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Organizers of an Antarctic charity race, “Walking With The Wounded,” said Saturday they are suspending its competitive element because of harsh conditions,

Expedition director Ed Parker said this was to ensure that the prince – and all 12 of the injured servicemen and women involved – were kept safe.

He said the teams would now be driven for part of the route and then finish the final 70 miles (112 km) to the pole on foot, likely within a week.

Team UK, including the prince and four injured British soldiers, embarked on the 200-mile expedition on December 1st.

The prince took part in the charity’s trek to the North Pole in 2011 but withdrew early to attend his brother’s wedding.



Thanks to Icewoman and Norm Smith for these links

“What did I tell u?” says Icewoman.


11 Responses to Prince Harry’s race to South Pole suspended

  1. AJ Virgo says:

    ..yes, good call.

  2. aeroguy48 says:

    Reading the BBC article it seems to be cruel to put such handicapped people thru such hardships.

  3. Chris Korvin says:

    Harsh conditions in Antarctica ! Who would have thought it. Perhaps Prince Harry hasn’t read Apsley Cherry-Garards book “The Worst Journey in the World”.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    With ice at the North and South Pole we’re in an ice age. What’s difficult to understand that.

  5. laurel says:

    golly gosh! after a record breaking cold winter there and a not real warm start to the sth summer..
    he was ‘surprised” at the conditions being so harsh..
    reckon the royal minders would like to reconsider their employment about now:-)

  6. E Philipp says:

    They just suspended the race aspect of the trek. I am waiting to see how rest of the trek portion works out.

  7. Bob Knows says:

    Even at high “summer” the pole is too cold for humans.

  8. Norm Smith says:

    So officially they are being “driven” 130 miles, and will be hiking 70 miles to the South pole.

    My guess is the drive is really about 180 miles + and they only have to hike a few miles per day.

    Despite the overall mission failure, I applaud the Prince for raising money to help challenged veterans integrate back into civilian society. Suicide rates among veterans have skyrocketed in recent years.

    Peace from Canada

  9. Psalmon says:

    Amundsen arrived at 90degS on December 14. They had limited supplies, animal skin clothing, hand made equipment, and the complete unknown to navigate over a total journey of 1,860 miles. What an achievement. Today they can’t even make 200 miles with all the modern equipment with a hot shower expected at AS station at the end! It’s unbelievable!!!

  10. qfrealist says:

    Fools go they! Remember Capt. Scott’s horses..only the British empire would send horses to the Antarctic! Dont tell me they dint know it was cold (-50C) at 70S in 1900.

  11. Ken, UK says:

    2 years ago Helen Skelton made the trip partially by bike, partially by kite ski’s. Amazing achievement.
    Link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16670463
    The South Pole also enjoyed a record high temperature of -12 on Xmas Day 2011 so Helen enjoyed near optimum conditions to make her journey.

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