Record return of Arctic ice – Top scientists warn of global COOLING

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Six years ago, the BBC reported that the Arctic would be ice-free by summer 2013.

Instead, almost a million more square miles of ocean are covered with ice than at the same time last year – an increase of 60 per cent.

“The rebound comes just six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free by summer 2013,” reports the UK Daily Mail.


“Instead, days before the annual autumn re-freeze is due to begin, an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia’s northern shores.”

“The Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific has remained blocked by pack-ice all year. More than 20 yachts that had planned to sail it have been left ice-bound and a cruise ship attempting the route was forced to turn back.”

Then… NASA satellite images show Arctic sea ice extent – 27 Aug 2012

Now… much bigger: The same Nasa image taken in 2013

“Some eminent scientists now believe the world is heading for a period of cooling, which would expose computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming as dangerously misleading.”

“Those predictions now appear gravely flawed.”

Meanwhile, US climate expert Professor Judith Curry points to long-term cycles in ocean temperature suggesting that the world may be approaching a clear cooling trend.

Such a cooling trend from 1965 to 1975 led some scientists at the time to forecast an imminent ice age.

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Thanks to Tinks Corry, Peter Lamb, Steven Woodcock, Bill Kahlke, Lyn Jenkins, Jeff Rense, Johnnie Christian, Nicola Jowsey, Stephen Lee, John McC and Bob for these links

“The evidence continues to mount but the “sheeple” pay no heed,” says Johnnie.

34 thoughts on “Record return of Arctic ice – Top scientists warn of global COOLING”

  1. Global warming devotees (scientists) won’t get government funding if they don’t support the warming mantra. Their models support EPA carbon sequestration regulations, cap and trade, green energy subsidies.

  2. When will the warmers lobby, includin the UN’s IPCC stop blaming that tiny trace gas CO2, the invisable, benine and oderless and life giving gas, and start looking at both the Suns lack of sunspots and its effects on incoming Cosmic Rays. The real climate factors are water vapour and cloud cover, so what about some proper scientific research into what is happening in the real world, and not just on what the computer aided by human programmers tells them.

    The IPCC is not interested in any research unless its to prove that its all the fault of the once wealthy Western nations, so give lots of money to the Third world.

    Michael Elliott

  3. Here in Aussie we have been told the seas will rise by 1 meter by the end of this Century due to ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic.
    Pacific Island Nations are being told to move along to the mainland because their Islands will be inundated shortly.
    Scare tactics? you betcha big time being bandied about down here by the Greens..
    Why don’t they concentrate on doing something useful, like stopping the burning of plastic E-waste in Kenya ? there’s one answer to Co 2
    emissions and dark skies.. you don’t see them up in arms about China’s air pollution, or curtailing the amount of worldwide aircraft movements pumping all their smog?
    No, pick on the most gullible, cheat them out of their money (raise electricity prices) and close down jobs and business by taxing them into submission with a Carbon Tax….close down the Forestry Industry in Tasmania and send the place backwards into the dark ages…
    Scare tactics… you betcha your bottom dollar
    Department of Climate Change…bye bye….
    Thank you Tony Abbott.

  4. Well there you have it !!

    Nobody can deny anymore that Arctic and Antarctic ice have reached new record highs. This has been an ongoing trend now for many years and this latest article again lends strong credibility to what this site has been preaching now for many years.

    The ice age cycle is well on track.

  5. I live in uruguay and this year it was a very cold one. At first, there was a chilly summer, with max temperatures around 23ºC, when they should be around 28ºC. One day it was 9ºC in the morning and in the afternoon max 19ºC. That is very cold for us at this time of the year. In winter, the coldest day was the 22th july, that day the max temp was 5ºC at 3pm, at 12:00 pm it was 2ºC. we got graupel, ice pellets, rain and snow mix, and even a very isolated snow powdering with no accumulation. The next day it was max 6ºC, and it warmed to a max of 7ºC the other day. In july we got an average temperature of 10ºC. Here where I live my weather station recorded a min temp of -2.7 ºC, In a clear night. But in Mercedes, one of the coldest places in the country, the temperature dropped to -5.9ºC. On clear nights there were huge frosts. Uruguay is colder than most people think.

