Life in a climate cataclysm box

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“People have been conned”

“Climate experts Dennis Mitchell and David Legates have found the perfect analogy to explain the actions of climate alarmists who are frantically trying to explain away their bogus science, manipulated data, hidden codes, worthless computer models, absurd predictions of global doom, and other questionable practices,” says reader Paul Driessen. “Like hermit crabs looking for bigger shells, the alarmists have put themselves in a climate cataclysm box, and now are desperate to protect their sullied reputations, faulty predictions and exorbitant funding.”

“Their article will make you chuckle, as you learn some amazing facts about climate change and the incredible lengths the alarmists have gone to concoct a story of global Armageddon … and then cover their tracks.

Life in a climate cataclysm box

Like hermit crabs, climate alarmists scramble to find new ways to hide, when put in a box

By Dennis M. Mitchell and David R. Legates

As children playing on the beach, we discovered a fascinating behavioral pattern among hermit crabs. Place a dozen in a cardboard box, and within minutes the crabs exit their shells and try to occupy another.  This mild stress-induced response probably reflects their life-long drive to continue growing by repeatedly commandeering larger shells, to protect their vulnerable soft bodies.

Similarly, climate alarmists are now scrambling to find new shelter from the stress coming from a public that increasingly realizes their doom-and-gloom predictions of climate chaos are based on shoddy data, faulty computer models and perhaps outright deception. The alarmist scientists have put themselves in a climate cataclysm box, and are desperate to protect their reputations, predictions and funding.

Despite the absence of warming in actual measured temperature records over the last 16 years, and near-record lows in hurricane and tornado activity, they still cry “wolf” repeatedly and try to connect every unusual or “extreme” weather event to human emissions of plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide. (Actually, people account for only 4% of all the CO2 that enters Earth’s atmosphere each year.)

Alarmists used their predictions of climate catastrophe to demand that the world transform its energy and economic systems, slash fossil fuel use, and accept lower living standards, in response to the politically manufactured science. Even as growing evidence conflicted with their dogma, the money, fame and power were too good to surrender for mere ethical reasons.

The impact on energy prices, national economies, jobs and people’s lives has been profound and negative. For example, in response to the unfounded alarmism, Germany moved aggressively toward wind and solar energy over the past 15 years – both politically and with taxpayer and investment spending. It also shied away from more nuclear power and saw its economy contract and energy-intensive companies shed jobs and threaten to move overseas. Now Germany is burning more coal and building new coal-fired power plants, in an attempt to reverse the economic disaster its “green” and “climate protection” policies unleashed, but its actions are still sending shock waves at investors around the world.

In Spain, every renewable energy job the government’s climate alarmist policies created was offset by two jobs lost in other sectors of the economy that were punished by soaring electricity prices. The demise of a Spanish economy so committed to wind and solar power finally caused reasonable people to reevaluate why these decisions had been made, and the renewable subsidies were slashed, just as they have been in Germany.

How does Brazil’s future look with biofuels? As reality finally overcomes media bias and political correctness, the naive excitement of a few years ago – when anything “green” was portrayed as lower cost, clean and superior in every technological sense – has given way to more rational thinking. Brazil is now going more for oil and gas, via conventional drilling and hydraulic fracturing, onshore and offshore.

Why are so many countries deciding to abandon or diminish the fools-golden eggs of green-tech? First, green technology power has been grossly oversold on reliability, cost, capacity, job creation and environmental impacts. A stable economy requires all of these power characteristics. Second, speculative alarmism about CO2 has been exposed by the hard data of the past couple decades.

The NIPCC Climate Change Reconsidered-II report presents the facts, so that even non-scientists can appreciate the relevant range of the climate components – and the ways people have been conned into believing we faced a manmade climate Armageddon that hasn’t materialized and was never a threat.

Nevertheless, insisting that “climate chaos” was real, former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson wailed that her agency would need at least 240,000 new EPA employees (each making some $100,000 per year, plus benefits) that she said would be needed just to administer new carbon dioxide regulations – and control nearly everything Americans make, drive, ship and do!

EPA currently employs some 20,000 people at an annual budget of over $8 billion. The new hires alone would cost taxpayers another $24 billion annually – plus hundreds of billions of dollars in economic pain, manufacturing shutdowns and new job losses that EPA’s CO2 regulations would inflict.

