Coldest January in 35 years for Indianapolis?

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The average temperature for first 27 days of January at Indianapolis is 20.4 F (-6.44 C) degrees…the coldest for January since 1985. 

Continued bitter cold weather through Wednesday will drop the average temperature even more.  Based on Tuesday morning’s forecast…the average temperature for this month may fall below 20 degrees. This would make January 2014 the coldest January since 1979 and the coldest 31 day long month since December 2000.

Thanks to meteorologist Joe D’Aleo for this link

‘This is a “Wow!” story,’ says Joe.

One thought on “Coldest January in 35 years for Indianapolis?”

  1. The winter in Indy has been horrible. Just saw a story from the local Fox news station that says this is the coldest winter in 32 years and the 12th coldest winter on record. The long range forecast indicates we are not done with the severe cold. I am so very ready for spring.

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