First time ever skiing in the Pyrenees in June – ‘It’s just like the middle of January’

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Ski slopes were open in France today for what is already being viewed as the most dismally cold summer in living memory. This after the coldest spring in 25 years.

‘We have hundreds of people here enjoying the snow – it’s just like the middle of January,’ said a spokesman for the ski station.

Slopes were originally shut at the end of the official season in April, but because there was so much snow left an ‘exceptional opening’ was announced.

Slopes running between 1600m and 2500m in altitude ‘have as much snow as there was in winter’, said Eric Charre, the director of Porte Pymorens.

‘From 2,100m upwards, everything is still pristine without any tracts of earth showing through at all,’ Charre added. ‘The snow is on average 70cm to 80cm thick and in some places there are still drifts of up to five metres (16.5 ft) deep’.

It has been the coldest Spring in France in more than 25 years in some parts of France, meaning snow which should have melted weeks ago is still in place.

Stations across the Pyrenees had to shut down at one point during the winter because there was too much snow.

Exposing the global warming con job.

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12 thoughts on “First time ever skiing in the Pyrenees in June – ‘It’s just like the middle of January’”

    1. Oh, m’God! What an absolutely stunning photo! Wish I could post it. (Copyright issues, you know.)

  1. Right now it’s limited to high elevations but eventually low elevations will be impacted too over the next decade while the lamestream media cries *Wolf*

  2. I wish I had taken up skiing when I was young. In a few years time skis and snowshoes are going to be standard outdoors winter wear in the UK…

  3. Another four months before you’d expect the first significant snowfall of next winter. I’d doubt that anything other than the odd gully with the deepest drifts will last that long.

    New glaciers will start above 3000m in the Pyrenees before you get anything lower down. Above 3500m in the Alps.

    Tell me when two winters pass without the snow melting and I’ll take an ‘ice age’ seriously.

    1. Rhys, I don’t think you’ll take an ice age seriously until polar bears are roaming the outskirts of London, as they did during the last ice age.

  4. I live in Toulouse, France.
    It is true for the central and the western parts of the Pyrénées – it is not true for the eastern part where snow has melted down recently.
    But, snow accumulation is just unbelievable in some parts of the mountains : STILL 3 mètres (12 ft) of snow in Lac D’Ardiden – 2450 meters high.
    It means that I am ready to go for a walk in the snow in JULY. It will be the Fist time ever.

    1. Exactly so; I’m just reading about the last L.I.A. and many glaciers (globally) formed or grew during this period.

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