Britain – Forecasts call for “worst winter in decades, perhaps in 100 years

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Record-breaking snowfall predicted for November. (See warning below about taking this with a grain of salt.)

Forecasters last night warned the entire country is set for a horror freeze which will bring brutal winds and fierce blizzards.

‘We are looking at a potentially paralysing winter, the worst for decades, which could at times grind the nation to a halt,” said Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services.

‘Persistent cold snaps with some very heavy snowfall are likely, and I would not be surprised if some records are not broken this year.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said it was likely to be the worst winter for more than 100 years.

“A horror winter scenario is likely to bring another big freeze with copious snow for many parts,” said Madden. “This is likely to produce major disruption to public transport and school closures on a prolific scale.”

November could turn out to be a record-breaking month. There is the potential for some significant falls of snow. The northern half is likely to experience the worst conditions.

The forecast of a harsh winter comes amid fears that millions of pensioners will face an ‘eat or heat” dilemma this year as energy prices are set to rocket by up to 10 per cent.Below-average temperatures could possibly linger until February. icted-for-NovemberThanks to Marc Morano, Peter BraveHeart, Robin Thorne and Thomas McHart for this link

Take with a grain of salt

“Just a small warning,” says reader in the UK. “The Daily Express is a paper which comes between the ‘quality’ newspapers like the Telegraph, the Times, the Independent and their Sunday equivalent, and the Red Tops which really deal just in gossip.””It seems to have three standard front page headlines  —  tax, health and weather.   And all should be taken with a grain of salt.”It might well be right about the Arctic weather to come in Britain, but our weather is so changeable that you can’t rely on what they say especially as the Express relies on full-page, catchy headlines to sell its papers!”

Thanks to Sonya in the U.K. for this warning.

14 thoughts on “Britain – Forecasts call for “worst winter in decades, perhaps in 100 years”

  1. Winter should not be severe across the UK and Ireland. Of winter months of December, January and February, then my dates for coldest Ireland winter weather would be the first week in January and first and third weeks in February, with heavy country-wide snowfalls unlikely. The third week in January should see most precipitation for that month, but it may be too mild for snow. Perigees are significantly closer in January and a fairly dry January, cold only for the first half may result. February should be the most wintry month of the three.
    Edinburgh, Birmingham and London should not receive snow until at least the second half of December. As for January, only the first ten days should be cold enough for snow in all three cities. February will be the coldest and snowiest winter month for all, but March also brings snow events. Scotland may continue to see snow well into the first week of April.
    It will not be a severe winter for snow, and certainly not a winter that will break records in the UK. Nevertheless there may be many cold dry intervals.
    It will be a different story in Scandinavia, which may experience records broken for cold.
    More details in the Weather Almanac for Ireland for 2014.

  2. And guess what!
    British Gas, who supply a good proportion of the UK’s domestic heating fuel has announced they are going to raise bills by 9.2%
    This is the second major supplier here to increase prices over and above the rate of inflation.
    The rest are bound to follow…
    Meanwhile Cameron bleats “if you don’t like their prices, then switch!”

  3. Here we go again. Look at this:

    All the usual suspects in an Express Weather article. See below for an example. What actually happened? Winter 2011/2012 was very boring in the UK, very mild everywhere except for a brief cold snap in early February 2012 which couldn’t even prevent that month coming in above average.

    “James Madden, of Exacta Weather, warned the theme of this winter would be “very cold and snowy across many parts of the UK”.

    He said there would be “frequent and widespread heavy snowfalls during November to January across many parts of the UK and Ireland, with below-average temperatures”.”

  4. I notice that the German reports mention the 1812 period, I think this about the time for a previous Solar minmum, Given that we are in one now.
    I also notice in one of the german pictures of autum apples lying in the snow. Just streching the mind a little, to one of the frozen mamoths reported to have grass in its intestines and frozen solid. I wonder if the rough C14 dates match up to a Solar minimum at that time.

  5. it is almost impossible to predict the uk’s weather more than a week but they might be right it has suddenly got 5 degrees colder who knows

  6. I have been researching climate change for over 3yrs. now and have come to the conclusion that Piers Corbyn is right in that our sun plays a big part in the weather systems.I have just finished reading a book by the German scientists Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Luning,in which they forensically demonstrate the case for the sun and not C02.The Neglected Sun a book that simply explains to the amateur the science behind the theory.Fritz also worked for the IPCC and exposes their corrupt shenanigans over climate change.The sun evidentely is starting a ‘cold phase’ in which a mini ice age could occur over the next few decades,so time will tell.

  7. What you say about the “Express” is true, but they are only passing on what Exacta and Vantage weather forecasters are predicting. I would advise people to take the predictions seriously. Better prepared than to be not prepared. Many factors are at work to completely change our British weather. According to Professor Gianluigi Zangari of the Frescati Institute of Italy the North Atlantic Gulf Stream is “dead”. Has been for two years now. Thus the temperature of the North Atlantic waters is now 12*C colder than used to be the case. The Sun is under going changes. Fewer sunspots. The Polkovo Astronomical Observatory in Saint Petersburg in Russia are correlating this with the Mini Ice Age of 1645 through 1715 which was caused by the same lack of sunspots. Based on their predictions we should be making necessary preparations. Failing to do so might be fatal.

    1. You mean like stop the global warming nonsense and switch those resources to helping the country deal with reality? If Australia could do it, Britain should be able to do it too. The rub is that Britain invented global warming, it’s home to the globalists, and many Brits may freeze to death before they will consider changing their opinions.

    2. The Gulf Stream is alive and well. Have a look at SST anomalies and you will see that waters running up the east of the US are several degrees above average. These anomalies persist in the sub-surface as well. What’s the point in regurgitating things without doing a quick check for yourself?

  8. I’ve been advising robert for a couple of years now that the UK daily express has no credibility at all. They just fabricate half their storys. No one of any intellect pays any attention to it.

  9. It would be interesting to see what Corbyn is saying about the upcoming winter weather, but I can’t afford the price.

  10. I was reading the one-month forecast for October from the British Meteorological Office the other day and even it contained a caveat about predicting British weather for more than a few days in advance. I thought that was funny coming from an agency that pretends it can guess the climate change coming over the next decades.

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