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Dayton International Airport recorded 1 inch of snow yesterday, said Storm Center 7 Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs. This breaks the previous record of 0.2 inches set in 1917.

However, this is not the earliest snowfall of an inch or more, she said. That record was set Oct. 19, 1989, with a total of 4.8 inches.


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14 Responses to Record snowfall in Dayton, OH

  1. Rob says:

    Snowed just north of Cincinnati today too but it didnt stick. Still was interesting though

  2. aeroguy48 says:

    We are Luddites now! Welcome back to the 19th century.

  3. Doug Lavers says:

    The article seems to contradict itself;”Record Snowfall” then “That record was set Oct. 19, 1989, with a total of 4.8 inches.”.

  4. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Piers Corbyn predicted more snowfall to come to the USA. He was right. Heavy snowfall downs trees, power lines in Mayfield Heights, Lyndhurst, other Hillcrest communities; about 40,000 are without power
    Here some pictures: http://www.wtam.com/articles/wtam-local-news-122520/photos-surprise-heavy-snowfall-11766053/

  5. martin lawler says:

    The headline is misleading. This is scraping the barrel to make news.

  6. Bob Knows says:

    Weather patterns are now similar to around 1900. the down (colder) slide is happening more quickly than the up side. We recently experienced a time similar to the 1930s when the US Midwest had a severe drought (dust bowl) and major hurricanes slid up the east coast to devastate NY. Already we are seeing weather numbers similar to 30 or 40 years before that. What goes up comes down, often it comes down rapidly.

  7. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Heavy snowfall hit several regions of Russia. This has led to a dramatic increase in the number of traffic accidents. In Perm 255 accidents were recorded, one and a half times the average daily rate. The level of snowfall in some places was close to 10 millimeters. The pavement in the city remained in very poor condition. Three people were injured. In the city stands many kilometers of traffic jams. (translated with Google). With video
    In Tyumen, because of the elements in just 2 hours there were more than 50 accidents. Drivers generally do not respect the distance.
    In Yekaterinburg night utilities have taken 200 tons of snow . The city also has numerous accidents . And the same reason – the car owners do not have time “to change their cars with snow tires”. Items stored on the tire line, the record is two weeks in advance . Cleaning of roads continues.

  8. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Heavy Snowstorm Hits Hexigten, China’s Inner Mongolia

  9. archangelmichael2 says:

    Send some to the Pacific Northwest to get us out of the stagnant weather pattern nobody seems to see please!

    Also send some to Texas too so they can have four seasons again!

  10. archangelmichael2 says:

    Actually I looked further into research and they are right that the snowstorms are part of Global Warming because when the earth warms it creates an increase in moisture content which has to fall back to the earth and then the clouds *cool* it off though night time temps will be bumped up.

    There still is enough cold air left that the increase moisture content comes as snow in some locals which is why southern areas are still getting high and dry with no end to the drought.

    I just don’t agree with it being man made as too many factors are likely involved the IPCC models are too dumb to look at but then again you have to agree in order to get looked at.

    I admit the whole system is fked up but if you want to get you’re foot in the door in the science community you have to AT LEAST HINT at man made Global Warming SOMEWHERE in you’re research then they will accept you a bit grudgingly if you are not a fanatic but you’ll be accepted nontheless.

  11. archangelmichael2 says:

    There is still enough ice left that the effects aren’t being felt so this is a temporary *pause*.

    I blame planet X because Global Warming is happening on other planets of our solar system like Mars and Venus.

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