Year after year, alarmists have changed their protective shells for more absurd answers regarding where the Earth has mysteriously stashed all the energy that greenhouse gases supposedly trapped. For years, alarmists said ocean waters were storing the missing energy. But when the ARGO project demonstrated that the heat was not in the ocean, at least down two kilometers (1.2 miles) beneath the surface, one prominent alarmist responded, “We are puzzled at the results.” We are not puzzled.

When the data consistently conflict with their hypothesis, reputable scientists revise the hypothesis. Five-alarm climate scientists desperately seek new shells, and new excuses.

The “puzzling” facts triggered the predictable alarmist tactic of attacking the data and claiming the heat was hiding in the really deep ocean. Ignoring the physics of the problem – how the asserted heat was transferred from atmospheric carbon dioxide, through the sea surface, and beyond the first mile of ocean waters, without being detected – they expect us to believe that fluid thermodynamics is akin to magic.

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) has released its 2013 report Climate Change Reconsidered II. The world finally has a chance to see the actual science – not the kind that’s hidden, massaged and filtered through alarmist shell games.

Unencumbered by political pressure and mega-lobbyists, this 1,018-page review by 50 serious and highly accomplished scientists has exposed the alarmists’ fraud. These real scientists have also exposed as illusory the alarmists’ mystical “tropical hot spot.” This sacred cow turns out to be as fanciful as planetary warming hidden in the deepest ocean, or the infamous hockey stick of Michael Mann’s hidden data and secret computer codes.

Have we forgotten that 1998 was to be the “tipping point,” after which Earth would warm uncontrollably?  The 1988 hearing in Washington one hot summer afternoon was dominated by the always sly James Hansen, who wiped his brow furiously, in a room made stifling by Senator Tim Wirth’s cheap trick of turning off the air conditioning. Politics, theatrics and manipulation had replaced honest science.

Because Al Gore switched his CO2 and temperature curves to make it look like rising carbon dioxide levels caused planetary temperature increases – when in fact increasing temperatures always preceded higher CO2 – shouldn’t he have corrected his mistake, returned his ill-gotten millions, and shared his 2007 Nobel Prize and money with Irena Sendler, who should have gotten it for saving 2,500 Jewish children during World War II? Shouldn’t his accomplice, IPCC director and pseudo-Nobel Laureate Rajendra Pachauri, be held accountable for trumpeting made-up stories about melting Himalayan glaciers?

But when you’re an alarmist, being wrong, lying, cheating, misleading the public and killing jobs simply does not count against you – even when the alleged human-caused global warming stopped in 1996.

We literally laughed aloud at a so-called “documentary” that’s about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It’s called “Do the Math: Bill McKibben and the Fight over Climate Change.” For McKibben and his comrades, “doing the math” is really a matter of “counting the cash” the alarmists rake in.

The serious money has always flowed to alarmists, guilt-ridden environmentalists and control-seeking regulators, whom the world’s taxpayers are generously and unwittingly funding. That’s also the real meaning of the “green” movement and “green” energy.


Dennis Mitchell, CPA/QEP has been professionally involved in environmental and tax compliance, monitoring and education for over 40 years. David Legates, PhD/CCM is a Professor of Climatology at the University of Delaware and has been studying climate and its changes for 35 years. A version of this article originally appeared in the 10/18/2013 Investor’s Business Daily.

Thanks to Paul Driessen for this article

18 thoughts on “Life in a climate cataclysm box”

  1. “…are desperate to protect their sullied reputations,…” This cannot be allowed to happen. The reputations of those who have led us into this debacle must not be allowed to be cleansed; to prevent them from repeating their crimes, and as a warning to those who would try something similar in the future.

  2. When did it become okay to lie about anything and everything and never be called to account about it?
    I know it’s silly to harp on what would have been completely unacceptable in the past, but when morality and truthfulness were not dirty words, this would never have been allowed to flower and then rot and even take down lives when the cold that isn’t supposed to exist freezes them all.

    Lies in every area of our lives are not only accepted they are repeated endlessly to try to make them the “truth.” Any attempt at a return to reality is thoroughly discouraged. No red line indeed!

