Here comes polar vortex TWO

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“This is way overdone,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “The one coming around Jan 25-31 will be much stronger.”

Another Arctic blast to hit US next week, shouts the Daily Mail. A new cold-front is expected to hit the East Coast on Thursday.

The upcoming front of icy temperatures is expected to bring arctic air to southern Canada and then move into the northern plains of the U.S. before moving to the Midwest and East Coast – each of which is still recovering from last week’s frigid temperatures.

Forecasters expect the first stage of the new arctic blast to hit the northern plains by Monday, the lower Mississippi Valley and Midwest Tuesday and Wednesday then the East from Thursday.

Weather experts expect temperatures to stay above zero in most locations in the Ohio Valley, central Appalachians, the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest.

North Central states and states in the interior Northeast, however, are expected to see temperatures at or below zero.

Additionally, anyone near the Great Lakes should also expect lake-effect snow.

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“This is way overdone,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “The one coming around Jan 25-31 will be much stronger.”

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41 thoughts on “Here comes polar vortex TWO”

  1. I have been spending the winter in international falls minnesota. ..yeah its cold here…so far at least 10 nights this winter below -30F…including a before Jan 1st record 8… We have had an overnight record low set of -42F….let me remind you this is just in 6 weeks time…even the locals who are used to -10 and even -20 are beginning to ask what gives…again in 6 weeks wind chills of at least -40 been recorded 15 times maybe more…thats cold even for here

    1. The local Minneapolis media, whenever that type of extreme cold hits, always make a point of interviewing a bunch of 100 year old dipsh-ts that all parrot “Yaaaaaah, diss iz typical Minnesotah!”, like it’s a common occurrence that’s supposed to happen & does happen often(which it doesn’t like you said), and I can’t help but think that’s by design to push the carbon tax agenda(our electric/utility bills are already set to spike because of “green energy” crap). Across America, Democrats & the Lamestream media seem to have but one agenda: bankrupt the predominantly-white middle class while sending us back to some pre-industrial age standard of living…..all I have to say to that is Canada isn’t too far away for me(if that would be a better option at that point).

  2. I heard of the Arctic Vortex back in the 80’s thanks to the late Bill Matheson, then of CITV Edmonton. Another one of his favourite winter terms was the “dreaded Siberian High”.

    I did a look to see when the term “Polar Vortex” was probably first used and found that it was mentioned in “Littell’s Living Age, Volume 39, Page 430, published in 1853.'s%20living%20age%22%20%22polar%20vortex%22&f=false

  3. This is from the Daily Mail. Isn’t that a tabloid? Is this “news” even credible? Did Bastardi actually say this?

  4. Ireland is having an average January so far with gales and rain early in the month. Morning frosts have been very few and snow at sea-level non-existent.

    The Atlantic storms of January, 1974, were much worse than anything that we have experienced this month – gusts of 120 mph + v’s gusts of 80 mph.

    Just part of the natural variability of the climate.

  5. Been away for quite a while to Southern England, where we’ve had the worst non-winter weather since records started I suspect. Gales and extensive flooding, due to incessant rain, with temps up to 13 degrees Celsius really very serious for a lot of people in the U.K.
    The meteorological reason given for this unheard of phenomenon was, that the extreme cold from the north in America collided with unusual warm weather in the South, thus creating a perpetual jetstream with gales and surplus downfall headed towards western Europe with south westerly winds !
    I for one believe this to be a plausable explanation, for the non-winter we are experiencing in western Europe in January 2014 !
    Our climatebalance is becoming increasingly unhinged, I fear the End is Nigh so to speak !

    1. Think we will see several global Northern Lights before “the End is Nigh so to speak!”?

      More than likely

    2. Don’t worry. Obutthole will carbon tax us evil Americans into starvation just for your edification I’m sure….

  6. Heatblizzard says: “We are on par with 1976-77 which was the driest winter on record.”

    While on the East Coast, 1976-1977 was brutal and that is why all the Ivy League scientists called for global cooling in the mid 70’s.

    Like the warmists today (same people), they look out their windows and ascribe what they see to the whole world.

    There is no global climate – the earth is made up of many climate zones and they don’t all see the same weather all the time.

    1. And anyone who believes that 0.04% of the atmosphere of which mankind contributes less than 5% of that is any reason to impose carbon taxes is kidding themselves.

