Video – Global Cooling, Is an Ice Age Coming?

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“Nature has made a mockery of global warming.” Great video.

“Oops. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“The climate is changing, but it’s not changing the way the climate change crowd predicted it would. Nature has made a mockery of global warming, so who are the real climate deniers?”

“The ice is not only growing in the Southg Pole, but also in the North Pole. And the coldest temperatures in decades have descended on North America.”

Exposing the global warming con job.

Thanks to Robert Stom for this video

61 thoughts on “Video – Global Cooling, Is an Ice Age Coming?”

  1. So are you saying that the Earth is a direct plug to the sun? Or, if the poles of the sun are effected by traversing through galactic energy waves yet to be explained, if we are directly plugged into the suns poles then why do not the poles of Earth reverse on schedule as the suns?
    However,if the Earth is not plugged into the sun and share only magnetic flux lines which cross each other every so often and creates holes in space(NASA calls them portals) would explain why Earth does not reverse poles each time the sun does? Do we have our own dynamo independent from suns? Can you jump these portals into other portions of the galaxy? If so would NASA even tell us? If yes, are the electrical grids of the galaxy intertwined? Oh well, could not pay me enough to go space jumping anyway.

    One thing for sure yea! As we traverse through the spokes of the galaxy connected to the spokes of the universe ….. into infinity….. we will get cold again yea.

    1. Not sure if you were referring to me Guy, But just to clarify what I have said AC Alternating Current on an immense scale a tide in and out, flows both ways. Earth is not plugged in to the Sun No. I said the biggest magnetic body becomes the primary electrical draw. the Sun. the set up of the planets is like that of a coil around the central core.
      Creating the step up of voltage on the apparent surface of the Sun. the planets receive secondary discharge of that effect CME and flares,

      When other large bodies enter the local electric field they draw on that field.
      And so the Sun goes Dim.Ice age.

      The Earth does not change its Polarity the way the Sun does in the field because it is not a primary agent. because it is not the core so does not experience the obvious electromagnetic collapse and surge of the Sun.

      it is if you like is a winding along with the other planets.
      The electromagnetic field is weak until it is surged up by a star. just like a coil the energy in gets ramped up to high voltage by the collapse of field.

      Earth sits in the low energy field .
      If you like earth sits in 10 UNITS the sun takes in 10 units it is wound up collapses and produces 10,000 units on the outer atmosphere against the vacuum of space which is like the effect of the glass in a light bulb.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that Brad.

        On the other theory,if each satellite of the sun(planets) and each satellite of the planets(moons) have own respective core on a smaller scale compared to that of the largest body, would absorb energy (ac current) based on size of internal dynamo. I think both arguments are interesting, tend to lean in favor of plasma regions distributing energy to any body having internal dynamo. Surprisingly enough found ancient texts describing and even calling reactions of thundering and lightnings associated with portals and calling them name (portals), jumping not only to select places on Earth but select places outside the realm of Earth.
        The Jews carried these books in the Greek version 200 B.C., the Ethiopic version is much older. Man was shown technology thousands of years ago, we are slowly unearthing the devices available to them. Maybe we will be worthy to handle this kind of power. Maybe we will not convert them into weapons but use them for peaceful purposes.
        Time will tell.
        Thanks for your time Brad.

        1. Hi Guy
          Yes Tesla, Einstein and Oppenheimer
          all read the Vedas.
          The information is all in there. But you must give up desire to see it…Now i have become Death the Destroyer of Worlds.., was Oppenheimer’s Quote after the A bomb Test. From The Gita.

          1. Brad

            I have viewed the electrical schematics, material list, and operation manual for one of the anti gravity craft found in the library of ancient India. Back in the late 1800s scientist were very intrigued.

            Enoch I is an interesting read on the moon and sun calendar, portals etc..
            Enoch II from the Slovanic is quite interesting going into the 10 dimensions which were shown to him. The same which Albert could not put his hand on. Perhaps it is beyond mans capacity to achieve these goals without outside help? Carl Sagan admitted that the Universe was created but not by the God of Christians. I believe that an outside source is influencing the technology’s we currently have, most have been suppressed to the public. If for the betterment of man then why are the technology’s not made public?
            Just my take on if.

