Historic Cold in Pacific Northwest

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More than 400 stations fell below zero last night – 2nd coldest day in Eugene modern-day history

“Historic December cold descended upon parts of the (U.S.) Pacific Northwest early Sunday morning, as the mercury dipped to as low as -41 degrees below zero in Oregon,” says the Albany Tribune. “Under a thick blanket of snow, several locations set new records. (All temperatures are in Fahrenheit.)

“At Lakeview, Oregon the mercury dropped to -27 degrees below zero, setting a new all-time record for that location. The previous record was -22 degrees below zero set back in February of 1933 and again in January of 1937.

Perhaps even more impressive was on the west side of the Cascade mountains where Eugene, Oregon fell to -10 degrees below zero Sunday morning. Eugene’s all-time record low of -12 degrees below zero was set on this very day back in 1972, making today the second coldest day in Eugene modern day history. Records date back more than 123 years (to 1890) in Eugene.

Other daily records were also set in Vancouver, Washington and many other stations.

Here are some of the Sunday morning low temperatures for selected cities;

Burns, Oregon = -30 degrees below zero
Lakeview, Oregon = -27 degrees below zero (NEW ALL-TIME RECORD)
Redmond, Oregon = -27 degrees below zero
Eugene, Oregon = -10 degrees below zero. This was Eugene’s second coldest low on record (since 1890). All-time record low is -12 degrees.
Salem, Oregon = 8 degrees
Vancouver, Washington = 9 degrees (new record for the day)
Portland, Oregon (International Airport) = 12 degrees
Astoria, Oregon (along the coast) = 13 degrees

Equally impressive was the fact that out of nearly 750 stations reporting across Oregon this morning, more than 400 of them fell below zero last night.

Not only below zero, many stations (more than 70 of them) dropped to the -20, -30, even -35 range.

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  1. Today in Eugene we still have the 8 inches of snow we received last Friday. It may start to melt tomorrow. This was the coldest weather incident ever recorded. Roads are still packed snow and ice. Schools are still closed. It looks like Jackson Hole – not our temperate valley.

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