Atlanta, GA – Record cold for third straight day

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For the third straight day, high temperatures in Atlanta are breaking records for how low they are.

Saturday’s high was 66 degrees as against the normal high in the upper 80s.

The temperatures put a chill over, “It’s kind of a freak of nature that it’s even cold – it’s August and we’re wearing jeans and coats, and it’s very weird,” said Regan Koski, event manager for Decatur’s Blues, Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival.

“I’m from Atlanta, and I still can’t believe this weather. It’s crazy,” Wynn said. “I would expect this in November. Not in August. Not in Atlanta.”

Thursday had the coldest high temperature on record since 1908, when the high was only 77 degrees.

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6 thoughts on “Atlanta, GA – Record cold for third straight day”

  1. In the meantime we Texans have been sweltering in one of the longest summers I can ever remember. Where I live we haven’t seen any temps much under 90 degrees for the last 5 months. I keep reading that even in an ice age temps will fluctuate and some places will be hotter for a time. So I’m still waiting for that time when our weather will fluctuate back to the cooler side, like it used to be in times past. Anyone out there see any relief on the horizon for us sweltering folk here in Houston? 

      1. Hi there Ron. A record cool summer in NE Texas sounds wonderful and now I feel left out. It was 100 degrees last Tuesday here in Houston and still in the 90s every day afterwards. And with the long-range outlook for our area, all I saw was more 90s to come for the next week. When I began recording temps for the Houston area back in 1971, I remember regarding a 90 degree day as unusual. Maybe it was unusual, or maybe I was just still naïve at the age of 23. With that said, I’m glad it’s cool up there where you are and only wish that we were able to enjoy some of that record cool down here.:)

  2. Only yesterday, as I were speaking on my Citizens Band Radio, I made some mention in my transmission with regard to how the weather just now is more like November rather than September. Seems that I am not the only one affected. I live in the East Anglia corner of the British Isles. With Arctic Ice this year already being 60% more than it was at this time last year I suspect that we are going to get a rougher than normal winter this year 2013/2014. I am informed that the Antarctic is also suffering greater amounts of sea ice too. So it would appear to be the case that it is the entire planet that is descending into the new Ice Age.

  3. I wonder if the good folks at the Weather Channel, which I believe is based in Atlanta, and is the “most reached” cable channel in the U.S. according to Wikipedia, will mention this. You can be sure that if these were record high temperatures being recorded, TWC would be trumpeting that fact every hour. Record low temperatures? Never happened.

    We have also had amazingly low highs here in the St. George, Utah area this week, with a high yesterday of about 72. Today it was clear and sunny and only about 86, instead of our typical 95 to 105 this time of year. We are generally just slightly cooler than Las Vegas in this low corner of Utah.

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