  2. Funny thought about the Santa. They use a mythological character ie: Santa to push a mythological crisis ie: Global Warming. Wonder if anyone told them about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. No wonder they belive in Global Warming when they still believe in Santa. LOL

  3. The Ac wave of the Sun is of such a magnitude it is hard to comprehend when looking at a current but the reverse polarity positive negative of that universal flow is once every eleven years and on the biggest model we have, the Sun itself, nothing is more obvious than that characteristic yet not understood. The idea that a continual explosion is occurring on the sun is unsupported by the intermittent ice ages. If it were a constant there would be not disparity between cycles.

    The current low ebb is a direct indication of the charge in our mesh of the solar system . It is affected by distant more powerful Magnetic bodies which as we pass near them take a greater charge than our own little sun. If you plugged a fair ground in to your home mains , the lights would dim. And so it is with our Dear Sun. Ice ages are dependent on the length of time it takes for our sun to traverse areas of space that have all the lights on at once.

    1. Hey Brad,

      Check out this video and see what you think.

      the electric comet – full documentary – bing

  4. The rich elitists are trying to save the rich by putting artificial energy constraints on the poor. The rich are so infatuated with greed and power they will promote any lie to maintain their position.

    1. Unfortunately I do believe there is a lot more truth to the great conspiracy theory of self-serving elitists across the world attempting to re-institute some form of “new nobility” (and new serfdom for you and me) – complete with one glo-bull government – than most people would ever believe.

  5. I love the the smear going around the internet at the moment either by bots or by bot humans saying we all think the moon landings didnt happen, thus everything on this site is now rubbish, Because of couse all “climate deniers” think the moon landings never happend.
    Desperate abserdity is on the rise.
    But on a positive for them now I am talking about somthing totally unrelated.

  6. Two things come to mind. The first is the old saw that history is written by the winners. Of course, normally that refers to the history of wars, but then, to use a line from a website both adored and abhorred, there’s a war on for your mind, so yes, the winners of that war WILL write the history of today’s climate movement.

    A companion thought is that from history comes the future. Think about that for just a minute. If you can write history, you control the present, and if you control the present you dictate the future. What every person that visits this site must do is keep that thought in mind, for if “they,” meaning the warmistas, are allowed to write the history by manipulating data and putting out their poisonous bovine excrement, then they will continue to control the present and they WILL dictate the future.

    We can not allow that to happen, whether you believe in a God or moral values or the right that each man or woman has a universal right to be allowed to pursue a life of dignity, filled with the value that they are wiling to earn. No man or woman should end up a slave to the “powerful” so that they can have the meagerest of existences. But if we lose this battle for the present, billions are doomed to the worst possible lives imaginable. Hopefully, we won’t allow that to happen, but it will if WE don’t fight for the truth.

    1. ” But if we lose this battle for the present, billions are doomed to the worst possible lives imaginable.”

      Tom0 the doomed billions are not intended to experience misery. They are intended to experience extinction.
      The elites have been working hard to make armageddon happen on their terms so that they can inherit the earth on their terms.
      Do a search for the Georgia Guidestones and take note of the first commandment.
      Think about what it means and why the monument is where it is in respect to a ice age climate. If the penny hasn’t dropped yet it soon will.

      1. :-) and the Club of Rome statement in a recent post elsewhere here..many of that group are now in positions of power, and add the Bilderberg cluster..
        the sheeple are now traind to hear the words Conspiracy Theory and dismiss , not question.
        one of THE single most effective psyops methods ever!
        when you do get old enough and have seen enough/heard enough lies , and seen them exposed for what they are
        you leaarn that conspiracys Are and Do exist and are ongoing with intent by ALL our governments and a lot of other with power and intent to hold n control. Smart grid, Mandatory with little to no public input in some states of Aus is one example. FRID chipping of pets then livestock and us as soon as they can find a fear factor to terrify the gullible with.GMO crops being supporte BY those who once were real eco friendly, by the delusion of saving “soil carbon erosion” never mind soaking soil in more chem and unproven never tested food products..etc etc
        the list of latch-on useages stemming FROM the climate conmen grows exponentially.
        its ALL about control of our daily lives land food water and where we live what we can say do and think.
        It STINKS to high heaven!

