

“‘Warm means cold’ is a pack of lies”

  • The CO2 story is over
  • Mini ice age fingerprint now overwhelming
  • World cooling is now “locked in
  • Average solar activity way down
  • Jet stream often way south
  • Warm means cold is a pack of lies
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25 thoughts on “The new mini ice age is upon us! says astrophysicist”

  1. Your contrary views are very welcome, and I enjoyed both your books. However, as far as the sunspot activity is concerned, we may at most have reached 90 year lows while temperatures have not reached sixty year lows such as we had during the cold period in the middle of the twentieth century.

  2. “Approximately every 100,000 years Earth’s climate warms up temporarily. These warm periods, called interglacial periods, appear to last approximately 15,000 to 20,000 years before regressing back to a cold ice age climate. At year 18,000 and counting our current interglacial vacation from the Ice Age is much nearer its end than its beginning.”

    Continued here:

  3. It’s been an unusually sunny spring here in Oregon.

    I wonder if this might have been normal during the Ice Age where Seattle might’ve been buried under 10 feet of ice and Oregon had the *split effect* with storms going around us.

    1. The recent dryness/low cloudiness is not usual,

      It’s probably connected with the excursion

      and the waning of Earth’s magnetic field,

      “…Earth’s magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845…”

      “…the rapid weakening and motion of the N magnetic pole is affecting the vertical coupling of the Arctic polar vortex (PV) and the annual QTO through variation in O^3 (ozone) content… The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field closely modulates the stratospheric/upper atmospheric temperature via repelling the solar winds which destroy O^3…”

      “…Tropical cloud cover has decreased by up to 4.5% since 1980, and globally it’s a 3% decrease with a 3% increase at the poles… Essentially all together promote a radiative gain of ~ 2.84 – 3.12W/m^2… the isotope records … suggest that ALL climate variability over the past 11,500yrs can be explained via solar activity and variability in the Earth’s magnetic field…

      “…in periods of higher solar activity, more O^3 is destroyed … the Rossby wave amplitude decreases, tropical/mid latitude cloud cover decreases, the Hadley Cells strengthen and migrate pole-ward, globe warms, etc…
      Vice versa during periods of low solar activity….”

  4. So the Co2 ‘toxin’ causes warming which causes cooling ? hmmm. Sounds like a neolithic cult of stupdity. How to stop it ? Abort/murder more fetuses/humans to appease Gaia ? Or, since Gaia emits 95% of this trace chemical we need to kill her to save her !? Death is now life.

  5. My Geology text in the ‘1980s stated that high continents,clustered around the poles, seemed to make
    for cooler climate . It stated that the current
    climate was considered by many to be only an
    interglacial period .

  6. I hope when the ice age comes on big time that all the cliquey hippies are frozen first with all their stupid al gore BS n their stupid costumes

  7. But I want warming. I am so tired of freezing my A$#@ off here in Germany. It is really time to move to the tropics again. The media is really ignoring this despite a very late asparagus season. I hope the fruit crops aren’t damaged.

  8. When we look at charts of past Ice Ages and Warm ups we dont realize the time lapse between and during. Meaning, it doesnt happen overnight and most importantly most people wont know it happened until its actually happening. The bright ones can see the starting process of the cooling period before its labeled “Mini Ice Age”. So congrats to us for realizing the recent warmups are purely blips in the charts we will be looking at in the near future.

  9. Climate works in cycles fact are warm cycle is gone now fact and anyone is comparing this to the iceage scare in the 70s well as you think on it. Its not far off it was timing was off thats now. Evidence now proves we are entering deep cooling phase the question be asking is this I know the next full iceage is over due and the mini one which one well be hitting us if anyone questions the are we entering a iceage or not if you believe we not I pray your right but heart is on we now entering a some form of a iceage which one only nature knows Piers Coburn is very good close friend and the man knows what he looking at he see the evidence every where very smart man not like the corrupt lot from IPCC Climate Gate NASA NOAA MET OFFICE ruined climate science by politics and money

  10. Can we be sure that it’s only a MINI Ice Age coming? In the early 1970’s, before the AGW nonsense took over, they were predicting a REAL one.

    1. Yes, Ancient Mariner, and if I remember correctly, they said that ice age was going to be cause by cooling due to industrial pollution. When that fizzled, they said the earth was warming due to CO2 from industrial activity. Now that global warming is fizzling, they’re saying that global warming is really “climate change,” nee global warming, but it’s still caused by evil CO2 emissions form guess what? industrial society! Notice that somehow the villain in their scenarios is always industrial activity! Put on your high topped boots; it’s probably going to get worse before they finally give up and tacitly admit they don’t know what the heck they’re taking about, and never have!

    2. Ancient Mariner there is only one way to find out, watch and learn. We live in a time when we will have the chance to see the onset of a little ice age or possibly a big ice age. Since we have trained climatologists and amateur ones we should be able to amass the data needed to do a proper study and test some long standing theories. It should be interesting.

    3. Well we are right at the end of the Holocene so it could very well be or maybe just another 200 year cooling trend??? Either way, cycles are cycles.

    4. We will know within next decade, judging the annual average temperature. If it is a big ice age, annual temperature should be lower with about 2-3C(i think).

    5. If you believe a full blown ice age is a possibility within your lifetime then you should consider re-locating to at least the sub-tropics now before the inevitable flood of refugees – but only if you really consider it is likely to happen soon.

