Astrophysicist forecasts ‘snowmageddon conditions’ in parts of Britain and Europe

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“Prepare for even more dangerous storm events including ‘smowmageddon conditions’ in parts of Britain / Ireland and Europe!” warns astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.

“Extreme and dangerous weather is predicted by WeatherAction’s Solar Lunar equations particularly from around Dec 31st to Jan 2nd.

This will include severe storm force damaging winds (Force 11) in Northern and Western parts – gusts of 90-100 mph and more – with blizzard or ‘snowmageddon conditions’ in Scotland and North parts of England, Wales and Ireland likely, more flooding, and wind driven North Sea storm surge threats to English and Dutch North Sea coasts in the wake of the storm.

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18 thoughts on “Astrophysicist forecasts ‘snowmageddon conditions’ in parts of Britain and Europe”

  1. The NH jet stream prediction shows some Arctic air likely to move into the upper UK area but it looks limited. During times of positive AO conditions the UK is mainly protected from the bigger jet stream movements, the QBO is in its westerly phase which encourages a positive AO.

    Two years ago we saw a similar pattern but there was one deep negative AO movement which caused havoc in Jan….it could happen again.

  2. You’re spot on Gale Combs.

    The jet stream forecast should be integrated in the national weather reports.

    People should be informed about the big picture.

    It’s the jet stream that brought the snow and frost events from Jerusalem to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon while the North western part of Europe got mild weather conditions.

    We know a coronal mass eruption comes with abrupt changes in the jet steam pattern. How this will affect the weather in the UK and the Low countries has to be seen, for now no snow in any the forecast but that can change very quickly.

    Piers Corbyn just like Joe bastardi run a private company and both of them come up with clear weather predictions with an incredible accuracy. With these predictions they risks their reputation and their money. I have an enormous respect people like that and in case their prediction comes in the form of a weather warning… that’s fine with me. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t materialize as predicted or occurs a few hundred miles further, I can live with that. I rather have 3 warnings with one materializing than no warning at all.

  3. I am looking at the model charts and to me it looks like the low will go more south then touch t, If so the wind will turn east and deliver cold air to us. The upper atmosphere is very cold at this moment and is getting colder to so that also will help to make it snow.

    But as always 1 cm on the chart is cane be 1 km in real live.

  4. pommy online paper umm times? has amazing pics of flooded sth areas and new warnings for sever weather coming there as well,
    later than Piers warnings but at least they are trying at last.

  5. To John McC,

    So you comment will allow us to compare the weather forecasts of the mainstream boys with Piers Corbyn. This is going to be fun. In a few days the truth will be evident. For the good of Europe and Britain it is better if Corbyn is wrong, but he has been right so often lately. Watching with interest from the U.S.


    1. I have a high regard for the climate opinions of Piers Corbyn and I do think that we in the UK will get a severe dose of wintry weather in January.

      Joe Bastardi in the U.S. is indicating that some exceptional cold is heading for the north-east of that country within the next 10 days.

  6. Here we are in the 21st century and have sent men to the moon, have satellites orbiting around our planet, and have probes to the furthest parts of our solar system.
    From what I can tell, Piers Corbyn has used the information that has been compiled for decades along with recent data to predict nasty weather that will help man kind. But, because of old ideals and the stubbornly held beliefs (not unlike a religious belief of sorts), others that like to call themselves educated scorn and try to belittle him.
    I want to thank Piers and his colleagues for their contributions to weather forecasting.

    I also want to thank Robert for having this web site so we all can keep up on things of interest and necessity.

    Never confuse “education” with “intelligence”, the mistake could be fatal.


  7. I think we will see interesting and dangerous times if Piers is correct. The danger comes from natural forces beyond human control and also from political and economic powers that be that are loathed to tolerate being proven wrong. They will not change or give up power easily.

  8. Current European temperatures just after midnight on 29th December are showing relatively mild conditions as far north as Lapland and as far east as the Volga River. Yes, windy conditions are in the forecast but I can’t see large amounts of snow turning up in the UK in the next week except, perhaps, in the mountainous north. At this moment there is no sign of blocking from Greenland into the mid Atlanic as happened in the bitterly cold December of 2010.

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