    The hell with them all, I hope it is the fiercest most miserable winter every to hit and lets all get together and strip the warmmists of all the amenities that might have been gathered in to keep them safe and warm. Frostbite is way too good for these people.

  3. Great article!

    Check THIS out, guys:

    Snow and Sea Ice Extent 18th October 2010

    Snow and Sea Ice Extent 18th October 2011

    Snow and Sea Ice extent 18th October 2012

    Snow and Sea Ice extent 18th October 2013

    The contrast between snow cover and sea ice extent is quite remarkable with 2013 showing snow cover and sea ice growing rapidly.

  4. Interesting, but not convincing to a non scientific person. I look around and see oil spills, animals disappearing, smog over California, more monster storms than in the past. It seems that more life is dying from the natural places on earth that were once teaming with life.
    It is not just SCIENTIFIC proof, it’s a combination of factors that will make our planet uninhabitable. Man’s disregard being the first reason. I love it when I see wind mills … gives me hope that we are striving for alternatives. People know the truth, politics twists it to death, sciences babbles over it, but look in your own area around your living space. The only population I see thriving around me are insects and I pay to have them killed. I don’t want the creatures overtaking me. People know the truth better than the experts. Education is the only correct tool to move forward to a change. You are right about following the money but you have leaned way to hard to one side. Thanks for reading.Use your common sense and your observation. We are damaging the natural world at alarming rates. It IS TIME TO FIND ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO LIVE!!!!!

    1. If “SCIENTIFIC proof” does not persuade you, then the world must be a dark and mysterious place for you.

  5. Is there any possibility you folks can awaken the Liberal government of Ontario (Canada)and stop their useless and costly march towards financial ruin with their green energy policies.

    Finally, your site is presenting the realistic side of the argument.

  6. Hermit crabs are fun to watch. The climate change alarmists have not been fun to watch. Their alarmism is currently costing lives in places like the UK where pensioners must choose between eating or heating. Their lies have cost jobs and are ruining economies. Rather than admit they were wrong, they jump from one theoretical shelter to the next in an effort to maintain these speculative lies. Unfortunately, their behavior will cause much more suffering than a warming climate itself would have caused. All of it for nothing.

  7. If all of the Climate Change believers around the world stopped breathing for 24 hours so that they can collectively reduce their carbon footprint, think of the savings we would realize.

  8. we have Adam Bandt a greenparty screamer carrying on how CC caused the NSW fires,
    pity hes o public and making a prat of himself.
    some were lit, and the rest? well greenparty etc making wildlife corridors a priority has allowed those same corridors to funnel fires to spots they probably wouldnt have managed before.
    that and unrestricted brushgrowth due to removal of wild horses and allowing cattle n sheep to graze and keep parks clear.Plus suburbanites moving to bush areas and growing too much too close to homes.
    we also have them calling a 26c mild day HOT.
    no 35 is pretty warm 40 and over is hot.

  9. Thank you for the very honest and eye opening article. I believe the motive for many in the “global warming” move has been financial.

    Thanks again!

  10. Is it possible that the warmists have a serious fear of ice ages and they know that one is imminent?
    Perhaps they are shocked into a state of denial that is so profound that they demand that all others share their state of fear and denial even to the point of submitting to extreme,expensive and genocidal measures designed to empower the elites at the expense of the masses. This fear and denial seems to have prompted the creation of a fantasy called AGW which is supported by science fraud and other devient behavior. What shall we call fear of ice ages? Glaciophobia?

  11. Excellent article and as concise as it can be when revealing the very large sums of money being extorted from the people and used to destroy their prosperity.

    The whole business of climate deception is a great evil and its perpetrators deserve a punishment to fit their crimes. Regrettably there isn’t one severe enough so I would suggest a life sentence on Svalbard with only swin suits to wear and polar bears for company.

  12. Hi Robert,

    you should take a look at this summary and put the graphics and description on your site, to see what we should know about the costs of the German Energy Act (EEG) for a single German family. I recommended Mr. Gosselin and Mr. Kipp a translation this summary into English .

    German version by Rudolf Kipp (original):

    English version by Pierre Gosselin:
    Always more expensive, never cheaper– renewable energy feed-in tariffs to climb to 6.24 cents in 2014

    Best regards

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