      The world was apparently ice free in the Jurassic with average temperatures as much as 12 C warmer than today so all the caterwauling about record temperatures and “thermageddon” by those with a political agenda is simply nonsensical.

      The Sun controls temperatures on Earth and we really know little about what is going on there – very little.

      I always laugh when they say the sun has a maximum change of total solar illumination of 0.1%.

      0.1% of the solar constant is about 1 watt per square metre averaged over the globe allowing for albedo.

      This 1 watt per square metre variation in real energy from the Sun is supposedly insignificant BUT the smaller 0.9 watts per square metre they ascribe to CO2 (the mechanism for this claim of “heat trapping” has NEVER been experimentally demonstrated by the way – NEVER) is catastrophic ?

      CO2 heats easier than air and stays hot longer – these facts have been known for more than a century

      It’s how hot “air” balloons fly – they’re really hot CO2 balloons – the CO2 from the burning gas forces “normal” air out of the balloon.

      This is why modern hot air balloons with the pressurised burning gas is capable of forcing more air out and replacing it with hot CO2 are more efficient than the ones in the past.

      BUT they do come down when they cool off like everything does.

      If the IPCC are right and 87% of the radiation loss to space is down to “greenhouse gases” how is more of the “coolant” going to increase the temperature ?

      Give me a break !

      1. People are ignorant, with a short memory. If the warmers say it is true enough times, well golly gee, it must be. How silly to think the Sun that makes life possible on this planet, actually makes it warmer. Here is a test for you warmers out there. The next time you go outside, stand somewhere blocked for the influence of wind, and stand in the Sun. Does it feel warmer????? Ignorance is bliss. How can anyone be saved if there is no impending disaster.

  7. Maybe if this happens then conspiracy theories about things like HAARP might be true after all.
    Lightning striking the same place twice in rapid succession just ain’t right…

    1. Double lightning strikes are a very common phenomenon. The reason is that the first strike has prepared a ionized path for the following strike. Not unusual at all.

  8. In the meantime, here in California, we have above average temperatures and no rain in sight. We are in our third drought year and the fire danger is high–in the winter which is supposed to be our rainy season. Sure wish that jet stream dip would shift to the west and allow rain and snow storms from the Gulf of Alaska to sweep down over California.

  9. The reason for the cold is due to an unusual and VERY stubborn subtropical high pressure off the SW coast of Oregon that WON’T BUDGE.

    I don’t know the exact numbers as I suck with math but we are VERY low on rainfall this year the lowest on record.

    We are on par with 1976-77 which was the driest winter on record.

    The ridge has been in place since December of 2012 and hasn’t really gone away. We are not getting the West Coast troughs like normal that brings rain and mountain snowfall every few days.

    I think this is normal Global Warming. Sorry but I do NOT see any signs of an ice age coming and likely I’ll be called a Liberal for saying that even though it’s true.

    1. “I think this is normal Global Warming.”

      Perhaps normal warming for your region. Counting the cycles of sun reversal, this is the perfect cycle for global cooling for other sections of United States. I remember well the global cooling during that time frame for mid-west, north, and north east, very very cold for years.

      Only thing different this round, the last time checked, the sun is still in limbo and has gone very cold. We should all hope that you are correct on your assumption. Keep an eye on the Anartic this summer. If it rapidly expands – high probability – we may be sending you guys ice cubes for the deserts to grow our food supply.

      Have a good day sir.

    2. I don’t think it’s ice age or manmade global warming(or manmade anything). It’s just normal weather cycles to me(I remember these cold winters back in the ’80s).

  10. at 43 or more C today just reading the snow n ice stories maks me feel cooler:-)
    37 INside right now 1030pm

  11. I don’t see how it can get any worse than minus 20 to minus 25F for like 5 or 6 consecutive nights in my location(east-central Minnesota) beginning the week/weekend before & into the middle of last week….that’s as bad as it gets here. If Joe is right, I may need to get the hell out of here!

    1. The winter of 1987 in Lincoln, Nebraska, had over 20 days in a row that it did not get above 0f and it got down to -20 to -28 ever one of those nights. It was something like 35 days in a row it did not break 32f. Yes it can get colder.

      1. “The winter of 1987 in Lincoln, Nebraska, had over 20 days in a row that it did not get above 0f and it got down to -20 to -28 ever one of those nights. It was something like 35 days in a row it did not break 32f. Yes it can get colder.”

