Germans Brace for Major Winter Storm

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Could be one of the worst storms in decades.

With gale force winds of up to 180 km per hour (111 miles per hour), public officials are bracing for what could be one of the worst storms in decades.

Germany’s national railway is preparing for possible disruptions or closures. Airports also warn of possible delays or flight cancellations.

The storm is expected to gain in intensity on Thursday around noon. “In the north, we are expecting a very swift increase in wind speeds during this time,” Frank Böttcher of the Institute for Weather and Climate Communication (IWK) said. By afternoon, gale force winds are expected along the coasts, with winds reaching speeds of 150 km per hour (93 miles per hour) in the North Frisia region. “Winds could even reach speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour on the islands of Helgoland and Sylt,” Fabian Ruhnau, a meteorologist at Meteomedia told reporters.

In many parts of the country, the storm is expected to shift to snowfall on Thursday night.

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) also warns of potentially serious flood tides.

Conditions appear to be similar to those that led to dramatic storm tides in Hamburg in 1962 that killed 340 people, warns Hamburg-based IWK.

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Different websites are calling it an

“Apocalyptic, Mega-Monster, Super-Killer North Sea Storm”
“Will Crush Northern Europe By End Of Week!”

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11 thoughts on “Germans Brace for Major Winter Storm”

  1. Hi there from northern Germany. The storm has nearly passed and there were no bigger casualities e.g. the tides in Hamburg had their max around 6:00 am (local). Some trees caused delays on highways and railways but besides little temporary blackouts and some car crashes because of snow/rain nothin´ special 😉 Cheers, Arno

  2. Today Xaver’s raging in Poland.

    Unfortunately, there are already 4 deaths.

    A tree fell on a moving car. Three dead, one seriously injured.
    Wind blew out from the road a bus, which then hit a tree. One dead, 23 injured.,42/drzewo-zmiazdzylo-caly-przedzial-pasazerski-ofiary-droga-zablokowana,377388.html
    For the last several hours we had heavy rain, hail, snow and snow groats. Atmospheric pressure has dropped heavily. The storm on the Baltic Sea exceeds 12 on the Beaufort scale. As the wind shifted to the north western circulation and is still heavily blowing, coastal cities are threatened by backwater (tidal surge).
    More than 400,000 households do not have electricity. Broken off roofs and uprooted trees are already normal.

    1. If the trend continues, in the future the “greens” will probably call themselves, the “whites”?
      Then, the truth will triumph!:-)

  3. Sweden: Wind gusts as high as 100 kilometres per hour are expected along with the heavy snowfall.
    “In some areas, we may be talking about up to 20 or 30 centimetres”. Between noon on Thursday and 2pm on Friday, no trains will travel on the route, as it is especially prone to problems during periods of high winds and snowfall. Several ferry departures have also been cancelled, with the Polferries/Unity Line connecting Ystad and Świnoujście in Poland.Temperatures on Thursday are expected to range from around zero in central Sweden down to -20C in the north of the country.

  4. I’m in Frankfurt, the news is about the expected winds. The temps are not severe–30-40F. We’ll see what actually happens.

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