  7. The wild life are a good indicator of problems in the environment. If there is a problem they can’t handle they migrate or they die. Watch the critters.

  8. I recognized Santa as the actor from Downton Abbey. I like watching that drama, and like the character he plays in it. Looked him up, his name is Jim Cater. Lives in Hampstead North London apparently, which is the stomping ground of lots of lefty liberal champagne socialists. Not saying anything about Jim, but Downton Abbey will never be quite the same again.

    1. Same here. I like the show and I like the character. I’ll still look forward to watching the show, but this will color my outlook on it.

  9. Warmists are nothing more than scientific ambulance chasers. Most of these people are frauds and need to be stripped of their credentials.

    1. And coldists are not holy angels either so get off you’re high horse before someone knocks you off!

  10. It is the warming of the Arctic that is causing all of the cold to be pushed south – why don’t we all just “GET” it? That is what I read fro the warmists. Sad.

    1. Actually that is true to some degree. Cold air sinks south and warmer air replaces it. It’s called an SSW event.

  11. What a tremendous video. It is both concise and comprehensive. Should be a must see for every student. I must take this opportunity to thank you profusely for this great website and all your hard work that makes it possible.
    While not as impressive as the 1932 virtual solid freeze over, this clearly indicates global warming is a bust and a hoax.

    Images capture moments Niagara Falls froze over
    Thursday, January 9, 2014
    Amid the frigid temperatures brought on by the polar vortex, parts of Niagara Falls came to a standstill this week as the waters literally froze in place as they fell.


    Incredible pictures of Niagara Falls completely FROZEN by polar vortex Jan 09, 2014 11:45

    The most incredible images of the American polar vortex yet show spectacular waterfall Niagara Falls frozen in time.

    After temperatures plunged to a sub-arctic -52C in parts of the US, the tourist attraction on the US-Canada border gave those brave enough to venture out a sight they will never forget.

    These images – taken by Reuters photographer Aaron Harris yesterday – are mostly taken from the Canadian side and show the American falls, which have a drop of 170ft on to huge rocks below.

    Twenty million people a year visit the three falls – the American Falls and Bridal Veil on the US side and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side – which on a normal day boast a volume of more than 500,000 litres of water a second.

    The combined falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world.

    The winter storms have whipped America into an ice cold frenzy with even Hell freezing over. 190million people have been affected.

    The polar vortex is relatively commonplace in the Arctic, but it is extremely rare for it to move southwards towards North America…

    1. Yup! One event alone can prove Global Warming is false. You get an A for passing Science!

      Sarcasm off. You’re just as bad as those who think that Global Warming is caused by a single event.

      Either you are seriously deluded or are a paid troll trying to get a rise but it isn’t going to work so shoo troll shoo!

      Shoo troll don’t bother me.

      1. If this conversation bothers you then why are you here on a site that is about the up coming cooling and iceage.Sounds like your the one that is trolling.

    1. I certainly won’t say this is impossible, or isn’t happening, or that there are no conspiracies, government, banking cartel, or otherwise. In fact, conspiracies are as American as apple pie. On the other hand, one has to be careful about attributing things to a conspiracy when plain old fashioned greed, stupidity, incompetence, the lust for personal power, the territorial instincts of professionals to jealously guard their own fields, and the eternal desire of bureaucracies to expand, expand, expand, mindlessly, endlessly and without regard for consequences or expense, in short, all the worst aspects of human nature, can offer a simpler explanation. In addition conspiracy theories could possibility be disinformation put out to cause one’s opponents to divide your attention and efforts. Always consider the simplest explanation first. That doesn’t mean it’s always the correct one, though.

