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  1. just thought id report we had frost this morning in Connecticut and its September. ..usually doesn’t happen til mid to late October. ..and day time temps are at around 60 -65 should be around 75

  2. I checked NCDC data for all-time temperature records in the US from July/07 to today and here are the results:
    Record High Maxs=916, Record High Mins=1426
    Record Low Maxs=129, Record Low Mins=336
    Total Highs=2342, Total Lows=465
    So, 5 times more likely to have record highs vs lows. How does this equate to global cooling?

  3. Fox News is reporting massive forest fires in California due to drought conditions in the West. Is there a drought or just a normal dry summer? from the look of the map it looks like a deeping and westward shift of the dip in the jet stream that normally starts in Minn. this time of year and is not nearly as deep. If this shift stays in could be an early sign of a shft to colder weather patterns.

    1. Well now, this morning on the Weather Channel, the forecast was calling for much warmer temperatures in Texas for the comming fall season. And I sure hope they’re wrong.

  4. Those who claim to be true climate pundits must acknowledge that the temperatures are not ruled by the carbon dioxide but by the clouds cover. The larger this cover is, the more in prevents the sun’s light (from IR to UV beams)to reach the ground, but on the contrary reflecting it to the infinite space where they will never heat anything.
    This is much easier to understand than the CO2 induced GW theory and looks much more logic.
    Understanding how the clouds are sown in the atmosphere by the cosmic rays and how these rays are regulated by the sun’s activity was found by the danish Svensmark.
    Google Climate + Svensmark to get more infos.

    1. … and the low magnetic field of Earth too, to have a complete explanation of the levels of cloudiness.
      BUT, things are more complicate and involve more variables because we’re having *low cloudiness* recently and, because H20 and CO2 are food for plants, CO2 could be related with the recent dryness (not because of human emissions but due to *ocean* emissions in the last century).
      I think all this is cyclic too, because CO2 levels were also high at the onset of the previous Ice Ages.

  5. I also wanted to add that looking at recent temperature patterns throughout the US it seems as if we are experiencing weather patterns that would be expected in late September or early October. I think we are in for an early fall and winter. We are definitely in what some climatologists refer to as a climate flicker that is part of the process involved in rapid climate change. Little Ice Age or the Big One? Unfortunately we will not live long enough to find out. Very interesting times indeed. It was documented that the beginning of the last little ice age started with massive flooding for about 5-10 years. I guess history really does repeat itself. It’s a cycle! Everything in the universe…Everything runs in cycles.

    1. “… the beginning of the last little ice age started with massive flooding for about 5-10 years…”

      Do you have a link for this?
      Again, thanks.

    2. I’d very much like for you to be right Marc. Especially about recent temperature patterns appearing to be like late September or early October. However, here in Houston Texas the average date for experiencing a cold front is from Sept 21-24th. Right now something like a cold front seems a very long way off. We haven’t seen anything but temperatures in the 90s since April. But I still hope you’re right and personally would like to see a rapid change toward cooler weather.

  6. Look at Phoenix and Las Vegas. I live in the desert southwest. I have never remembered such cool wet summers. Low 80s this weekend in Vegas! In late August! I cannot remember having so many days below 100 degrees during the summer. And now we are being told to brace for historic rainfall this weekend. This after days of heavy rain. What makes this even more interesting is that studies of the Mohave desert lake beds show that during the ice age these lake beds were fully charged lakes. And they determined that all the rainfall came from the southwest from subtropical moisture. Our monsoon moisture always comes from the southeast. But this year all the storms seem to be coming from the southwest. And by the way some of our lake beds are now LAKES. What was once a dry lake bed (for as long as I can remember) is now full of people riding jet skis. My wife does not pay any attention to such things but recently asked me where did that lake come from, it has never been there before. I took pictures of this lake bed last year. And I will soon post pictures of the new lake. It is dramatic.

    1. Thank you for this important report.
      It’d be nice if we could put some “numbers” on it.

  7. With more and more information coming out daily there are more questions than real answers concerning weather and exactly what is going on, as the government gets larger, the more the lies plus distortions increase exponentially. The Founders and Framers of this Constitutional Republic were spot on the smaller the government the more freedom and liberty, the larger the bureaucracy ,the more tyranny that prevails absolutely.

  8. Also the lack of record lows at Phila int’l airport in recent years is due to the increase of the heat island around the airport in the last 20 years

  9. The picture would be more useful with data points over the whole of the N American Continent. My guess is that the pool of cold would extend due north and have originated in the Arctic.
    http://drtimball.com/ has some good info re the changed pattern of our weather.

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  11. The mainstream media storylines will read:

    “667 US locations experienced record high temperatures in less than a month during July and August. Government agencies state that this is “unprecedented” and further proof of global warming.”

    All the news that’s fit to print…..

  12. Nice ! Now here is my recent “discovery”:

    I searched Google for RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE and got 87,000,000 hits.

    Then I searched for RECORD LOW TEMPERATURE and got 153,000,000 hits.

    When I argue with my AGW-brainwashed friends they always say something like “what about all those record high temperatures”? Next time I will just show them the google results and tell them to do a reality check.

      1. Yes, I just did it:
        83,700,000 records for record high
        156,000,000 results for record low.

        1. Notice that, by comparing with Norm Smith’s post, even the “cooling trend” is correctly depicted as the “record high” numbers are decreasing and the “record low” numbers are increasing!
          Not even Google can hide the decline anymore. :-)

    1. The pattern should be more evident in 2014, if *the winds* continue favorable as they were this year.
      We should have another series of record cold and snowfall, on the top of the present ones.
      I think that’s how IT begins.

    1. I don’t agree with this assessment. I think it’s part of the ice-age cycle. It’s a cycle. It’s a cycle. It’s a cycle.

  13. Traditionally the UN has been a laughing stock, it has never had any credibility at all. It has a list of failures as long as your arm. The issue of CO2 warming was the big catch up,the prestigious leap to respectability, well, just look at you now.
    The UN as we know it will soon pass into infamy and be replaced by the up and coming expanded Security Council and Global Debt Repository by any other name.

  14. Great information, but Al Gore cannot read. No matter what is published to counter this moron, other morons keep making him richer,

  15. And the record warms are probably false due to weather stations that are badly sited, poorly maintained and incorporating modern electronics with a heat generating power supply within the Stevenson Screen.

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