Video – Thousands still stranded on Atlanta highways

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A major American city paralyzed – 10,000 kids trapped at their schools overnight

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Snow catches South unprepared

Thousands of drivers were hopelessly stuck for a second day Wednesday, many without food and water, on paralyzed interstates around Atlanta after a winter storm appeared to take the city by surprise.

State and local authorities had no estimate for how many people were stuck, but they said jackknifed 18-wheelers were causing a problem on freeways that were still slick with ice. Some people abandoned their cars altogether and walked to warmth and shelter.

10,000 kids trapped at their schools overnight

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal ordered the National Guard to clear the way for school buses that were carefully delivering schoolchildren back to their homes after thousands of them were marooned overnight. All of them were “home safe and sound” by late Wednesday afternoon, Deal said.


17 thoughts on “Video – Thousands still stranded on Atlanta highways”

  1. There are reports that the government workers, including road crews were let go early – only a skeleton crew was kept on duty. No plows, no deicers, no sand spreaders, no crews who could run the plows and sand trucks and other emergency equipment were kept on to help during the emergency.

    And then there’s the mayor’s whine about the weather forecast.. “they didn’t tell us it would be this bad, they said it would pass us.” Except for two days the weather service kept saying it could hit Atlanta and gave them a range from very little snow to three inches. Those of us who are weather weenies heard it – if the mayor decided not to listen or to only hear what he wanted, that’s his problem.

    The truth is, anyone who had ears to listen with should have paid attention to the possibility of serious problems and stayed HOME! Keep the kids home, make certain you have the basic ingredients to cook with and stayed out of harm’s way. If a job depends on you being there, make certain the managers and owners have made plans and stocked the workplace in case you get stuck… and make certain that they know it is THEIR responsibility. Written questions about who will provide what in an emergency goes a long way toward being safe.

    Some times it is necessary to just take care of yourself!

  2. Well, maybe these kids can learn something from this experience of cold and snow in the south – not to buy into the trash on global warming from their government run schools.

    In addition, it looks like kids will now know what snow looks like in the future LOL. Just like I knew when I was a kid right here in Charleston,SC, when 4″ snow fell in March 1980 (when I was 15) and again when almost a foot of snow fell in December,1989. Yeaugh, global cooling at its best !!

  3. Heavy snowfall to strike Finland overnight.
    Heavy snowstorm has swept through Romania since last Saturday. The authorities issued a red alert in many provinces such as Buzau, Tulcea, Constanţa, Braila and Galaţi across the country as strong winds reached speeds of 85 kilometers per hour.
    Schools and universities were closed in about 14 provinces, including the capital city of Bucharest as some of the main roads were also closed to traffic due to dangerous weather.
    The bitter cold and storm have been affecting lives in Romania, disrupting transportation. Many cars were stranded as covered with snow which exceeds 50cm in the city center.;-Xg0xj93Yf
    SRINAGAR (India): Kargil, in the frontier Ladakh region of the state, recorded the lowest night temperature this season as the mercury settled more than 21 degrees below the freezing point even as the MeT Department has predicted fresh snowfall in the state.
    “Moderate to heavy snow would occur at most places in Kashmir Valley and Jammu and at many places in Ladakh region as a fresh western disturbance is approaching the state.

  4. I thought the Weather Channel was located in Georgia?
    They seem to know what the climate will be if we don’t stop using fossil fuels. I’d think predicting the weather a couple days out would be a snap. sarcasm.

  5. Ever see the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes?
    Snipes has a line as the thawed out criminal Simon Phoenix. He’s talking to his cronies and says
    “I’m sorry to say that the world has turned into a (explicative)-whipped, Brady Bunch version of itself, run by a bunch of robed sissies.”

    I think that about sums this up.

  6. This white stuff that fell in the southern Louisiana area was not snow and not ice. It is synthetic ice which is why it wasn’t melting like real ice when temperatures rose above 32 degrees. If you take a flame to it, it doesn’t even melt. It is still on the ground after a full 2 days after the “precipitation” event! Something is big and rotten and smells like the government military weather manipulation.

  7. Like Piers Corbyn said: We are at the early stage of a new mini ice-age. This is the new norm and America is gonna have to get used to it. This kind of thing will continue for decades to come. This is what Piers himself says about NASA’s Gavin Schmidt:
    “Nasa were also asked to comment by Abctv who put on a Gavin Schmidt, a particularly nasty ignoramus who behaved in a most unprofessional, rude and deceitful manner and tried to obscure the fact that our WeatherAction forecasts give specific dates and regions (not general waffle) and as he should know have peer-reviewed proven significant skill (See Forecasts / Accuracy button) – unlike any other long range ‘forecasters’ or churlish ‘experts’ and charlatans who can’t bear to think something is being done that they cannot do.
    One has to ask if his offensive and stupid remarks have the backing of the organisation on behalf of whom he spoke. If so it is not hard to see why Nasa is having increasing difficulty in convincing USA taxpayers to foot their enormous budget. The matter will be discussed at WeatherAction regular monthly meeting Frid Jan 31st.”

  8. Somebody is always trying to place blame.

    From what I saw on TV, it looked to me like the state failed to put de-icer out on the highways that run around and through Atlanta. That mistake, together with the storm’s timing and everyone attempting to leave to go home simultaneously, caused the mess.

    Despite these things, sometimes weather hazards can’t be anticipated and managed successfully, no matter how omniscient and omnipotent governments think they are. People need to get their heads around that fact. WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL! Mother nature is in control most of the time.

  9. If Bush was still President, all the networks would be blaming him for not doing enough to help these people and call him a racist because Atlanta has a large black population, mayor etc.
    The current fed govt does nothing to help these people and gets no blame at all. Par for the course.
    f it stays this cold, they will make us pay for another Hawaiian vacation

  10. Robert
    OT Hudson River Great Story pictures and Video.
    What an icebreaker: Coast Guard ship chops frozen Hudson, keeps supplies coming

    Second story

    Great Lakes Ice Concentration Now, Not this much ice in many years.
    Still data image
    One month loop

  11. None of the drivers were equipped for ice and snow. Most have believed Algore and O’Dumbo lies that winter is a thing of the past. Stupid is its own reward.

  12. I remember the debate over Alfred Wegener’s
    theory , we were called “drifters” and were
    ridiculed , now the concept is accepted as a fact.
    Maybe history is repeating itself ?

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