Argentina – 2,200 cattle die in snowstorm

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Cows, calves and bulls dead after the snowstorm.

In Bernasconi, General Acha, Ataliva Rock, Quehué, Colonia Santa Maria and Unanue appeared cows, calves and bulls dead after the snowstorm.

The mayor of Bernasconi, Jorge Riera, said about 200 animals were killed in department Hucal while in Utracán department, two thousand cattle were killed. (Journal Textual)

“This came from several months of poor nutrition due to lack of pasture and the cold and snow gave the coup de grace. Government aid was little, almost nothing,” said producers.

Includes photo of dead cattle:

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4 thoughts on “Argentina – 2,200 cattle die in snowstorm”

  1. didn’t this happen somewhere else recently? what is going on? now the crazy weather in the plains. glad I live in Az on the border, at least it won’t get as crazy cold here. I’m building my earthship next year, hope I have time.

  2. The date on this article was October 1st., so this storm has occurred during Argentina’s early spring season. The location is between 30 degrees and 40 degrees south latitude. Equivalent northern latitudes would lie between Denver and Austin Texas. I suppose such a storm might not be unheard of at this time of year, but what about that global warming that’s supposed to be happening?

  3. Not nice
    Not nice at all…

    Now we are heading to our cold season what preps have our authorities made?
    Probably none (“due to Climate Change we don’t expect to see any significant snowfalls this winter”)…
    I think every spare bit of waste land should be put aside to growing crops and food. Just a quarter of a mile down the road from me there’s some waste land – basically where houses once stood and have been demolished.
    Has been like that since I was at least six years old… a week from now I have my 48th birthday.

  4. ? lack of prior cropping/pastures?
    they had a lot of snow last year so water in soil and dams etc should have managed a decent enough feed?
    noted stubble in field, not great but usually anything including eating tree bark n leaves allows them to get by. sad.

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