  12. But the chief science advisor to the Obama administration is now telling us that warming is causing the cooling.

    This administration of morons and con artists will only run out of bullsh1t when Kraft runs out of cheese.

    1. Well that has already happened. The last couple of years at least in our area since the economy crash Kraft has been using a different kind of cheese that tastes weird so Mom adds her own that spices it up.

      I grew up with Kraft and loved it back in the 80s and 90s but obviously something or someone has hijacked the company.

  13. The deep freeze is the greatest anti-crime measure ever:There wasn’t a single murder in Newark in the past week,though a few enterprising individuals backed up a truck into an electronics store during the snowstorm.

        1. PS No video we anti-warmists could produce could do a better job of discrediting the global warming gang than these two.

  14. Unfortunately, the people of the world will only wake up to the truth when the number of dead from starvation and cold reach epic numbers and then it will too late to do anything about it.
    However, our glorious leaders will pack their bags and head south to warmer climes where in true ‘Animal Farm’ style they will issue their edicts to the true believers.

  15. Those believing in AGW are most probably also the ones believing they landed on the moon in 1969???

    1. I see the conspiracy bovine excreta is alive and well here, regarding the moon landings via Apollo. Bluntly until CGI came along you couldn’t fake the 16 mm film taken at the time. Just because you can simulate it now in full HD, doesn’t mean the sixties generation didn’t do it for real. My generation did it, yours can’t tell the difference between AGW fiction and the town Hell freezing over.

      1. The only thing “your generation” did(assuming you’re a Baby Boomer) was create the mess we’re in now, but you want to sit here & take credit for the accomplishments of people older & better than you & blame what you created on those younger. Typical. I’ll be happy to watch you all die.

        1. The Elitists’ of the world it fulfilled when they see us pointing fingers, cursing, heckling each other, they GROW and THRIVE on such!! People, please let us find a directive for solutions. They even have us divided on whether we did a moon shot? WOW!!

          Read Brookings Insitute draft which was made mandatory regarding disclosure of artifacts, etc. which might be found upon any mission, then you make a decision whether a moon shot happened. There are assurances the said event and subsequent events have taken place.


          Had seen time shots of mission long before they were leaked to public!!!!!

          Scared the ?+#$ out of ……
          Had nightmares for years……

          1. “The Elitists’ of the world it fulfilled when they see us pointing fingers, cursing, heckling each other, they GROW and THRIVE on such!”

            They thrive because idiots keep electing them(in spite of us). Jimbob is a troll; he went all ageist(typical Boomer elitist tactic) on Andor, who is an AGW SKEPTIC, going by his post. Now whether Andor believes in the moon landing or not, all that really matters is that he disbelieves AGW, and hopefully there’s many more like him(and will be soon) because we’re going to need them to survive these power-tripping, money-grubbing cretins currently in power(like Obama for the next 3 years(thanks for voting, liberal idiots)).

            “They even have us divided on whether we did a moon shot? WOW!!”

            I don’t have an opinion on the moon landing; I just want to preserve what autonomy, freedom, wealth & tranquility I currently possess without unneeded intrusion. The Jimbobs are the ones that can try to get along, or do as their Kosher hero Robert Zimmerman “Dylan” once sang & get OUT of the new world if they can’t(won’t in their case) lend a hand. You want to chide people for stirring discord, don’t look at me. I just call it like I feel, and since the elitists are going to die anyway(just like everyone else), I don’t feel shame in proudly stating that I’m looking forward to it. Maybe in the meantime I’ll one day take a job at a upscale retirement home somewhere so I can contaminate their food.

            1. About twenty years ago the senators and congressmen of both parties used their money and power to influence voting. You do not acknowledge the party line vote and proceed with your constituants wishes you are black balled and good luck getting anything passed.

