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Worst tidal surge in 60 years sweeps down the UK coast as thousands of households brace for high winds and severe flooding.

Environment Agency map showing worst-affected areas

Environment Agency map showing worst-affected areas

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued more than 230 flood alerts across England and Wales, including more than 50 severe flood warnings, which are only issued when flooding poses a “significant threat to life”.

The EA said in some areas sea levels could be higher than those during the devastating floods of 1953 – which battered the east coast of England and claimed the lives of hundreds of people.


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7 Responses to UK – 100,000 homes affected by cuts, many of them in the Highlands

  1. reezeh says:

    Well, look on the bright side: once the ice moves in tidal surges like this would be a distant, and probably a fond memory…

  2. John McC says:

    Several thousand families in N. Ireland were without electricity today following overnight gales, reported as the worst for two years. Wind gusts of 84 mph were recorded near coasts.

    But it doesn’t compare with the remnants of hurricane ‘Debbie’ which struck our shores back in 1961 when gusts of 116 mph were recorded in Donegal.

    Thousands died in the Netherlands and England during the great tidal surges in 1953. Thankfully we are much better prepared for such extreme weather.

  3. John the 1st says:

    Good luck friends. Stay safe and look after your oldsters.

  4. laurel says:

    reading the gaurdian report on this in the timeline of reports one person sent in a report that GAZA ALSO WAS FLOODING..so its really widescale if its hitting there too

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