Record Michigan snowfall

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Quadruple last year’s snowfall.

Wexford County had seen more total snowfall by the end of November this year than it did through December of 2013, says Al Cooper, Wexford County Road Commission manager.

So far, said Cooper, the county has received a total of 62 inches of snow this season. Last year, the road commission reported a total of 22.75 inches of snow by Dec. 31.

Pete Meyer, general manager of business operations at Caberfae Peaks, said the resort has received more snow on their hills recently than he’s ever seen.

“It’s the earliest that we’ve been 100-percent open in the last 30 years,” Meyer said. “What has been most helpful are the below-average temperatures. That’s allowed us to make snow and open earlier this year.”

Quadruple last year’s snowfall

Meyer said the ski resort has reported 59 inches of natural snowfall as of Dec. 16.

Last year, the ski resort had reported 13.5 inches of snow as of Dec. 16.

The NOAA reported 53 percent of the lower 48 states had some snow cover on Dec. 15. The percentage topped all readings on that date since records began in 2003.

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8 thoughts on “Record Michigan snowfall”

  1. meanwhile..ONE proper hot day in Sth Aus has some blithering stupid header of hottest dec day for 58 or somesuch yrs claims..
    dunno but I am pretty sure that the tar melted and I had crazy sunburn well- before xmas- as a kid in Adelaide in the 60s.
    December here is supposed to be HOT
    elsewhere we copped a 40C day made worse by a lot cooler prior then a sudden sharp rise.

  2. December 2013 hasn’t finished yet but this article acerts a final snow fall total for Dec. 2013. How come?

    1. Because that’s what it says in the original story in the Cadillac (Michigan) News. Here’s the exact quote: “Al Cooper, Wexford County Road Commission manager, said the county had seen more total snowfall by the end of November this year than it did through December of 2013.”

      1. You can probably safely assume it was a typo in the original statement. A lot of people look at the winter as the year it ends, not begins, thus he may be considering this the winter of 2013-14 and already calling it the winter of 2014, the year winter ends, not begins.

  3. Nearly 60 centimetres of the white stuff has blanketed Calgary since early November and statistics from Environment Canada indicate the first two weeks of December saw precipitation levels not matched in more than a lifetime.(actually 112 years)

    This story was written before the latest snow storm. It is expected to dump 15 cm before moving on to Montano.
    Calgary historically has no snow on Christmas 50% of the time. That has not occurred since 2007.

  4. December 16, 2013; 3:38 PM
    Record warm November
    November 2013 was the warmest November on record globally for land and ocean combined, according to NASA.
    The NASA record goes back to 1880.

    Despite the cold across much of Canada and the eastern U.S., last month was unusually mild across much of Asia, Europe and the Antarctic.
    November 2013 averaged 0.77 degrees C. (1.39 F.) above the 1951-1980 mean, according to the NASA GISS dataset.

    November 2010 is now the second warmest on record with a temperature anomaly of +0.75 C followed by November of 2009 with +0.72 C.

    1. The above posting was taken from Brett Andersons,Climate Change Blog. I did not know NASA was around in 1880?
      It’s funny for the time in many years I had ice on my pond before Thanksgiving…

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