Climate scientist warns of impending global-cooling crisis

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“Could wreak havoc on the world’s food supply.”

Ice storm – Wikimedia Commons

Contrary to the so-called “consensus,” the planet’s climate is not warming, says David Archibald, an Australian scientist and visiting fellow at the The Institute of World Politics (IWP) in Washington, D.C.

“The temperature of the planet is the same as it was 30 years ago,” said Archibald. “The IPCC models have failed.”

While temperatures have increased less than one degree Celsius (yes, less than 1 degree) in the last 150 years, that rise is unremarkable compared to previous increases in earth’s history, said Archibald on Wednesday. That rise came about because “the Sun was more active in the second half of the 20th century than it had been in the previous 8,000 years.”

Even with the higher solar activity, that small amount of warming is nothing new.

Temperature spikes have occurred for hundreds of thousands of years and were slightly higher in the Roman Empire and Medieval periods, according to a Swedish study and data from ice cores in Vostok, Antarctica, said Archibald.

In fact, it has been warmer than today for MOST of the past 10,000 years, says Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor of Geology at Western Washington University.

Created by Cuffy and Clow in 1997, and based on Greenland ice core records, this chart shows global temperatures for the past 15,000 years.

Sometimes severe cooling comes out of the blue

Now, solar activity suggests that global temperatures will fall 2 to 3 degrees Celsius by 2040, said Archibald. “And sometimes severe cooling comes out of the blue.”

That could wreak havoc on the world’s food supply by potentially reducing global grain production by 400 million tonnes—mirroring the skyrocketing crop costs and 200,000 European deaths sparked by the 1816 eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia.

See slides from Archibald’s presentation here.

See entire article:

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Archibald, who is credited as the first scientist to develop a method for using solar sunspot cycles to predict temperatures, also predicts that “sea level will start falling again.”

Where will that moisture go? It will start accumulating on land as ice, just as I have been predicting.

17 thoughts on “Climate scientist warns of impending global-cooling crisis”

  1. The reduction of grain production assumes that people stay growing it in the same latitudes.

    The adaptation scenario has to assume that some risk-management will take place, shifting the most northerly 10% of growing lands further south.

    Obviously, this may need transnational cooperation, but even free marketeers would surely prefer that to millions dying??

    If not, I humbly submit that they are not worth listening to…….

  2. Little ICE Age – Big CHILL – full doc Off line
    Based on a now discontinued video on the little ice age one of the reasons why witches were burnt at the stake apart from religious reasons was that people decided that witch craft was to blame for the bad weather, crop failures and plagues.
    If and when the next little ice age manifests itself may be global warmists will be targeted as false prophets. Global warmists could be the new witches to be burnt at the stake.

  3. Our current high tech civilization evolved in a short time within a relatively narrow set of climatic conditions. The driving force has been cost effectiveness and profit, not preparedness, adaptability, a robust ability to withstand sudden change, or distributed localized production of food, energy and manufactured items. The limits of that civilization may be about to undergo a test.

  4. If we are in a cooling cycle, haven’t the warming extremists already provided the antidote. We need to burn more fossil fuels.
    Man overstates his ability to control the earth.

  5. Saw an article from BBC news about the new U.N. ICPP report saying that they were 95% certain of human-caused global warming. Say what? They are entrenched and will not be moved… but possibly will freeze to death and be covered by snow.

      1. Yes I read that article too. It made me very angry as the IPCC claim that humans are the cause of climate change and back it up with no data or hard fact. The comments made matters worse where most of the people were agreeing with the article. I tried to voice an opinion and got called a liar. A liar? Lying about my opinion? How does that work? Then I was told I must be uneducated. Sadly I don’t think there’s any reasoning with the warmists. They are not even willing to discuss it without name calling and abuse.

        1. Speaking as someone who frequents various broadsheet forums daily, there is a phenomena to be seen when reports such as this are released.
          Suddenly the forum has a lot of new members. Their names have not been seen before. They are not there to debate, they are there to be as nasty and as childish as possible towards anyone who disagrees, especially if they appear to know why they are disagreeing. The aim is to make people who know enough to disagree, with reason, go away exhausted by trying to defend themselves or having been reduced to anger by the relentlessly childish insults that are thrown at anyone who knows the subject.
          These names do not appear again on any other thread on the same site.
          It’s a tactic that can be seen on any thread where Israel’s treatment of Palestine is talked about; any thread where policies regarding the special treatment the rich get at the hands of the taxman and the judge are discussed; etc.
          People genuinely interested in the subject are driven away by the nastiness and childishness. People who know anything on the subject and who disagree with the consensus are effectively silenced by the sheer volume of rubbish.
          It’s a very effective method of controlling the debate.
          The trick is to make your comment and leave. Don’t go back later to see what replies you have received or you’ll see some petty childish slur and feel obliged to reply to counter it and then you’re drawn into the slanging match. Make sure you checked the “do not notify me of follow up comments” option.
          Let the truth speak for itself and let the fact that you didn’t sink to being as childish and vile as the threadbombers are be witness to your integrity as a speaker.
          And most of all, abandon any idea you may have that if you could just get the right order of words that the liars would slink away silenced.

  6. clowns like the gates and hansen erlich etc are pushing for support on geoengineering cloudcover etc.
    so if these idiots go ahead..and nature does her stuff as is quite probable re cooling looking at past cycles.
    what would be bad enough..will be so much worse!

  7. I can hardly wait for the morons to start blaming CO2 for cooling us and starting an ice-age!,Headlines, 2048, “CO2 reductions needed to stop planet from runaway cooling!!!”

    1. Actually, that might be a possibility. After all, CO2 is supposed to reflect the heat back down that is radiated from the Earth towards space, thus “trapping heat.” It doesn’t trap the heat, just reflects it back to the planet. If it reflects towards the planet, it undoubtedly reflects it back towards space as well, thus it is not unreasonable to consider the possibility that CO2 does, in fact, “cool” the planet when the Sun is putting out excessive energy, thus increased CO2 could very well prevent the temperature from “running away” as they have predicted the opposite.

      It also could be that excessive CO2 in the atmosphere could lead to an ice age, if it worked as just stated, when the Sun goes into an inactive period. Of course, the planet would attempt to remove the CO2 from the air by having the cooling oceans absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere. It seems to me that it “could” act a bit like part of the planet’s thermostat.

  8. It is heart breaking to consider the human tragedy and suffering that lies before us as Archibald shares. And those trying to manufacture the opposite reality from what is naturally occurring will simply shrug their shoulders and say something like, “Oh well, our computers just didn’t predict this!” They will blame anything but themselves.

    But one day they will likewise perish, and with their last breaths they will know exactly what they were. Wretched beasts.

  9. Anybody who says CO2 “traps heat” is either uneducated about thermodynamics or has an agenda.

    Anybody who believes anything can heat itself up by trapping radiation is either uneducated about thermodynamics or has an agenda.

    Only a fool would believe the sun is not the sole provider of energy to the Earth.

    Only a fool would deny the absolute controlling influence of water on energy transport in Earth’s climate system – from reducing energy input during cloudy days to transferring energy from the surface around the globe via ocean currents and through water vapour and releasing that energy to space every time it rains.

    I find it amazing that the “saviours” who promote global warming/climate change grow steadily wealthier whilst sceptics are mocked.

    Follow the money I say.

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