  6. “Some eminent scientists now believe the world is heading for a period of cooling, which would expose computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming as dangerously misleading.”

    “Misleading?”I can think of more descriptive word that starts with an “b” has an “s” in the middle and ends with a “t.”

  7. Recently there have been a number of small earthquakes in the area of the Irish Sea. These have been put down to an continuing ‘rebound’ from the last ice age, which ended some 12,000 years ago. Raised beaches can be seen all along the Antrim coast near to where I live. It puts into perspective the contrast between the comparatively recent emergence of human civilisation and the eons of geological time (and climate change) that preceded it.

  8. Lake Superior levels are NOT down 10 feet!
    I live on the shore and here are some pics.

    I have posted two comments including references and a calculation of about a two foot drop from 1985 to 2010. The connected Lakes Huron / Michigan are down significantly more, I believe, but I have NOT looked up changes at the reference I provided.

    The principle value in this is to illustrate that climatic patterns constantly change,

  9. Here is Augusta Georgia we have hardly had a day above 90 this summer. Most summers we have days above 100 about half the time in July and August. If not above 100 it is very close to that.

    Not trying to be right here…Just saying…

  10. The Great Lakes “appear” to have lower levels but in fact the land mass has been rising due to continental rebound so the lakes aren’t capable of holding as much water.

    1. Don, Your assertion doesn’t hold water.
      Lake levels are indeed down and several factors are in play as to why.
      In about 1999 long term average lake levels of Michigan and Huron(essentially the same body of water) dropped by as much as 1.5 ft. or more. see this graphic:
      Where did the water go? Is it now locked up in the growing glaciers in other parts of the world? 😉

      In addition, something else has been going on which I have observed several times this Summer. This is something that is usually seen in the Winter months. And it is this: Lake evaporation producing clouds, see this image:
      It clearly shows clouds billowing up and out of the great lakes. During Winter this gives rise to “Lake effect snows” which can cause marked increases of snow accumulation in areas downwind of the cloud formations.
      Areas that typically receive very heavy lake snows are Gary, In., the Michigan shoreline of Lake Michigan, Buffalo, Ny., which is directly East of Lake Erie, and Cleveland, OH., and probably Toronto as well.
      Continental Rebound is too gradual and slight as to be undetectable and cannot account for a two foot decline in average high lake levels.

      Climate is changing, but not as most people now expect. And certainly not as the mainstream media says. Remember Ice age intensification always implies an increase in aridity. That is what I see in that satellite image of vapor steaming off the lakes. The lakes are becoming more arid, sounds ridiculous I know. How can a lake be more arid? But they can if evaporative output exceeds precipitation input. It doesn’t mean they will dry up, but if cooling trends continue, and evaporation on the great lakes continues, a point may be reached where they could be more inclined to freeze over from shore to shore. And after some years or decades of that phenomenon, once again become lobes of a great glacier.
      …well I can dream, can’t I?

      Lake has seen below average water levels for 14 years running.
      Isn’t that the same number of years of no global warming? Eh?

      for the complete reference article go here:

  11. Joe Bastardi is talking about the shortest growing season on record, just 100 days, for the American North West, see (his weekly video)

    In the mean time the sheep that are famous for the so called Kashmir Wool are dying from cold and snow jeopardizing the entire industry: See:

    And at WUWT David Archibald has an article about the climatic effects on grain crop output predicting a 25% decrease in grain production, see:

    1. I listen also to Joe Bastradi. He forecasted the weather for my daughters wedding last year in SEPT. Three weeks in advanced. He predicted very wild weather that day I think its still recorded on Wise guys of weather live radio blog. auccuweather said low seventys and nice. Joe predicted, Thunderstorm’s, hail, sleet and possible tornado’s All that happened on her wedding day morning and afternoon. Setting up that morning in the tent A lighting storm hit us.It hailed on us then sleeted then more hail and lighting.The wedding was outdoors. Three hundred people. WE had a tent, side covers and heaters for three hundred. Things went well. One hour before wedding sun came out the rain stopped wind died. Everyone stayed dry and warm. The In-laws then had a beautiful fire work display at night on there property were the wedding was held. Joe Bastardi knows weather. At

  12. Robert,

    No matter what happens…The politicians are always right. The experts(scientists) received their faulty computer generated algorithms on temperature data from actually doing any scientific work of value for the billions spent. What a waste of time and money for poor scientific reasoning and not researching facts and many areas of sun and atmospheric changes.

