Sun Acting Strangely

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Sunspots only half the number expected.

The sun should be at the climax of its usual 11-year cycle of activity, but solar physicists are puzzled by its mellow solar maximum, writes Robert Lee Hotz in the Wall Street Journal.

This peak is “a total punk,” said Jonathan Cirtain, who works at NASA as project scientist for the Japanese satellite Hinode, which maps solar magnetic fields.

“I would say it is the weakest in 200 years,” said David Hathaway, head of the solar physics group at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

“There is no scientist alive who has seen a solar cycle as weak as this one,” said Andrés Munoz-Jaramillo, who studies the solar-magnetic cycle at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.

See entire article, which includes the obligatory nod to global warming.

“It may give us a brief respite from global warming,” said Dr. Hathaway. “But it is not going to stop it.”
Thanks to Ryan Hendrix, Gordon and John Zielinski for this link

“Scientists are puzzled by the low sunspot numbers?” says John. “Shocking! I can only imagine when they are stepping all over themselves in the next couple of years to explain the sudden cooling.”

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  1. Nunya
    • 12 hours ago

    I believe it cuz the sea lvl is going to rise. But we have thing coming up that nobody is talking about. I hv the buoy and other web pages that I check everyday. This is a time table that should be starting when Ison is on the way back from the sun, when the date is nobody is sure:

    9 day Severe Wobble
    4.5 days static Lean to the Left
    2.5 days progression toward 3 Days of Darkness.
    3 Days of Darkness
    6 days of Sunrise West
    18 day of Slowing Rotation
    6 (5.9) days of Rotation Stoppage
    pole shift happens then after time starts

    believe this or not it is your choise, which ever it is it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. But sounds like the 7 weeks of tribulations to me. If it doesn’t happen I will dye my hair purple and post it <3 y'all be safe.

    1. ISON is a bit of a damp squib.
      I was looking forward to it being about fifteen times brighter than the full moon in our skies by now. Turns out, you need binoculars or a telescope to really see it. It’s brightness is in the order of ten thousand times short of predictions made late spring this year, hundreds of times fainter than Hale-Bopp was in the late 90’s.
      Comets are notoriously hard to second-guess and predict.
      At least astronomers said “might” not like the FUD-peddlars of the UN…

      Scientists eh?

  2. Humans developed a “brain” during the lowest CO2 concentration in earth’s history.

    If we had not – life on earth as we know it would not likely exist today.

    Does anyone have an estimate of how much CO2 our bodies can absorb before our brain power begins to diminish ??

    1. Our lungs don’t absorb CO2, they release it. However your blood has a more difficult time with telling the difference between O2, and CO. That is why people die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


    When the secondary cosmic rays interact in the monitor, (actually in lead surrounding the counters) they cause nuclear disintegrations, or “stars”. These stars are composed of charged fragments and neutrons typically in the energy range of tens to hundreds of MeV (million electron-volts), even up to GeV energies. As a result of these high energy nuclear interactions, there will be more secondary fragments generated than incident particles and hence there is a multiplier effect for the counters. The neutrons are moderated and then counted using Boron tri-fluoride (BF3) proportional counters which are efficient thermal neutron detectors; hence the name neutron monitor.

    The original design by Simpson is often designated as an IGY neutron monitor. From that link:

    John A. Simpson, at the University of Chicago, invented and developed the neutron monitor over the years 1948-50 and found that the Earth’s magnetic field could be used as a spectrometer to allow measurements of the cosmic ray spectrum down to low primary energies. The magnetic latitude of a particular neutron monitor determines the lowest magnetic rigidity of a primary that can reach the monitor, the so-called “cut-off rigidity”. The station’s altitude determines the amount of absorbing atmosphere above the station and hence the amount of absorption of the secondary cosmic rays (the higher the station, the higher the counting rate). By using a combination of lead (to produce local interactions), paraffin or polyethylene (to moderate or slow down the neutron component) and multiple slow-neutron counters, Simpson greatly increased the counting rate in his monitor design.

    The worldwide network neutron monitors that have since been established gather data that have shown there is a correlation between periodic solar activity and the earthly neutron count. For example:

    Climax corrected neutron monitor values

    This plot shows data from the Climax, Colorado neutron monitor operated by the University of Chicago. The cosmic rays show an inverse relationship to the sunspot cycle because Sun’s magnetic field is stronger during sunspot maximum and shields the Earth from cosmic rays.

    Right now we are near the solar minimum, but neutron counts are still increasing. The current science says that if we had passed solar minimum, neutron counts should be decreasing.