      I’m comfortable at 27 degrees South – a few degrees from our current ~20 + degrees C average won’t cause too much discomfort.

    6. Right, no one knows what is going to happen, except for the global warming idiots. They know the future in their fantasy world.

    7. Please visit the website linked to my name

      ! The Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science !

      ! Where Hokum Climate Science is exposed as Fraudulent !

      Among the hundreds of full length videos and audio recordings at the site you will hear Robert Felix, who argues convincingly that, rather than runaway heating due to humans’ burning fossil fuels, the world is much more likely to face rapid onset of the next ice age in the near future. 60 mins – Red Ice Radio, Sweden. ( on VIDEO WALL #10 )

      Many other videos of relevance to you all.

      I thank you for your efforts in exposing these frauds. Even the duped and conman’s victim, can have moments of revelation, when they realise that they have been had. Then such a person is most likely to be the hardest fighter for truth and justice. Please continue to try and persuade everyone you know to see the light. Our eclectic collection of video lectures can help.

      Many things which seem disparate are in fact linked. To see the truth, you must understand that many apparently differing agendae, are in fact connected, and various organisations are working together to common goals. The goals of Agenda 21 of the UN, Population reduction, World Government, and Marxist/Leninist Style Control. Don’t think so? Let me change your mind. Spend several weeks, viewing these videos, 24 hours a day, and you will have spent less than half of one percent of the time I have spent researching these issues.

      Believe me this “climate change” hokum, and it’s bogus mitigation schemes are less than half the picture. The entire so called Man Made CO2 scam, is really just a “red herring” distraction from the real control grid agenda (Agenda 21 of the UN and its clones in the EU and elsewhere).

      1. I’m with Fraudulent Climate 100% and have been following these topics – especially climate / finance for at least 1.5 decades.

        We are not the only “geniuses” that know there is climate change – for whatever reason coming.

        90% of the worlds population lives in the Northern Hemisphere. The least impacted areas are where the elite in these areas will want to move to. No point having Huge Estates, unproductive Empiredoms and cold tooties whilst playing the grand poo-bah. Certainly the elite will not want the average Joe being their landlord. They will also want the infrastructure and buildings in place – so in some places development will continue to encourage those peoples to get more into debt to build things up (without owning ultimately land). Hence my view is there is a huge shake, rattle and roll going on to separate the average man from his mansion – debt, zoning changes etc. I find countries which have high domestic-household debt – prime targets. Those countries will be difficult to enter as anything other than a “slave”. Whilst I believe the population will be made poor in these countries. (debt, no jobs, small business breakdown, etc), I don’t believe there will be any fire sale to just anybody of these country’s assets. In countries targeted, individuals holding larger holdings of “lifestyle” properties are a waste – considering we will need land for feeding, preserving species and portions of nations land will become unviable due to climate.

        My take on all is to appreciate where the world is headed. Agenda21 and ICLEI (the organisation which has Global Local Governments signed up to help carry out principles of Agenda21) tentacles can be seen on where worldwide members located on the website. It is interesting to note the countries where ICLEI has not made large inroads.

        The sad part is that whilst we can believe the elite are feeding us “lies” I don’t necessarily see they are all bad. As humans, given the truth, most of us would look out for ourselves, not share, many would even try to profit from other’s misery. As humans, we have been conditioned to want for our kids an easier and better life than that of our folks. In many cases that means more material gains and less contribution to society / deterioration of genuine skills. We would only individually do the right thing if joe blogs and everyone else did the right thing first. Or of course, if we were forced – which is the way we are headed. As a society, we cannot handle the truth. Yes, they have been supposedly trying to bring in world government for centuries – if one believes what one reads. If we are to believe Robert Felix and things are to become very icy – maybe reduction of sovereignty aint all that bad. Energy will become more important yet more difficult and expensive to provide (carbon footprints?). Keeping up with and exceeding an image / the joneses will be replaced by community and downright survival for those that go there.

        We as a race are unsustainable. I am no troll nor have any political persuasion. I am constantly bewildered by the shallowness of society.

    8. better hope its a mini
      cos all the plants and farms and buildings etc are geared for warmer, thansk to the warmist liars and charlatans. power plants mothballed or stripped and sold, all take years to rebuild renovate et to get enough power to survive the cold times.

    9. They were predicting for the wrong reasons, due to pollution instead of solar forcing, the same (wrong) reason they are giving now to AGW.
      The increase of solar radiations only stopped at the end of the last century and after that a great reversal happened and we’re now possibly entering a new grand minimum of solar radiations. That’s what the comparison with previous cycles indicate.
      The analysis of the Sun’s polar fields (Livingston-Penn effect) strongly indicates that we’re entering a new grand minimum like what happened in the XVII century (LIA). The instability that a new “Maunder-type” minimum now would bring, after the strong cycles of the XX century, could be enough to trigger a new Glacial period.
      The present conditions are very different and more favorable to dramatic changes in climate than what happened in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

  11. I’ve been looking forward to warming for a long time the low last night was 19 degrees, but the snow melted yesterday again, so perhaps that is a sign of the warming? still cold in the UP of michigan

    1. record cold Sunday morning for us in Northeast OK…parts of the area were down in the 30’s and we had our latest ever recorded snowfall on May 2nd. Send some warming down South when you find it please

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