              All am saying is these power hungry follow a line of descent that precedes century after century. When they get total power nasty and mean events ocured. Every time the influence goes global, wars are guaranteed, the process seems to start over after the dust settles.
              Sit back watch the show that we as mortals have not much control of. Live your life happy if you can!! Try to leave records that our future can predict when the next power mongrels will again buy influence on the World stage. Can this cycle be broken by poor peasants begging for scraps, food stamps, free housing, etc. I doubt it with all energy in my body.
              Very powerful and evil forces are behind deception, and they thrive on hate, war, hunger, fear, control, division of people, etc.. Obama happened to be a perfect pick for both parties agendas and came on the scene it would seem at near perfect timing(grooming?) surely not.
              “They thrive because idiots keep electing them”
              All I am asking retirement is do you not think that top positions of govt. have been thought out and (groomed) years ahead?
              Does your vote reeeaaly count the way your electronic register is counted?
              Finger pointing, hate, only promotes more of the same. Where and when does is stop. Apperantly not in this generation (how sad)..

              1. “Finger pointing, hate, only promotes more of the same. Where and when does is stop. Apperantly not in this generation (how sad)..”

                As a Gen-Xer with still some life & time left in me I’d rather not feel so entirely hopeless. There seems to be a lot of end-time romanticism by past-their-prime navel gazers in these comments, almost a fetishizing of some deevolutionary medieval era-type murderous global barbarous dictatorship talked about as if a foregone conclusion & inescapable no matter how much it flies in the face of logic & reality, which frankly, not believing in some televised moon landing is nothing by comparison.

                Are we not reasonable, intelligent, creative, sensible, practical human beings? We advance science & technology beyond what we could possible imagine even a generation ago, yet somehow it’s decided we just have to let that go & follow the doomed path of deevolution, slavery, tribalism & death camps bleated about by some message board fatalists just because not every little thing is going absolutely perfect in their postmodern lives at the moment?

                What happened to working towards practical solutions/resolutions & working at excelling oneself in spite of trying times? What happened to community involvement & writing ones politicians?

                No, we don’t control everything(it’s life), but sorry, I’d rather not accept the self-fulfilling doomsday scenario of the collective of the weak & hopeless(who frankly don’t know how good they have it).

                In short, quit whining & DO SOMETHING.

                  1. “Yeah baby!! Never give up!! Believe one day chain will be BROKEN”

                    I don’t consider myself chained; if you/others do, that’s your issue. I just care to live my life the way I always have, and I’m sure, money-grubbing politicos in Washington notwithstanding, I’ll continue to unabated. 238 years of American sovereignty isn’t about to be erased just because some scrawny, ugly-assed “community organizer” weaseled his way into public life & conned some voting dummies due to lack of adequate opposition, or just because things aren’t going so good in Russia(when were they ever, no offense)….no, I know some of you are probably rather hoping that America ends(I can sense it, I’m not stupid), but guess what? We have a history of kicking power-hungry, commie-leaning creeps out of office when things go(inevitably) a little to far, and I’ll be damned if that doesn’t finally happen in ’16(if not ’14).

  16. Now watch them suppress this video! :)

    Anyway, I’ve shared it with my contacts on Facebook, so at least they will have a chance to watch it.

  17. The video is quite correct in saying they will never give up Global warming. In order to sell Smart growth and its associated land grabs their must be continued fear. Maybe climate change will morph into man made induced global cooling without anyone noticing? They can call it the tipping point! with a large majority of people now conditioned to think nearly all weather events summer or winter are suspect anything is possible.

  18. That part about Santa Claus was really sicko stuff.I had a friend who didnt seem to realize that Global Warming is just as “corporate” as it gets,and yet he was one of these hippie wannabes who believes in the religion of Global Warming as infallible and unquestionable.As “open minded and liberal” as he claims to be,he is no less just as fascist with his revernece and ignorance to the fact that Global Warming is exactly what he professes to hate about “corporate America,”,except that he agrees with it.This is typical of left and rightwing American “thinking” these days,”if ~I~ like it,or its part of my belief system, then it must be true…”

    1. It is very sick – but we cannot expect anything better from GreenPUS -those sickos will say and do ANYTHING to push their religious agenda..

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