A new (little?) ice age is beginning, but the public doesn’t know

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“The MSM do not report this kind of news,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “Cold waves in warm countries like Sudan, India and Cambodia are considered to be just local weather news.”

Sudan: School children in South Darfur camp suffer from cold.
The residents of Kalma camp in South Darfur have requested the international organisations working in the camp to provide them with tarpaulin covers, blankets, and warm clothing, especially for school students. Else, the schools should be closed until the end of the cold period.

India: Cold wave in parts of Odisha and of north interior Karnataka.
Cold day conditions in parts of Punjab.
Night temperatures appreciably to markedly below normal in parts of Konkan and Goa, Madhya Maharashra and of south interior Karnataka, appreciably below normal in parts of Assam ,Meghalaya, Nagaland Manipur Mizoram Tripura, Marathwada, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and north interior Karnataka, and below normal in parts of Vidarbha, Tamil Nadu, coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha.

Bijapur district, known for scorching summers, is experiencing an unusually cold winter with minimum temperature of 7.5 degrees Celsius. It is only during noon that the temperature rise a little higher.

Cambodia – Cold air temperature will occur over the Country, and temperature in the Orange colored areas will be colder than Yellow colored areas. Please beware.

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31 thoughts on “A new (little?) ice age is beginning, but the public doesn’t know”

  1. The big one is overdue, so if we are slipping into a cooler period there is a far greater chance it would be a full-blown glacial.

    1. Bob I think the scientists are just trying to be conservative and less alarmist. There is a non zero chance of a big ice age but there was a false alarm back in the late 1970s so I reckon that scientists are being a little more cautious this time around. Best be ready for any thing no matter what happens.

      1. The last little ice age saw Genghis Khan and his frozen yet hungry warriors conquer most of the known world. Well, what was left to conquer!! Don’t think a small ice age will displace billions of people be a days of sorrow? Better hope fellows that the sun warms up soon before the Khan’s are reborn again.


  2. Don’t worry eventually the mass of the public will find out the hard way that we are going into a little ice age. It may take awhile but they will learn. If they are lucky they will survive the lesson.

  3. well there is even more proof of a cooling earth….the results of European Cryosat analysis of the polar ice in the Arctic is in…not only is sea ice extent up 60% over the melt season in September but the sea ice volume increased by 50%…from 6000 cubic km to 9000 cubic km…if similar gains happen year in and year out watch out…..

  4. As a building manager in Toronto, Canada, I have to keep the walks clear of snow and ice in winter. This month I have used more salt and deicer than in all of last year. A pallet of salt normaly lasts me 2 to 2.5 years I have already used more that 1/2 the pallet that I ordered just this month.

  5. Cold yes but once you have moved away from the high latitudes rain could be the biggest problem. Constant, miserable, crop destroying rain.
    Construct planter beds to grow vegetables off the ground about waist high with a simple clear plastic(alsynite)sheeting roof on top. Taking advantage of what light there is and keeping the rain off while allowing for maximum drainage.
    Multiple planters on wheels that can be moved inside perhaps under lights and then back outside during better weather are the best.

    1. Wish we could get some of that rain here in Petaluma CA (40 miles N. of SF), Sonoma County. We are in an unusual drought- for the last three years – . This is usually the rainy season, but we have had no rain, except for one day last month, and the 10-day forecast shows no rain.

  6. Could somebody with more power than me, please take on the website Earhsky.org? They are so anit-truth and keep on telling lies about how warm it is getting everywhere. Please…anyone!!!!

  7. Forgot – I saw a report of snow in Vietnam. I went to Vietnam in September 2008 and it was hot as hell.

    Apparently it is like that over most of the country most of the time.

    Is snow in Vietnam unusual ?

    It is, after all, almost – if not all – within the tropics.

    There are some mountainous regions in the north but none over 10,000 feet.

    I think snow in Vietnam is unusual.

    1. I would bet my right testicle that according to them, snow is common and normal in vietnam most days of the year and climate change has all of a sudden been melting it…

    2. Peaks in the northern part of the country might experience some frost, but for snow to actually fall; that’s highly unusual and the reason it’s been in the news.

  8. One has to feel sympathy for the Syrian displaced living in tents amongst the snow and ice in December which is early for winter. Children walking in freezing conditions without any shoes.

    Many long months of cold and misery are probably in store for these unfortunates.

    I was in Cairo in February 2004 – the middle of winter – and it was over 25 C during the day and yet in 2013 it has snowed in December – after the “hottest decade” on record.

    Methinks they speak with forked tongue.

  9. The MSM are in a box of their own making. They can’t admit now that they have been lying to us for decades in order to push forward their agenda, so their only option is to turn up the volume, and become ever more shrill and bombastic in their apocalyptic warnings.

