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It’s Not Just Winter, It’s a New Ice Age

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“The implications of an ice age, no matter how long or short, is its impact on the growing of crops to feed everyone.” – Alan Caruba

It’s Not Just Winter, It’s a New Ice Age

Ice Age Bus

By Alan Caruba

When you consider that a bunch of global warming propagandists, the 19th Conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions has been meeting in Warsaw this month are still claiming that we are in the midst of global warming, you have a demonstration of how great a hoax has been perpetrated on the peoples of the world. These people and the scientists who supplied the falsified and inaccurate climate models to support the global warming claims have committed a criminal fraud.

Bit by bit, the truth in the form of increasingly cold weather is causing people to wonder whether they are being duped. The media has either buried the stories of extraordinary cold events or continues to tip-toe around the truth.

An example is a recent Wall Street Journal article by Robert Lee Hotz, “Strange Doings on the Sun”, Hotz reported that “Researchers are puzzled. They can’t tell if the lull is temporary or the onset of a decades-long decline, which might ease global warming a bit by altering the sun’s brightness or the wavelengths of its light.”

After describing the fact that the Sun has entered a period of reduced sunspot activity, always a precursor to a cooling cycle and even an ice age, Dr. David Hathaway, head of the solar physics group at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, is quoted as saying “It may give us a brief respite from global warming, but it is not going to stop it.”

Plainly said, you cannot trust what government scientists have to say about global warming. The government’s policy since the late 1980s has been that global warming is real and poses a great threat to the Earth. What Dr. Hathaway and other “warmists” are desperately trying to ignore is the fact that the Earth entered a natural and predictable cooling cycle around 1997 or 1998. It has been cooling ever since!

Not by Fire but by IceIn 1997 Robert W. Felix authored the definitive book on the coming ice age in his book, “Not by Fire but by Ice.” It is still widely available. His website, provides updated information on the many weather events around the world that demonstrate an ice age—whether it is a mini-ice age or a full-scale one—is occurring. Felix says that a major Ice Age, when it begins, will come on very swiftly.

One post on Felix’s website is about Victor Emanuel Velasco Herrera, a geophysicist at the University of Mexico, who predicts that the “Earth will enter a ‘Little Ice Age’ which will last from 60 to 80 years and may be caused by the decrease in solar activity.”  You don’t have to be a geophysicist to figure out that less solar activity adds up to a colder Earth.

2014 is the year many scientists believe an ice age, “mini” or full-scale will begin. Herrera hedged his prediction saying that “with the mass production of current carbon dioxide (CO2) it is unlikely that we will see a major ice age like the one experienced 12,000 years ago.”  Carbon Dioxide plays no role in warming the Earth. It is a very minor element of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The implications of an ice age, no matter how long or short, is its impact on the growing of crops to feed everyone. Dr. Tim Patterson of Canada’s Carleton University’s Department of Earth Sciences, in a May 18, 2007 article in the Calgary Times, wrote that satellite data “shows that by the year 2020 the next solar cycle is going to be solar cycle 25—the weakest one since the Little Ice Age (that started in the 13th century and ended around 1860)…should be a great strategic concern in Canada because nobody is farming north of us. In other words, Canada—the great breadbasket of the world—might not be able to grow grains in much of the prairies.”  This prediction applies as well, of course, to the U.S. production of grains.

Other scientists have been sounding the alarm, predicting dramatic cooling to begin in the current decade. Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, a Fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, has noted that “Earth has passed the peak of its warmer period and a fairly cold spell will set in quite soon, by 2012, real cold will come when solar activity reaches its minimum, by 2041, and will last for 50-60 years or even longer.”  While the years cited by scientists may differ, they are in agreement that we are looking at decades of cold.

In the years since the late 1980s when “global warming” was unleashed on the world as the greatest hoax of the modern era, billions have come to believe the Earth was threatened by greater warming cause by man-made “greenhouse gases” resulting from industrial and all other uses of fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. While carbon dioxide has, indeed, increased in the atmosphere, the truth is that the Earth has entered a cooling cycle and that it is on the cusp of very cold weather for decades. We could even cross over into a full-fledged Ice Age because one is overdue at this point in time.

