8 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice Increases Even More”

  1. CSIRO and the Tasmanian uni and others into antarctic bullshitting..would still have us believe the landing strip was so melted they couldnt use it.. uh yeah..
    and that its so hot on the west side they could look to getting a bbq and putting swimsuits on.
    fraction of a degree from warm water and a dodgy station.
    this chart n info wont make any lamestream media.

  2. A chap from the Btitish Antarctic Survey team talking to BBC radio said quote ‘The antarctic is melting’ they didn’t say what drugs he is on!!

    1. BBC has an extremely high AGW-bias; so much so every chance of mentioning Climate Change is made maximum usage of.

      Hint: if you are wanting max UK transmission coverage, make sure whatever it is you want transmitting just say in any interview or commentary “because of climate change things have been…”
      Guaranteed, you will get prime-time billing!


  3. But!…. the ice is melting? “THE ICE IS MELTING”

    The anomaly line tells the story, in the last 15 odd months we have remained above the 07′-09′ mean.

    It looks like we, in the Southern roaring forties, had better look to warmer climes.

  4. I wonder.
    If they are more than willing to show a polar bear dying, due to lack of ice…
    Will they, just as quickly, show emperor penguins dying because of an increased walk to their nesting grounds and back?

    Something says “Nope!”

  5. It’s now 22 straight months above average, since the end of 2011.
    Both poles are cooling and gaining ice simultaneously.
    According to Dr. Abdussamatov, 2014 is the year when the climate will “start to cool” appreciably and enter a new LIA,



    and even more precisely WeatherPhil predicted the beginning of the great cooling for this year,
    “… Winter 2012-13 will show no mercy, and should make the past 20+ winters look tame everywhere…but there is a question on when it sets in. Could be one of those warm fall-like patterns from NOV thru the New Year, before icy hell unloads suddenly and doesn’t let go for several months.
    The winters towards the middle/end of this decade and beyond are the ones to fear nationwide, though. When the Sun shuts down in the 2020s/2030s, we’ll at least be experiencing LIA conditions by then, if not worse.”


    It’s happening as they predicted!

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