One of The Coldest Winter Seasons on Record, says NOAA

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So far this Winter Season (December 1st through January 26th) of 2013-2014,  International Falls ranks as the 3rd coldest on record.

Duluth is tied for the 2nd Coldest Average temperature for the Winter Season.

The following is a list of the top 3 coldest winter seasons to date at International Falls and Duluth.
International Falls

1. -4.8 degrees average temperature from December 1, 1978 through January 26, 1979
2. -4.1 degrees average temperature from December 1, 1976 through January 26, 1977
3. -3.5 degrees average temperature from December 1, 2013 through January 26, 2014

Thanks to meteorologist Joe D’Aleo for this link

This is a “Wow!” story says Joe.

5 thoughts on “One of The Coldest Winter Seasons on Record, says NOAA”

  1. Notice the two coldest average temperatures were in the mid to late 1970’s – When the ‘experts’ were predicting the next ice age!

    The difference me thinks is that the late 1970’s was at the end of a cold cycle (as history as recorded), this one appears to be occurring at the beginning.

  2. This global warming is just tearing us up! We had it back in 1977 and thought it was an ice age coming how stupid we were to not instinctively know it was getting very, very dangerously hot,I thought snow meant cold I’m learning so much from the party in charge of changing all knowledge, like pass a bill to see whats in it, and increase the debt limit and spend our way out of debt. and cold with snow up to your butt is Global Warming,how stupid was I.

  3. I have been in international falls all winter and I can verify its been crazily cold….people here are a hearty people though and -30F just isnt newsworthy anymore

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