You cannot depend on what the mass media tells you. They are hardwired to continue the global warming hoax. You can, however, educate yourself with books such as Robert Felix’s. You can use Google to find out more about ice ages. You can and should prepare yourself for changes in the Earth’s climate that will have vast impacts on the global economy and on the ability to grow enough crops to feed the world’s population.

© Alan Caruba, 2013

Exposing the global-warming con job.

Alan Caruba’s commentaries are posted daily at “Warning Signs” and shared on dozens of news and opinion websites. His blog recently passed more than two million page views. If you love to read, visit his monthly report on new books at Bookviews. For information on his professional skills, Caruba Editorial Services is the place.

35 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Winter, It’s a New Ice Age”

  1. Nothing is for certain on this globe when its climate dives south towards a full glacial,the ice does not stop at man made asia or north america or even brazil(earth snowball).But wait!Here is another possibilityushball Earth hypothesis, in geology and climatology, a counter-premise to the “Snowball Earth” hypothesis. The “Slushball Earth” hypothesis, developed by American geologist Richard Cowen, contends that Earth was not completely frozen over during periods of extreme glaciation in Precambrian times. Rather, in addition to massive ice sheets covering the continents, parts of the planet (especially ocean areas near the Equator) could have been draped only by a thin, watery layer of ice amid areas of open sea. Under this scenario, photosynthetic organisms in low-ice or ice-free regions could continue to capture sunlight efficiently and survive long periods of extreme cold.

  2. Got a posting from NASA back in June this year (was not left up long) for data crunched from the March c.m.e. that impacted the Earth. It was between a 5 and 6 on the scale. Were expecting moderate to mid electrical imbalances.

    Upon impact with ionosphere they were caught completely off guard with results. In layman terms;
    excess co2 reflected majority of the radiation and bounced it back into space, with minimal degradation
    to communications etc.. On the flip side, it con-caved the ion-sphere and sent a bulging cold blast to the solid matter of Earth.

    The report concluded; It has bean duly noted that excess emissions of carbon has a tendency to promote global cooling.

    Sure felt that tendency blast of global cooling here in the Natural State back in March this year. Have been asking the volcanoes for several years not to chill out. Is becoming more likely they will chill us out. Stay warm you guys.

  3. Read an article recently, Austr. botany scientist last month gave ten year averages for plant growth at the worlds largest deserts. Over last decade, have recorded a 30% increase in all world deserts.

    Conclusion was primarily increased levels of carbon, secondly a modest increase of humidity and dew.

    I would guess, that the increase of carbon levels has indeed invigorated not just the roots of green bearing plants but also made the leaves much healthier. Look at the red woods in ca., the largest grow recorded in history.

    On population control. Might I would suggest getting rid of the gov. controlled drug czars that control all traffic. Get the nasty, nasty, stuff out of our children and adults where people can operate with a clear mind again. Where they can hold a job, stay out of prison and become a nation united by marriage again, not married to mind altering substances.

    Agreed, get the tar and feathers stocked, and empty the prisons cleared out them.

  4. The thing we should all ask climate “scientists” to explain is this paradox.

    IPCC “science” claims the greenhouse effect is a radiation physics imbalance – greenhouse gases reduce radiation to space thus “trapping heat”.

    Trenberth produced the Earth Radiation Budget “science” quoted by the IPCC in support of this hypothesis.

    Trenberth says that 83% of Earth’s radiation to space is emitted by greenhouse gases with 17% directly from the surface.

    Climate “science” says 99% of the atmosphere does not radiate infra-red at all – only greenhouse gases do.

    Exactly how can an increase in the amount of gases which are responsible for 83% of the radiation to space cause heating ?

    If solar input is constant as climate science says then faster cooling must be the result of more of the coolant in the atmosphere – not heating.

    If my car engine runs hotter because I have a small leak in the coolant system I add more coolant till I fix it.

    Maybe they have it backwards.

    Fact is during the 20th century the sun was undergoing a maximum.

    It would take decades for the effect to manifest.

    Maybe it could have been even hotter without all the extra “coolant” CO2 ?

    This argument is as “scientific” as the CO2 warming argument – maybe more so based on their “science”.

    1. The IPCC says “You’re wrong, they’re right. Argument over.”
      Remember, we are talking politicians and economists here, not human beings.