  4. Repeat after me.

    “The sun has nothing whatsoever to do with how warm it is on Earth.”

    If you don’t feel like an idiot for saying such a stupid thing, you may qualify for a job as an AGW scientist.

  5. Only time will tell. Either we are entering a new little ice age–maybe even a full-blown one–or we are not. All the talking won’t change a thing. I believe we are going to have, at the very least, a new little ice age. Unfortunately, government policies are going to make sure that the poorest among us will suffer the most.

  6. I’ve asked before what is normal.?.. I did see that on Saturday the number was 282. So we should have at least 500.?.

  7. Win says:
    November 18, 2013 at 6:32 pm
    …..See BBC science

    Accept nothing that emanates from the BBC agenda based science Dept.

  8. He’s a scientist hired with my tax dollars to map solar magnetic fields, and he’s just now getting around to making this pronouncement? I find this fact much more interesting and significant than what he has said.

  9. I said it before and I will say it again there is no money to be made in looking into how the sun controls our climate not CO2 AS WE ARE TOLD BY OUR GOVERNMENTS

  10. Solar activity drops and temps drop, happens every time in history, except this time man is a greater force than a nuclear furnace that contains 99% of the mass of the universe and is 1.3 million times the size of the Earth.

    Couldn’t make it up could you, well yes you could and the funny thing is still some believe it.

    1. Aww come on!
      99% of the mass of the solar system – not the universe! 😀

      But yeah, I know what you mean

      If you want to give someone the gist, just tell them that a big H-bomb is about a party balloon-full of hydrogen

      The sun is millions of tons of hydrogen a second.
      That’s what makes climate and weather

  11. Remember there are scientists and scientists. They are puzzled?? I thought they would know the sun’s cycle by now? Some kids know it……
    Dr Hathaway says it’s not going to stop global warming if I read correct then he is also a brainwashed idiot!

  12. I continued to be amazed at the steadfast refusal of my climate change oriented friend who just refuses to accept global cooling.
    I have come to realize that as time goes by he sounds more and more like Al Gore. Just says the same thing over and over and is never swayed by more current information. Then I came across the old quote attributed to Joseph Goebbles, the old Nazi guy about, “if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, eventually people will accept it as the truth,” and I realized then that this is the exact tactic being used right in our faces by the entire global warming/climate change crowd. Kinda negates any possibility of their credibility.
    The last quote that comes to my mind in this matter is attributed to Winston Churchill and serves to describe their reaction to any agument supporting the position of the planet cooling and why: “Most men, when occasionally stumbling over the truth, will pick themselves up, brush off and hurry along their way as if nothing at all had happened.”


    1. And the next story will be man-made climate change affecting sun as well! Think i’m joking watch and wait they’re getting desperate to tie anything to this panacea of guilt.

  13. It’s not the TV! It is the money. If the institution you are working for is partly or wholly reliant on government money for survival then you have to add these meaningless phrases so as to preserve that flow of money. Worse still if your institution is reliant on climate change funding as most large universities at present are, then you probably couldn’t even say what was said above.
    We should feel sorry for these people from NASA. They are torn between telling the truth and making sure that they and their colleagues don’t lose their jobs.
    There are many examples of scientists who have spoken up and lost their jobs. But the scientific community hasn’t yet realised that eventually more and more governments (like Australia’s) will wake up to fact that they have been duped. Then it will be the institutions that have climbed on the AGW bandwagon and published misleading papers that will be put under the spotlight and find their funding is cut.
    It is such a pity that climate science has been so compromised by taxpayers money.

  14. I wonder if it’s the wide screen TVs that make that so prevalent? I know someone who said that after they bought their wide screen TV, they even would sit for hours and watch golf. And they hate golf!

  15. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Samuel Kuhn

    It has always been difficult for “scientists” to admit their paradigm is wrong

    1. Still is…
      Science is in big trouble right now – having worked itself into various corners, mainly through big-headedness and bambasity. Climate science isn’t the only branch to be reaching some wall or barrier where things can’t legitimately carry on without either some rethink or backtracking. Either that, or they just have to keep forcing their lies, hoping they got it right or are long-dead before being brought before some inquisitional board…

    2. Exactly.
      Usually they’ll die with the old paradigm, instead of accepting a new one.
      This will probably happen with Hansen, Mann, Gore and the rest of the “team”.

  16. No they won’t Robert…

    All they’ll do is act as if nothing ever happened or just give it the “We told you so” line.
    Minitrue might even back-alter the facts.

    Even if it takes 120 years before temperatures start to rise, they’ll wait till then and say they were right and AGW is reasserting itself.

