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More than 100,000 people lose power as sleet weighed down power lines and snapped tree branches.

With winter storm warnings were issued for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

At least five governors declared states of emergency.

“A lot of these places, especially in the more rural areas, are going to stay below freezing for some time,” said Michael Palmer, a lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel. “They could be without power for a long while.”

Temperatures dropped to 20 below in Wyoming, emptying stores in Texas of firewood. Meanwhile, grocery stores in Arkansas ran low on bread, milk and bottled water.

A second storm system is expected to dump snow on coastal Oregon, Northern California and the Sierra Nevada before heading for the Midwest on Sunday.



28 Responses to Deep freeze grips almost the entire United States

  1. alex says:

    Is weather that bad in US? there is nothing on TV in Europe about it.

    • Jbird says:

      It has become patently obvious that the news is bought and paid for by special interests and that the importance they place on various issues is potentially measurable both by how much one story is ignored as well as by how much spin is given to another. It has all become about what (and how) they want people to think about things. It is quite transparent, almost laughable.

      • Lloyd says:

        I could not have said it better Jbird. It is at times like this that we see the extent of the control via ownership of the media. Were it not for the fact that our Governments are owned and controlled by the same entities, it would no doubt be criminal.

    • @njsnowfan says:

      Yes it is that bad, Avg temp across entire CONUS (Continental U.S.) went below the lowest recorded avg low temp for the entire winter last year on 1/14/2013 that was 18.9 F to a low AVG today of 18F
      Same model forecasted a low of 18.2(ECMWF) and id forcasting an CONUS low of 14.2 for tomorrow morning.
      Might be lowest ever sat recorded early Dec Daily temp recorded.
      Thanks to Dr Ryan Maue for the info today on the 18.1 and 14.2 temps.
      I feel 14.2 may break eeriest records for entire CONUS record low temp AVG in Sat history.
      Dam cold

    • Pedro deLeon says:

      Its fairly typical midwinter weather that has arrived before most are prepared for it. Its more like mid January weather. Its setting a few records here and there, but that’s routine for a cold snap too. But if year in and year out this were to become a pattern …. whoa nellie.

    • ShariShark says:


    • Andrew says:

      They’ll only tell you about heatwaves and drought to keep the warming lie going.

  2. daniel popp says:

    Clearly this is just more of that undeniable evidence for global warming I’ve been brainwashed^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H reading about…

    Because as you know: cooling is warming… Debt is money… Slavery is freedom… And war is peace…

  3. George says:

    Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, this storm has left thousands without power in many countries and flooded many parts with the tidal surge.

  4. Kenneth Lund says:

    Hey USA, how’s that global warming working for ya ???
    Is 45 below windchills in ND warm enough for ya’all ??

    • Joe Blough says:

      The first warm front you’ll see the warmists/Obutthole bleating once again. Apparently these people don’t realize that there is no “should be” when it comes to the weather; “normal” is only the mean between extremes. Of course that’s irrelevant when there’s billion$ to be made in carbon credits. They forced us to pay for expensive health care, they’ll get their way on this…..they always get their way. I have little faith that anything’s going to stop this. Oh well, it’s been fun being an American citizen….

  5. @njsnowfan says:

    TWC reported just in Dallas area there was 300k with out power around noon and it went back to around 200k about 4:30 pm
    That is not including all the other states.
    Total could be around 500k at peak without power.

  6. Argiris Diamantis says:

    In Canada it is even worse, wind chill temperatures of minus 40 degrees (this is both Celsius and Fahrenheit). http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/12/06/alberta-wind-chill_n_4399986.html
    Snow emergencies in the USA: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20131206/NEWS/312060049/Heavy-snow-coming-soon-5-9-inches-expected
    And Alex is right, nothing about this in the European MSM. Mandela died, that is all we need to know. Siberian temps in America? Not European news.

    • Terry says:

      Brooks, Alberta had a wind chill of -52C (-61.6F) at 6 AM Saturday morning (November 7th). It was from a breeze of only 7 kph (4.3 mph) at a temperature of -42C (-43.6F). This is to the nearest degree so I’m not sure if it will be closer to -41.5 or -42.5. It should be to the archives by tomorrow at the earliest. None the less, it shatters the record low listed of -32.6C (-26.7F) set in 2009. There are several other places in southeastern Alberta that also set record lows.

  7. Eric Worrall says:

    Got to watch that global warming… :-)

    At the moment I’m sitting in my home near the beach in subtropical Queensland, thinking how lucky I am not to be caught in all that.

    • Lloyd says:

      Eric, I’m also from Queensland and I have to say we’ve been having some frightening thunderstorms of late, much worse than most have seen in their entire lives, including myself. Now, of course, the Global Warmers will say this is just due to increasing temperatures, but anyone with an ounce of understanding of the weather knows that thunderstorms and their destructive offspring, tornadoes, are a product of temperature differences between warm humid, and cold dry air layers. Being in Queensland, we know where the warm humid air comes from. But where is the cold dry air coming from that is causing these thunderstorms? We know that increasing air and ocean temperatures will cause increased cyclonic activity, but it’s the other way around for thunderstorms, they actually need cold air to form. Does a cooling trend mean more thunderstorms?