  5. Will the likes of Gore, Hansen, Obama, and the rest of the warmists be held accountable when the cold sets in and millions start dying? Will they be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity for preventing preparations from being made for the coming cold?

    Unfortunately they probably won’t. They’ll just take the fortunes they made and laugh all the way to the bank.

  6. Two nights ago CBS “news” spent 5 minutes showing photos of polar bears and explaining how they are starving because the Arctic ice is all melted. Left wing liars are all ramping up the propaganda during their communist meetings in Poland.

  7. Although I accept the notion of general global cooling for the immediate future, I somehow cannot explain why all the green foliage on the trees only started to turn after a long , miserable rainperiod in the beginning of November.
    Even now, November 15th,lots of trees are still mainly green, In The Netherlands aswell as in England where I was recently.
    This longer greening trend, how does one explain it: End of September, beginning of October, that’s when trees really started turning in the olden days and now it’s the middle of NOVEMBER and still mostly GREEN !
    So, what causes this greenshift, higher average temps, CO2 or what ?
    Sensible answers are very welcome, thank you !

    1. Possibly the higher level of carbon dioxide, and perhaps a lower level of moisture in the ground. I thought it was chilling of the roots that caused the foliage to start its change, and if the ground happens to be drier, it may not be cooling the roots quickly enough. Just a guess.

    2. A combination of a locally good summer and mild autumn, so far.
      Light, tolerably warm conditions, and maybe – perhaps even probably additional CO2 might be factors.

      Simply put; good growing conditions.

      1. PS—I meant to add that the gardner came three days ago (12th Nov.) to mow our communual lawns, and the stuff is still growing…heaven knows when it will stop.

  8. For example, solar activity hasn’t seen such a rapid and extreme change in over 9000 years…

    Could this be THE BIG ONE?

  9. So is it posable to file charges with the World Court? Here in the United States it is posable for do so with citizens, but the people on the IPCC board will try and claim immunity from their world wide attack on humanity they are doing with impunity.

  10. I hear in the news that China have introduced reforms that will negate the famous One Baby Policy. They are also in their reforms allowing the return of land ownership. So that China are no longer a good example. They are re-capitalisation. They mistake urbanisation as being civilization. I see starvation as our biggest problem in the future. Starvation that could be avoided if only every nation and every people of the world would universally accept the One Baby Policy. I personally go one step further in that I am a celibate monk. I live a life of no sex no drugs and no violence. I am a westerner type of Buddhist monk. living in the secular community but never the less being celibacy.

    1. However reducing the over population is only the first step. Beyond that we then have to get the urban population to return to working on the land to grow their food. It reminds me of the situation in Cambodia following after the Vietnam War where in millions were forcefully relocated to the land from the population centres.

    2. Civilized does actually mean being city people. Its from Latin and meant being made like Romans, city people. Its opposite of being “villains” who lived in villas on their farms.

      You are right that the one baby policy should be universal. However the same people who promote “global warming” all insist we should pay single mothers to whelp as many babies as they can manage.

      1. You are correct in that people probably need to migrate TO the city and allow proper farming to take over suburbia, but you are wrong about a “one baby rule.” Responsible child birth is the proper response. Teaching that you are responsible for raising your child, not the state or society, and enforcing that rule, if you will, will bring population into alignment with what can and cannot be afforded by the planet or the people. I have no children though I don’t pretend not to enjoy good relations, so to speak, but I don’t condemn anyone that has 5 or more children as long as they are raising those children without “state aid.” Population is NOT still the problem in the world and population reduction, forced or otherwise, is not a requirement for a long and loving association with nature and its diversity. Responsible actions by the human population, however, is.

  11. The global warming mantra will continue until its job has been completed. That completion will occur when sufficient people have died from either starvation, hypothermia, or disease brought on by the diminished ability of cold, starving bodies to fight off normal infections. And you can take that statement to the bank.

    The ideologs that are hyping saving the planet from “the evils of technology” are not averse to using that technology, but they ARE averse to billions of poor people using that technology. The day that Al Gore sells off his mansions, private jets, limosines, and yachts, and starts living in a mud hut wearing hides from animals that he has killed with his own hands will be the day that I believe he has a message to give us.

