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Heavy snowfall has already hit Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, Utah and northern Arizona.

More than 2 feet of snow fell in Duluth, Minnesota on Tuesday, and at least another foot is expected Wednesday.

With heavy snow forecast for the Rockies, Denver could get almost a foot of snow.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas for Thursday.

Heavy snow and chilly temperatures are also forecast for the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, as much as an inch of ice – which could down power lines – is forecast for Texas and the Mid-South as far south as Dallas and all the way up to Paducah, Kentucky.



8 Responses to USA – Some of the country’s biggest cities hammered by snow

  1. Peter of Lone Tree says:

    “Winter Wonderland,” MY ASS!

  2. Bob Knows says:

    I’m so glad that Obama is taxing heating oil to stop all this global warming. Brrrr!

  3. Wayne D says:

    And what a shame it is, (according to Al the Gore) that our churen, I mean children, won’t get to see any of that snow. Boo hoo! :)

  4. John the 1st says:

    34F here in the San Francisco Bay area this am.

  5. Brian D says:

    Duluth, MN up the shore to Grand Marais (Mar-ay) picked up 2-3 ft of snow. Hell of a start to the snow season. Winter tourism for the area is gonna do well this year.

  6. Julie O'Connell says:

    Do u think we will get snow in Florida?

  7. Bill says:

    The News is changing their mind on Global Warming

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