    1. Exactly. They are trying to keep the lie going until their is any faint temp rise, i’m sure they are working on some geo-engineering to warm the climate as well.

  17. Eric Dollard the man NASA set up in Sonoma, Ca. years back made a defining statement Feb. of this year.

    Was given the most high tech equipment available to do a study of the sun. He is perhaps the only known person on the planet that can and has replicated all of Tesla’s free energy devices. They say he proved one of Einstein’s theories from 1923 relativity and space time. After proving that the sun absorbed radiant light from space, Einstein gave part two of space travel and workings of the sun. He told them when technological advancements proceeded far enough we would find the sun to be hollow, void of mass, what he called a black hole, a giant magnet in space creating nuclear fusion between the flares. Scientific community called him looney mad.

    After 4 years of research in Somoma Eric proved the theory and when the forces to be i.e., oil rich banks that run the planet, discovered his research into free energy, the funding was cut and the Tesla devices confiscated. Researchers now have several theories where the sun receives energy and are not even sure what type of energy is available to the sun. Most widely held is from another dimension!

    His story is comparable with others that have tried to introduce (endless) free energy to the planet. At least he still has his life. His statement in Feb., “The Sun Is DYING”!!!

    Interesting, recently NASA recently recorded a supernova from a local sun. then recorded the sun turned into a black hole and started to absorb the elements back into the once heated black hole. C.E.R.N. computers told researchers if they were to train a scope on the once heated star, now a black hole, over perhaps a time of thousand or thousands of years that a shining star would again flare up.

    Simple minded man I am convinced, will never come close to understanding the beauty and majesty of the universes. Maybe one day, when we become less intent on destroying ourselves, and become like the beauty of the universe, maybe the beauty of peace and understanding will shine within us (MAYBE).

    1. “… His story is comparable with others that have tried to introduce (endless) free energy to the planet. At least he still has his life. His statement in Feb., “The Sun Is DYING”!!!… “
      Really interesting. The connection of Sun with “higher dimensions” has already happened (to some extent) in mainstream Astrophysics, because the “problem of solar neutrinos” seems to be solvable only if the neutrinos are “massive” particles, although still much lighter than the electron.
      The connection with higher dimensions comes through oscillations in their nature when traveling in the space or when interacting directly with other leptons (electrons, muons, etc) in the vicinity of the Sun.
      These oscillations are related with the EM-weak force, and there is where the multi-dimensionality is. These conclusions are based on the observation of high energy neutrinos, but some believe that we could have even more surprises when we have information about less energetic ones.

      1. “For those who want some proof that physicists are human, the proof is in the idiocy of all the different units which they use for measuring energy”.
        Nobel Prize Winner

        -Richard Feynman

        I have always been a proponent of the belief; eventually will understand the harmonics of the oscillations and relationships of said and their respective upper and lower light sequencing,. Have read ancient texts referencing the keys of understanding balancing of light harmonic frequencies. Claim to have built the obelisk’s to these references placed at ley lines, harmonically tuned, held the Earth together before breaking up of continents?

        If our really not so distant fathers, looking at the eon’s of time, actually had this knowledge to control part of a major event, i.e. a pole reversal. Must have been quite a concerto with the ultra light show rolled into one!!!!

  18. The power of brain entrainment of TV. That’s what I think. I can not fathom why every scientist reads his data, knows what he’s talking about, understands the implications of what that means, and always adds “but it’s only a brief respite from global warming.” It has to be brainwashing, and the only realistic source of that brainwashing would be subliminal transmission on TV.

    1. This is what happens when scientists are dependent on government monies for funding, they have to throw in that caveat or risk losing jobs and money.

      1. I believe the most under-reported story of the last ten years was NASA’s 2008 press release “Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-year Low”.

        It’s still on NASA’s site. Here is an excerpt:

        “The change in pressure comes mainly from reductions in temperature and density. The solar wind is 13% COOLER and 20% less dense. What we’re seeing is a long term trend…”

        Nasa goes on to admit they don’t have a clue what is happening.

        My feeling is that it should have been a big, bold front page headline story in every newspaper.

        Peace from Canada

        1. This proves that they know better and what we read/watch in the MSM is not what they really believe.
          They know that the Sun’s polar fields are behaving “anomalously” (as happened already in cycle C20, although in a considerable lesser extent than is happening now.)
          They have the charts, the data, they know all of it.
          But those who say these things are more politicians than scientists IMO.
          I’m not very surprised that Hathaway is “nodding” to GW, he’s a notoriously alarmist himself.

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