    Isn’t it strange how all these people that believe it is necessary for you and me to give up technology “to save the Earth” have no qualms about using it to their advantage, and jetting around the world to these conferences? Isn’t it strange that rather than jetting off to Rio, or Warsaw, or Copenhagen, or Japan, or the Maldives, or where ever to have their conferences that they don’t just “live their truth” and hold their conferences “live on the internet?” There is no reason to spend 10s of thousands of dollars per person to have a conflab someplace when they could do it from the local library in a video conference for a few hundred dollars worth of camera and microphone equipment.

    No, it’s the life style that they choose while telling us to give up our cars, turn off the lights and turn down the thermostat in the winter and off in the summer “to save the planet.” Blow hards that don’t live their own truths tell you that what they are saying is not the truth at all. It’s nothing but a ploy to sucker us into dying off so that they can continue to live their chosen lifestyle. And that will continue as long as the people listen to/read MSM treachery instead of rising up and taking their governments back and kicking the UN and its desire to be the world government out.

  12. What would businesses in Canada do if it were obvious that a new ice age was on the way?

    In the case of Heinz moving south would be a logical thing to do. For now there may just be financial reasons otherwise they would have to move because of impaired or non existant future capacity to be supplied with tomatoes and other crops grown in Ontario. In the event of an ice age Canadians are going to need God, guns, gold and a getaway plan as Gerald Celente would say. Ditto for Americans living in the top 1/2 to 2/3rds of their country. Mass migration of people in the northern hemisphere is going to be a big problem when the next ice age sets in. This is going to change the world as we know it.

  13. 2014 is the year many scientists believe an ice age, “mini” or full-scale will begin.

    My money is on 2015! At least by that time the cooling will not be blamed on the weather anymore.

    I am still hoping that de Jaeger might be right and we are in fact entering a Grand Regular solar cycle. This will result in some cooling which will be most obvious in the next few years but therefter might not be too bad. The conditions for an Ice Age are about right so a Little Ice Age (Maunder minimum) may well be enough to start the Ice Sheets rolling within 20 years. The theories are not solid enough to make a reliable prediction yet and the data is not in. It is knife edge stuff.

    The one good thing is we will see those odious, offensive, idiotic alarmists removed from Worl’s stage and maybe get back to non-statist politics.

    1. Unfortunately they will not go away. The same names that were screaming about death by ice age in the 70s re the same ones (and their disciples) screaming about death by warming.

  14. good chunks of my state in sth east of aus are way behind expected growth and harvest times.
    so is all the stuff in my garden. what wont help i a sudden burst of summer after so many cold days n nights, what is growing will bolt to seed.fine if thats wheat etc but lousy for cabbages beans peas n lettuce carrots and other root vegies etc

  15. “which might ease global warming a bit by altering the sun’s brightness or the wavelengths of its light.”
    Total astrophysical garbage! Cant change the spectral type of the Sun which is sitting nicely on the Main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram. Climate is driven by the PROTON flux influence on the magnetic fields and hence the position of the jetstreams etc.

  16. And all of the money-making hoaxes comes from the USA:
    Ozone depletion
    Refrigeration – Freon Gas
    Y2K Virus – computers
    Global Warming

  17. Why and how Maurice Strong and the IPCC demonized Co2 with manufactured information

    When your finished with that article go to

    After that you know the UN an your own Government are waging war on you and your family.

    Now act accordingly and stock up on Tar & Feathers
    and realize that every penny of your taxes will be used against you.

  18. If and when Canada experiences a little ice age it should count itself lucky because it will still be possible for Canada to exist in some form. With a big ice age Canada is gone for a thousand centuries and for Canadians they are either staying or they are living. It really is that bad and it can and will happen. All the denial and politically correct clap trap spouted by warmists, sheeple and governments will not make the problem go away. Also Canada has plenty of nuclear reactors and spent fuel that will have to be shut down and moved in short order when a big ice age is about to set in or beforehand. This is no small matter and action plans and the technology for handling the job needs to be in place ASAP. Nuclear power plants will be destroyed by a big ice age and the world can not afford any more nuclear disasters. Governments and power companies get your rears in gear!

  19. By The Albuquerque Journal (NM)is reporting that the Antarctic ice sheet is “Melting fast”. Am I missing something? Wasn’t there RECORD sea ice this year?

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