Netherlands – Coldest May 23 since 1901

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In 112 years it has not been this cold on May 23 as it was today. So says Weatherplaza. In parts of Noord-Brabant and Limburg it did not get warmer than 8 degrees, in Noord-Holland and Friesland 11 degrees. 

In the Noordoostpolder it was the warmest with 11,7 degrees. For a long time the cold record from May 23, 1975 seemed to be broken. That day it did not get any warmer than 10,4 degrees in De Bilt. But because around 18:20 the temperature shortly rose to 10,5 degrees, so that record still holds.

The reason that you were wearing probably a winter coat today is polar air that has invaded our country. Also the North Sea water was colder than normally, so this could not warm the incoming air.  According to Weatherplaza this weekend it is not getting any better. Next week temperatures will be rising a little bit, but it stays clearly much colder than normal.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis. for this link

Comment from Argiris: The weather station De Bilt in the Netherlands has moved its Stevenson hut a few times, resulting in warm bias, this fact is mentioned on WUWT. 

Also there is a busy road nearby and 18:20 this road is still busy. But these facts are never mentioned in the MSM.

Greetings from the cold Netherlands.        – Argiris Diamantis.


6 thoughts on “Netherlands – Coldest May 23 since 1901”

  1. well moving the screens or still isnt real warm.
    wonder what the original site would have read?

    they may need to find a warmer spot again soonish:-)

  2. On the news [i.e. what even mainstream sources will acknowledge, i.e. that’s saying something!] they said this is the wettest spring since 1962. That’s funny since we’ve still a month to go and the predictions are grim, i.e. wet.

    July 2012 was THREE TIMES as wet as average. I’m sure media will continue to harp on temperatures but the truth is in the pudding: an ice age is more precipitation. It won’t be freezing in June and as long as that’s the case, people will be in denial about the fact that they’ll already in an ice age.
    The fact that it HAS BEEN freezing at night up to April is easily ignored since only farmers realize how bad that truly is…

    The rainfall is doing wonders in Africa. The only reason i’m not there already has to do with a wife who’s as yet reluctant about moving there. I moved to the Canary Islands in 2009 but, again, the female companion was the one slowing things down. I’m sure a lot of Jews were held back leaving Hitler Germany in time and were caught up in gas chambers due to family holding them back. People in the know should work together because when you’re alone in your intimate (family) circle, you’re fighting a war on 2 fronts.

  3. Seems that the yetstream doesn’t want to move back. Trees seem to have less leaves, are blossoming but haven’t seen one single bee yet.

    Greatings from the never ever ending winter in amsterdam

  4. Note the statement the ‘ocean warms the air’ NOT fictitious CO2 ‘back radiation’..opp dint mean to let that one out /sarc

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