        Different geographical areas. I’m talking about MY area, and I remember 1987. Maybe it had that many -20 nights, but I doubt that many simultaneously…………what the f— ever….my POINT was that I SAID I don’t know if it can get any COLDER(as in MORE COLD than last week) where I live(east Central MINNESOTA) where it is ALREADY VERY UNUSUAL for it to get that cold, again, IN MY PARTICULAR AREA!

        What IS it about people in these comments who feel the need to second-guess & correct every goddamn f—— thing I f—– SAY??????????? F— OFF ALREADY!

        1. I guess if you are warmer than Sioux Falls, you may be correct. I have friends in the Little Falls area and they see colder weather than that by a bunch. Kind of sensitive aren’t you? I did not know the moderator would allow douchbags like you to cuss.

          1. “I have friends in the Little Falls area and they see colder weather than that by a bunch.”

            About 100 miles northwest of me. I’m talking about, AGAIN, MY area, as in my town, which I’ve monitored on NWS NOAA(& prior to that) a LONG TIME(YES, since 1987(even before)).

            “Kind of sensitive aren’t you? I did not know the moderator would allow douchbags like you to cuss.”

            Want to know why I’m sensitive? Check this out:

            This “story” was originally a comment I made on a prior post post as “Joe Blogh”, 9 comments or so here: I didn’t ask for that comment to be a headline, and it attracted MULTIPLE snarky & smart-assy comments(although there were a FEW decent, intelligent comments) from a bunch of twits who felt the need to PILE ON & continually “educate” me. Granted, I handled it better then(though soon after I had to take a break from posting here for a good many months after), and since(more recently) I’ve gotten several instances of the same treatment from a few tinfoil-hat-wearing loons who think their SUPER-DOOPER TOP SECRET ANCIENT CHINESE conspiracy info makes them Eugenically superior to me or something….

            So YES I APOLOGIZE…..but it didn’t happen in a vacuum, I’m saying. Not making excuses, just illustrating. Whatever. I said I’m sorry…….DONE.

      2. That’s Nebraska, hundreds of miles from east-central Minnesota. Second of all, that’s barely any colder(if colder than it was here). Third, he wasn’t talking about the frequency of -20s lows(though you didn’t mention Fahrenheit or Celsius there), but the unlikelihood of it getting any COLDER than that(-20s F). Fourth, there have been MANY recent winters in Minnesota where the temperature hasn’t exceeded freezing(32F) for MONTHS, not just 35 days(I know, I’ve lived in the Twin Cities all my life).

        1. ReadThePost, according to NWS 8-14 day outlook, the center of this apparent “Vortex II” looks to be further east this time, circling Michigan & southeastern Ontario mainly. In other words, yes, it may be worse than the last Vortex…..for the EASTERN U.S.(NOT upper midwest).

    2. -25 is nothing for Minnesota. How would you like -35 to -45 with an occasional -60 for the night. Now you have the 1985 polar vortex.

      1. “25 is nothing for Minnesota. How would you like -35 to -45 with an occasional -60 for the night. Now you have the 1985 polar vortex.”

        Where ever it was that cold, it wasn’t IN MY PARTICULAR TOWN, which is well with the southern half of eastern Minnesota(in a river valley in fact). Sure… get to other parts of Minnesota(especially(not saying ONLY, but ESPECIALLY) extreme northern Minnesota then YES, it WILL be that cold sometimes…..nothing entirely unusual about that, happens every year practically in places like Embarrass & International Falls……NOT, AGAIN, saying it CAN’T happen anywhere ELSE in Minnesota. Just doesn’t happen IN MY TOWN(the temps you speak of), and I’ve been alive, and in my town, for most of my 40 years… QUIT CORRECTING ME, PEOPLE. If you don’t get it by now you’re all hopeless….of course a lot of you vote for the worst commie lefty politicians, so……..

  12. good…we need more so scientists will stop saying these vortices are isolated events…welcome to the new winter pattern….I can see now how ice sheets will expand and it explains the glacial formations of the last ice age….its path isnt coincidental…nature is cyclical

  13. More evidence of global warming; no doubt the main stream media and doomsday cultists will have a ball with this. Used to be called an Alberta Clipper and we bundled up and went to school and work. We have become a nation of sissies and wimps. And instant info has made us rush to empty the store shelves and head for shelters at the first snowflake or gust of wind. I am not saying be foolhardy or ignore real threats, but stop the panic mode.

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