Number of winter deaths in Wales increases by 50 percent

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“People are dying in such large numbers during the winter months because of the cold.”

“March 2013 was the coldest since 1962 with an average monthly temperature of just 2.6°C.

“The figures are in line with 2010-2011, which saw 1,960 deaths and was also one of the harshest winters in recent decades.

“Health boards in Wales have warned of ‘unprecedented demand’ on services this winter as figures show big rise in excess deaths last winter

“Statistics released this morning show that there were 1,900 excess winter deaths in 2012-2013, up from 1,260 in 2011-2012.

“Last year saw one of the coldest winters in recent times, with the impact of the cold temperatures taking its toll on many services.

“Health Minister Mark Drakeford said: “Last winter extended into March and April with an end to winter which was unlike any other for more than half a century before it. The impact on our unscheduled care services was profound.

“Age Cymru’s head of policy and public affairs Graeme Francis said: “Age Cymru remains very concerned that people are dying in such large numbers during the winter months because of the cold.

“We know that last winter older people in Wales were more likely to have cut back on their heating and eating than those anywhere else in the UK.

“Rising energy prices are likely to mean more people are put in this position again this winter and this, combined with very cold weather, could be very dangerous for many older people.

“The fact that older people in our communities are risking their health because they are afraid to turn up their heat or are going without food is clear evidence that we are failing them.

“The fact that people actually die in these entirely preventable circumstances is our national shame.”

“Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, said:“This shocking rise in excess winter deaths highlights the true cost of energy bills that have increased dramatically in recent years and people being forced to make a choice between heating their homes and eating.”

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11 thoughts on “Number of winter deaths in Wales increases by 50 percent”

  1. ..when the words “energy poverty” are heard in your country you have proof that Green policies are wrong.

  2. Hmmmm? Maybe Health Minister Mark Drakeford didn’t get the message from the UK Weather Office that cold winters would be over by 2010. I guess all those high taxes on heating fuel in the UK were effective in stopping “global warming” and caused the death of over a thousand Welshmen.

    Or, maybe “global warming” was a BS lie from the government to collect more taxes on heating fuel, and to heck with killing people who couldn’t afford it.

  3. I don’t believe in AGW but this article is nonsense, it doesn’t prove causlity just stating that two figures were above average, thus variable (cold) must be the cause of variable (death).

    Plus, Welsh weather isn’t dangerously cold, otherwise at that rate you would expect there to be masses of deaths within populations living in the Arctic circle that are attributed to cold, but in fact they manage to survive in it very well, even their elderly.

    It is not the cold that is the problem, it is unhealthy and inactive lifestyles that cause the problem. Being unfit and unhealthy which is rife in this country will make you vulnerable to many things that could kill you. But I don’t see anyone highlighting that. For example, heat also can cause death in the same vulnerable people (vulnerable being the key word). Heat is what germs need to grow, making summer a higher risk of exposure to germs by vulnerable people. Sitting on the sofa all day is a death with for vunerable people, nobody likes to point that out though because no one wants to suggest these old people get up and exercise. Despite popular belief, evolution shows people are meant to be far more active and until a far greater age. Stop eating crap and do regular exercise and the cold will have NO effect on you as your body will be far greater at dealing with both the heat and the cold, as well as the germs that I mentioned. Recovery time is better and far more likely too if you are fit and healthy, but the main thing is that beig active means you will be raising your core temperature more. Being cold has nothing to do with the central heating, it’s your core body temp that has an impact on health, if you put on more layers and be active more often then you will keep your core body temperature up in the Welsh climate surprisingly easy, no matter how poorly heated your homes are.

    1. Uh huh. It is really about older people and their need for sufficient calories in the form of both heat and food in order to be healthy. Many of these people live on fixed incomes which tend to shrink yearly due to inflation. What was sufficient 10 years ago to pay for both food and fuel is no longer enough. They turn down their thermostats and/or eat less. this leaves them more vulnerable to infections which lead to Pneumonia or to other diseases which lead to death. Pensioners could pool their resources and live cooperatively in order to survive, but no doubt many of these deaths are of elderly people living alone.

  4. its known as?
    culling the useless eaters.
    the warmist version of Eugenics.
    see the Georgia Guidestones script..its online.
    people die due to their enforced agenda 21 rules n regs using co2 as the reasoning.
    some must die to benefit the majority type rationale.
    and then of course the imaginary climate refugees will need somewhere to go to..dont reckon empty homes in wales hold a big appeal to tropical zone refugees but maybe they do?
    more EU and war zone immigrants , than climate ones from what I see.

  5. Hallo Marcus,

    When you say ‘thier’, I presume that you mean the powers that be, the banksters, our governments, the mega-corporations and the Global military and civil services: Then I would say that from thier prespective, that their policies are working.

    They want and will have a New World Order, one in which the Global population will be reduced, whittled down, culled. That’s not conspiricy that has been documented. Yet with all the evidence smacking Humanity in the face, the Global Masses not only don’t care, they can’t care, they too busy watching sports and made-up, brainwashing, reality T.V., along with fake news and documentary shows: The Human Race is being lied too 24-7-365 and thinks the way the System wants them to think.

    Why would the Power Elite tell us the truth about Climate Change, when they are never honest about anything else. As far as they are concerned, anything which culls the viral like masses, and increases their chance of survival is evolutionary correct.

    Just as they have used the lie of Global warming, to scam the Middle Classes out of yet more money; they will use the real Climate changes coming all of Our ways too thin use down a bit more.

    And all the while, Our governments will pretend to care and offer, in words only too help; and the people will believe them and things will get worse.

    When in the future things get so bad, in reality the safest, maybe only place too survive, will be working for the New World Order.

  6. David Cameron’s father in law Sir Reginald Sheffield makes £1.5 million a year from windmills on his land. Subsidies paid for by the consumers of electricity. What I don’t understand is why The Guardian, supposed champion of the poor and downtrodden, are so keen on Global Warming, or Climate Change as we must call it now, when the result is unaffordable energy prices and old people dying of cold. And the greatest champion of all, George Monbiot, lives in North Wales. I hope that he sees these statistics and wonders what he has helped to bring about.

  7. Why are people in the UK among the most supportive of global warming alarmism – it defies logic ??

    Thousands have migrated to SE Queensland where we already have an annual average temperature more than 6 degrees above the “magic” global average of 14 C and none seem to die in the heat !

    More importantly, they do not run back to escape the heat and embrace the cold.

    I can understand the attraction of some snow but you can actually live without it – I’ve only ever seen snow once in my life – in Germany mid winter.

    1. We are not supportive of the scam, unfortunately as our “democracy” has failed we, the People can do nothing about it. The idiot politicians, all parties, passed the Climate Change Act with about four or five more Honourable MPs voting against.

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