Playing ice hockey on the streets of Dallas

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America is freezing.

The storm stretches from coast to coast, Texas to Minnesota, giving no break in the freezing temperatures.

Texas and Oklahoma were hit by freezing rain and snow late Friday, closing sections of Interstate 35 north of Dallas for hours at a time.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has been forced to cancel more than 2,800 flights in the past three days, officials said.

In Dallas, some residents took their skates, reported The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel.

According to Texas utility provider Oncor, at the storm’s peak on Friday some 270,000 homes had lost power.

11 thoughts on “Playing ice hockey on the streets of Dallas”

  1. In a few years children in Dallas just won’t know what ice skating on the street is like. They’ll have to experience it via virtual reality.

    1. Mr Candu, I hope this is sarcasm…Al Gore made this same prediction around 2003/04, and stated the Arctic would be ice free by 2013 and the world’s average temperature would be as much as 1-3 degrees warmer…neither has happened, not even close !

    2. A joke hu.
      The same like ower children wond know how snow looks like. Better make it ower children wont know how warm summers look like.

    3. Yeah, I believe I mentioned this last week that what a shame it is, (according to Al the Gore) that today children don’t see any of this snow that’s currently falling across the entire country.:)

  2. Piers Corbyn sure got this one right. If the CO2 \ man made global warming crap was right then they would not be failing so miserably with predictions and he would not be nailing it again. It’s like George Carlin said: “Think how stupid the average person is and realize, half of them are even stupider.”

    1. When it comes stupid Carlin had a Phd in it. He never saw a Lefty fad idea he didn’t agree with. Including Global Warming, acid rain, speaking of acid, that too,the ozone ‘s destruction, etc, etc,etc.

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