      It’s the storm season, as we are reminded incessantly on TV, but this was worse than anything in my past. I shudder to imagine what future storm seasons are going to look like….

  8. rose Howell says:

    Actually between 240,000 and 250,000 lost power in Dallas alone on Friday. There is another storm coming behind it that may lock us down till Monday or Tuesday. So much for global warming.

  9. Reverend Red says:

    Yes, it is a terrible storm! The worst part is the very cold weather that is following the loss of electrical power. People will suffer very much. Hopefully they will have enough gas in their cars to stay warm or will have woodstoves with some wood. I remember in Canada about a decade ago they burned rolls of toilet paper to stay warm.
    Right now the south central U.S. where I live is very near to zero degrees Farenheit.


    • laurel says:

      toilet papers far more useful for the intended purpose, his book is better suited as fuel:-)

  10. Sherry says:

    Yes Alex, I live in Wyoming and when I got up this morning it was -19° F. I found one of my chickens frozen to the top of my fence. It had roosted there, frozen in it’s sleep and was completely iced over by morning.

  11. Terry says:

    Coldest place on Earth on Friday:


    The low Friday morning at Leedale, a hamlet in Ponoka County 59 kilometres (36.7 miles) northwest of Red Deer. It was the lowest temperature Friday recorded anywhere on Earth. Manning, 73 km (45.4 miles) north of Peace River in northern Alberta, was the next-coldest at -39.8.


  12. Steamboat Jon says:

    BRRRRR!! A chill map: http://vortex.plymouth.edu/uschill.gif

  13. @NJSnowFan says:

    This should get it’s own story headline.
    Since 1979 using hi-resolution NCEP CFSR reanalysis data, December 7th is earliest sub-15°F CONUS average day — previous Dec 16, 1989

    CONUS avg temp was 14.8°F at 13Z, coldest since Feb 10, 2011 — 5th coldest day since 2000.


  14. Wayne D says:

    This is just the type of weather I adore!! Here in Houston Tex. It’s been cold, with overcast skies for several days now and to make things even better, another arctic front is headed our way! I know that temps didn’t drop down into the teens like they did in Nov of 1970, but I still have hope of that happening again someday. :)

  15. kingbum says:

    Im in international falls, MN and the temperature when I woke up at 9AM was -25F with a wind chill of -40F no one better even approach me with anything about global warming. I know that historically this is either the coldest town or easily in the top 5 in the CONUS so it does get this cold but it is in mid-Janurary when this happens not the beginning of December. Highs are suppose to be around 20F not -5F or colder. By the way Lake Superior which hadn’t froze completely over since 1992 is just about frozen completely over now. Clear evidence of cooling to me

  16. Terry says:

    Plenty of record lows set in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    AWCN16 CWWG 072007
    Weather summary for Northern Alberta issued by Environment Canada at
    1:07 P.M. MST Saturday 7 December 2013.

    Numerous low temperature records were set in Alberta this morning as
    an Arctic high pressure system moved through the area.

    The following is a summary of weather event information received by
    Environment Canada.

    New record of -38.1
    Old record of -36.7 set in 1972

    New record -42.2
    Old record of -38.3 set in 1956

    New record -37.2
    Old record of -37.2 set in 1972

    Cold Lake
    New record -35.4
    Old record of -32.9 set in 1977

    New record -38.3
    Old record of -37 set in 1980

    Drumheller east
    New record -38.1
    Old record of -37.2 set in 1956

    Edmonton International Airport
    New record -39.0
    Old record of -37.3 set in 2009

    Grande Prairie
    New record -38.4
    Old record of -37.8 set in 1972

    Jasper warden
    Tied record -35.3
    Old record of -35.3 set in 1995

    Pincher Creek
    New record -38.2
    Old record -35 in 1972

    Slave Lake
    New record -34.2
    Old record -32.8 set in 1995

    New record -40.0
    Old record -36.4 set in 2009

    New record -33.3
    Old record of -33.0 set in 1995

    Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial
    information and does not constitute a complete or final report.


    AWCN13 CWWG 071859
    Weather summary for Southern Saskatchewan issued by Environment
    Canada at 12:59 P.M. CST Saturday 7 December 2013.

    A couple of record low temperatures were set in Saskatchewan this
    morning, courtesy of a ridge of high pressure centered over the
    northern plains of the United States.

    New record of -38.3
    Old record of -36.1 set in 1972

    New record of -32.5
    Old record of -30.8 set in 1915

    The coldest reported location in Saskatchewan was Val Marie, which
    reported a temperature of -42.1. Val Marie just missed the dubious
    distinction of being the coldest place in Canada this morning, with
    Brooks and Rocky Mountain House (both in Alberta) bottoming out at
    -42.2 this morning.


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