  13. ok lets see…record arctic sea ice extent recovery (new ice is thin therefore the extent has to be stressed I didnt say total ice….yet) coupled with a record sea ice extent in the Antarctic….where the hell is the warming??? at any rate increased albedo effect from the ice and the fact it takes more energy to melt ice into liquid than just heating liquid…I believe the glaciation has begun….pay attention to sea ice volumes for true indication of it

  14. What have the gung-ho global warming brigade got to say now?
    British politicians are CONTINUALLY going on about “global warming” and the WAFFLING “climate change”.
    They use warming as an excuse to plaster the UK , especially wales , in HUNDREDS of absolutely enormous wind turbines , 475 ft high….half the height of the Eiffel Tower !!
    They want UP TO 700 in the Welsh county of Montgomeryshire,[ Mid Wales] which is only 790 sq miles in area…….to supply MANCHESTER IN ENGLAND , with trifling, sporadic electricity !! Write to Welsh and London newspapers to complain, please !!

    1. What will be more interesting to watch is the death of the wind turbines as the deep cold we will get in the next year or two freezes them necessitating either power drawn from the grid to heat the blades to prevent icing thus costing the ‘green’ energy companies, or better still damage to the blades requiring repairs especially to the off shore turbine where the expense will be great.

      Whilst I have no desire to see such costs passed on to the beleaguered UK bill payers I don’t believe it would take much damage or cost to make the wind power completely non viable and lead to the quick and permanent demise of these companies and their unsightly, uneconomic, unfriendly bird mincer machines.

  15. Meanwhile Odumbo and his EPA fools keep pushing the fraud of “Global Warming” as if the facts are irrelevant. His legions of true believers are as blind as bats too.

  16. My great grandma, came from finland, and she said years ago before passing, we will have a fimbul winter, that will last for years, the first year, mankind will fight each other, the second year, the wolves and animals will drive us to the edges of the land, eating those who remain, the third year, man will eat man. Once the ice ends, a new man and woman will recreate mankind.

  17. The earth has been going through cycles of hot and cold for thousands of years. Al G and his buddies just see the big picture so they try to scare the sheep to steal money from them.

    Perhaps this year we’ll have a normal winter compared to the last 15 or 20 of them. Lake Superior is approximately 10 feet lower than it was during the early 70’s because our winters have not produced a pre-70’s snow fall since the about 1978. The Great Lake basin doesn’t get it’s water from rain fall but from snow melt.

    1. Hmmm… It’s difficult to say regarding the Great Lakes water levels, Joey. One can also theorize that the water from the Great Lakes, after pouring into the Ocean or evaporating, went into any of the glaciers or ice sheets around the world via snowfall. Many glaciers and of course the Antarctic/Greenland ice sheets have been increasing in that same time period.

    2. Part of the reason the Great Lakes water level is “decreasing” is because the Great Lakes Land is still rebounding from the Glazier Ice Age. The snow should be returning. Remember, we were just ending Global Cooling phase in 1970.

  18. ‘A million more square miles’ this will in turn amplify the ice albedo, which is a critical variable in governing temperature, coupled with a cooling PDO, AMO and sun, seasons will be very different in a few years.

    1. Be careful George you start throwing real science around, and you’ll have the IRS, NSA, EPA, and the Interior department after you. Not to mention Washington’s propaganda machine, sometimes called the Lamestream Media.

  19. Putting the interests and personal gains of a few running a scam on a world wide scale, ahead of maritime safety is no joking matter. The seafaring commercial operations could collectively take that bank in Chicago to civil court over the matter.

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