    They will continue to rely on the fact that much of the public is so entranced by the glowing boxes in their living rooms that they will continue to believe the MSM rather than their own lying eyes, that the planet is burning up, until the snow is up to their necks, if we really do plunge into another Little Ice Age or Dalton Minimum. Or worse.

    We’ve recently had record cold and snow in this usually warm part of the Southwest USA where I live. However, during the worst of it I had to sit around with a group of liberal friends at our local coffeehouse one recent morning, listening in disbelief as they all expounded upon how this extreme cold is undeniable proof that CO2 is causing global warming… er… climate change.

    And then, just hours later, I listened to a CBS News Radio report that NOAA says November was one of the warmest Novembers ever in the USA, and 2013 another exceptionally warm year, despite NOAA’s own data to the contrary, as a story on Drudge pointed out yesterday.

  10. What confuses me is ,,,how is it the cold never. And I mean year after year. Keep avoiding the Southeastern United States,,I mean even with signs of a new little ice age. Something should eventually let loose,,Correct me if Im wrong,,,thx Eric Crouse ,N,C

    1. I know what you mean Eric, for the last few decades since the 80’s we here in the Houston area have only about 3 months where I find it cool enough to work outside the house. Also, a few days ago it began to warm up and we’ve been expecting record highs for a couple of days. So now it’s quite uncomfortable outside, but we are expecting a little front in here soon and I’m ready for more cold weather! With that said, I believe I was informed awhile back that even during an Ice Age the south wouldn’t see any difference in cooling. But I hope that’s not the case and for sure, I know it was a whole lot cooler here in Houston Texas during the 70s.

      1. The next few solar sun cycles are going to be a big key as to how severe this cooling will be.A very low next couple of solar cycles would mean a severe cooling this colder winters even in the south.

    2. well eric, men have powers that just dont get talked about, they have to try to keep warming up the planet

  11. Why do I get the feeling it’s going to get much worst before it may be better.Sadly, I don’t believe, that I nor anyone else alive will see temperatures warmer for a long time, and given we still are just scratching the surface of what we don’t know.

    1. Christopher, we will see temperatures much more warmer again. Normal cycles of cold and warmth are not going to stop. Checkout southeast Texas, we are actually going to have cool temperatures again for a change. I’m excited. This fall has actually felt like a fall for the first time in a long time!! We have had the normal roller coaster ride temperatures, but the cool periods have been longer. Maybe we will have more than two seasons again, summer and less humid summer. That would be refreshing!!! Almost hit 80 again two days ago though.

      1. Dale, I know temperatures change between warm/cooler, and being from Arizona I can empathize with you, with having summer than springfall It was 82 in phoenix earlier this week, my overall concern is cooler temps seems to be the norm, no I am certain that june-sep 100+ will still be avg temps here.

  12. Snow, freezing rain, frigid weather expected through weekend. Environment Canada has posted warnings and special weather statements for much of southern and eastern Ontario, southern and central Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

    Leslie said forecasters are concerned about a “severe weather outbreak” starting as soon as tomorrow that could affect 30 states, five provinces and over 100 million people in the U.S. and Canada.


  13. Until the UK becomes paralysed by snow again, the Warmists media here will continue with their normal rhetoric. A harsh winter over the next few months may be what we need to open the publics eyes

  14. Now some weeks old report/interview, when the Congress in Warsaw took place:

    Former German tv-meteorologist critisizes climate fantasies at the world climate conference.

    ‘People should adapt to worlds climate, not tryin’ to change something they can’t!’


    I think a lot of people know, but it’s an enduring fight to swim against the MSM-self-brain-washing-machinery and finally act!

  15. most of us can bitch about the cold..and then go light a fire or turn a heater on, or add warm clothes etc,
    a majority dont have those options,
    if cold outright doesnt kill it can create cold n flu outbreaks, adding to the misery.
    heat kills far fewer people, but thats what the msm and climateclowns prefer to harp on. they havent had much to say OR compare over proven death rates due to either..for obvious reasons,
    they did mention the rising UK death rate last year..
    but blamed ot on?
    people not getting flu shots! FFS!
    err der- if they could afford fuel n food to stay warm and nourished properly they would be Far less likely to succumb to pneumonias etc.
    and you dont fall n slip on a hot dry road like a icy cold one either.

  16. Hallo Robert,

    Because of you and the books you have written, my minds eye has been opened and I have been able to prepare as best as I can for the coming chaos, Earth’s next Ice Age will bring.

    Some articles on how to prepare, would be most useful.

    Thank You Robert for your great work and all the best for the New Year.

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