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Arctic blast threatens 32 million people  with snow, ice and temperatures plummeting by as much as 50 degrees.

An ice storm stretching from Texas through Arkansas and parts of Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky could coat power lines and tree branches with a half-inch or more of ice, leading to widespread power failures, forecasters warn.

In the northern midsection of the country, temperatures could dip to minus-20 or worse, forecasters said.

Snow totals could approach 3 feet in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and northeastern Minnesota. (Two Harbors, Minn., is already buried beneath 3 feet – almost a meter – of snow.)

The new storm will push some Rocky Mountain ski resorts past 100 inches for the season.

The wintry mess will push into the Middle Atlantic and the Northeast on Sunday, impacting Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia.

“The I-81 corridor in Virginia through Maryland could see significant impacts,” said Niziol of The Weather Channel.



16 Responses to USA – Midwest, South brace for major winter storms

  1. Beano says:

    While not in the Midwest of the U.S. here’s an unusual one from Australia.

    One of Australia’s largest winter snow resort is supposed to hold a very large cycling race over this weekend. Unfortunately the race may not happen – the course is covered in snow.
    Snow in summer.

  2. Paul says:

    Species like the Snowy Owls are moving south. This is in contrast to what Global Warming alarmist have been sayin; which is that species are migrating towards the poles to escape the heat. I wonder how they will spin this?

  3. Tony Potter says:

    I live in Ft. Worth, it was 82 on Wednesday, it’s 26 now (Friday night) and well be 14 buy morning. Also had sleet and about 2 inches of snow last night.

  4. winter weather says:

    Southeast Tn will miss the winter weather again. nothing but a couple more inches of cold rain. (DAMN IT!)

  5. ShariShark says:

    I have it on excellent authority, someone who studied environmental law, that all this cold and snow is because the Arctic is warming the cold is being pushed south. If you buy that, I have a nice bridge for sale. Sad, I live with him, cannot talk about weather or climate without a strong desire to grab a heavy object and whack some sense into his head.

  6. kevin says:

    Looks like the triple crown of global cooling may be occurring.Record volcanic eruptions in last couple of years . low sun spot. Oceans starting to cool? lions tigers and bears .O my

  7. Bob Knows says:

    What exactly does someone do to “brace” for a winter storm?

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