Why is nobody listening to the IPCC itself?

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“One must say clearly that de facto we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

Why is nobody listening to the IPCC itself?

By L Michael Hohmann

To leave no doubt, in an interview published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 14 November 2010, Otto Edenhofer, co-chair of IPCC Working Group III, said,

“The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War…. one must say clearly that de facto we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy…. One has to rid oneself of the illusion that international climate politics have anything to do with environmental concerns.”

I am getting bored. The globe can be getting warmer or colder, but the idea that the human contribution from burning carbon fuels has anything to do with it is not only IMHO the biggest political and intellectual fraud ever – but so says the IPCC itself.

The ongoing discussion pro and con is becoming akin to the scholastic argument as to how many angels can dance on the head of a needle. Which is, of course, exactly what is intended to achieve worldwide disorientation away from the actual IPCC aims of monetary and energy policies – and bringing a whole, if not all, of science into disrepute.”

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Edenhofer’s startling admission can also be seen on the U.S. Senate Subcommittee’s website:


16 thoughts on “Why is nobody listening to the IPCC itself?”

  1. Dr. Goebbels would be so proud of our U.S. media. When I turned on my computer this morning, the first headline I saw was “IPCC Affirms Human-Caused Global Warming.” Yes, their computer models, which have been so spectacularly wrong, have now given us 95% assurance that our SUV’s, and not the sun or other cyclical factors, have caused the recent warming… uh, or lack thereof…. Let us celebrate the infallible computer models!

    This kind of media propaganda reminds me of the “1984” episode where Big Brother cut everyone’s monthly chocolate ration from 5 ounces to 3, and the masses turned out for big government-sponsored rallies to thank Big Brother and celebrate their increased chocolate ration…. You can sell almost anything, no matter how outrageously false, with a sufficiently compliant/complicit media and educational system and a largely ignorant and distracted populace. Truly stomach-turning to watch this latest media campaign to put lipstick on the AGW pig.

  2. Well, the reason why nobody is listening to them anymore ??
    It’s because we all know what they stand for:


  3. Confused “scientists”.

    “Even though we acknowledge the Earth has been cooling for the last fifteen years, we’re almost absolutely certain that the non-existent global warming, must be caused by man. Please ignore that enormous yellow thing in the sky that changes the Earth’s climate every time it hiccups.”

  4. Scientists not brave enough to still say “Global Warming” but have changed it to the term “Climate Change”. Truth is climate is always changing that’s what it does! Why blame man, the sun and ocean currants have a great influence but nothing said about this. Some are now saying we are heading for a mini ice age, I hope so if only for the likes of the IPCC and the new world religion no one dare question.

  5. Related…

    Global warming believers are feeling the heat

    On Friday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivers its latest verdict on the state of man-made global warming. Though the details are a secret, one thing is clear: the version of events you will see and hear in much of the media, especially from partis pris organisations like the BBC, will be the opposite of what the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report actually says.

    Already we have had a taste of the nonsense to come: a pre-announcement to the effect that “climate scientists” are now “95 per cent certain” that humans are to blame for climate change; an evidence-free declaration by the economist who wrote the discredited Stern Report that the computer models cited by the IPCC “substantially underestimate” the scale of the problem; a statement by the panel’s chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, that “the scientific evidence of… climate change has strengthened year after year”.

  6. The only redistribution that is going on is from consumers or taxpayers in those countries stupid or deluded enough to play this game, to profiteers (like Al Gore, or the solar/wind machine manufacturers, or the palm oil plantation owners in Indonesia, or the ethanol manufacturers). Poor people or poor countries just get poorer, paying more for their food.

  7. Some people support what the IPCC is doing because they see it as “economic justice.” It is in fact nothing more than a fraud designed to line the pockets of the elites.

    There never was any REAL communism or socialism. These were always just clever myths designed to enlist the support of “useful idiots” and to implement collectivist control and confiscation of wealth.

    Heck. If you can’t convince ’em using the myth of climate change, then just tell ’em you want to redistribute wealth – works either way for some people if they really believe the money is going to a good cause and that the “haves” got what they have by robbing the “have-nots.”

  8. Nobody will EVER read that italicized paragraph in any of the U.S. mainstream federal media. The truth is anathema to them…

  9. Why is nobody listening to the IPCC itself?

    The answer is that like all governmental and financial organizations the IPCC has no credibility.
    They have all demonstrated that they are a clear and present danger to all straight and normal humans on the planet that can think. Banks and governments have gone too far and have made criminal pests of themselves.

  10. I don’t see any wealth redistribution, just plain money theft and the destruction of the Middle Class of the West and the planned suppression of growth in the developing world, at least those countries that allowed UN NGO’s to operate on their territory.

    1. well spotted,
      cos if it was about helping the poor nations at all….theyd be allowing them the means to develop and that means energy for water and production
      neither of which in any meaningful or mass scale is being done at all.
      a few solar units to light a couple of bulbs so spme lucky kids can read after dark, and maybe charge a pc or solar fridge in an african clinic is NOT enough.
      IMF refuses to grant loans to develop affordable coal fired power for starving african nations to improve standards and survive and god forbid! maybe manage to begin to show a profit.
      the hypocrisy..is astounding!

      1. The ONLY way to actually help the third world in the long run is to give them the tools for economic and industrial development. Otherwise they are kept in a state of perpetual poverty and dependency, which seems to be what the UN wants.

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