Unaccustomed snowfall leaves Southerners “frozen in their tracks”

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Thousands still stranded – National Guard sending help

“More than 9,000 students across Georgia and Alabama camped out with teachers in school gyms or on buses.

Commuters abandoned cars along the highway to seek shelter in churches, fire stations — even grocery stores — after a rare snowstorm left thousands of unaccustomed Southerners frozen in their tracks.

The snow paralyzed Deep South cities such as Atlanta and Birmingham, and stranded thousands of workers who tried to rush home early only to never make it home at all.

The Georgia National Guard was sending military Humvees onto Atlanta’s snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to people.

I heard a newscast this morning saying that literally hundreds of miles of roadways in the Atlanta area were hopelessly clogged.


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5 thoughts on “Unaccustomed snowfall leaves Southerners “frozen in their tracks””

  1. Slovenia can expect snow to cower the entire country on Thursday, as up to 50 centimetres of snow may fall by Friday morning in the north-west of the country and up to a meter in the mountains.
    BUCHAREST, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) — Romanian authorities on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in four more counties in anticipation of blizzards and heavy snow. The National Meteorology Administration earlier on Wednesday issued a code red alert for blizzard and heavy snowfall in six counties.
    High winds blowing in gusts of more than 85 kmp/h, heavy snowfall and visibility close to zero are expected.
    Southern and southeastern Romania has faced its worst snowstorms in recent years.

  2. Robert – this is more of a question.
    Water – when ice age hits us, what is going to happen to underground or well/bore water, many communities rely on well water. I assume that if the sea level drops so will the depth of well water, will be a BIG problem for some people, especially marginal income areas.

  3. from a very hot australia, and now cyclone, you could almost hope that some of the global warming crew are caught in the traffic jams and are freezing their —- off

  4. all I can say is, when the local authorities say don’t go out, you should heed the warning. why were so many people just out doing their normal business when they were told this was coming. I’m finding it hard to come up with words that describe the stupidity of the masses. when I lived in VT, if they said don’t go out on the roads, I stayed home, employers should give you the time off. as for schools, that was just plain mismanagement, they should’ve canceled school until the threat was over. crazy two leggeds!

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