Video – A kind of 21st century ice age, says ABC reporter

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Relentless Winter Freezes More Than 60% of Lake Michigan and Causes Propane Shortages

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Partial transcript

Reporter: With all of the cold we want to show you tonight something happening we’ve not seen before. The great Lakes freezing up at a fast clip. ABC’s Alex Perez in a kind of 21st century ice age, showing us.

It looks like the north pole than the midwest. This endless pool of ice is lake Michigan, captured on a camera, flying on a drone, high above. It’s just massive.

Last year, only 38% of the great Lakes were frozen over. This year, researchers predict the ice coverage to be almost double that for January and February.

Another unexpected side-effect of the arctic air, propane problems.

The cold blast draining supplies and creating a propane shortage for the almost 6 million households that rely on propane for home heating. And prices are up 20% in some places.


36 thoughts on “Video – A kind of 21st century ice age, says ABC reporter”

  1. T,
    Robert’s site was more scientific before it became a blog. Now the political implications are being discussed, to put it politely. I have followed him since “Ice Age Now” was published.I have never seen anyone seriously discuss is how much is enough food, supplies, medicine, weapons,equipment, etc. to survive one generation… Let alone the hundreds of years a mini iceage can last. We are living in a dream.

  2. I’m not sure that information is correct.
    Check out the satellite picture from Jan. 29,2014. Go to this link

    Scroll down to Jan.30,2014 by Bill Stefflen and note that Lake Michigan is ~ 35% frozen. Still can grow certainly with the frigid temps. But the satellite reports something different on that date.

    Still, what a stunningly cold winter !

  3. Anyone with a little bit of brains and an IQ level above 50 should LONG know by now that we are headed for an ice age. This cycle has been in existence for a long time. The good news is that the old TV media is dead. Everyone knows that liberals control them and they are losing out big time, just like the newspapers the same.

    If you want real climate education, then go to the internet onto this site. Anybody who honestly sill believes in the greatest scam in human history, called global warming, needs to check themselves into their local asylum.

    We have had an overall climatic cooling since 1940 in the short term. They knew that in the early 1970’s, at a time when we still had a sane media. Then they twisted the facts around shortly thereafter because if was a better money maker. This entire scam of GW was all about money and politics. Nothing else !

    Anybody with a tiny bit of common sense could see this in the early 1980’s already, when record cold continued unabated into the deep south and Florida almost yearly. My parents once believed in that GW scam in 1983, but I pointed out to them that according to the weather map, we still had sub-zero for highs up north. They were confused about the strong El-Ninos we had in those days; thus, it was just a cycle in the warm phase of the PDO at the time. I remember it dropping to all-time record lows of 6F here in Charleston,SC on Jan.21st,1985. It was so cold that the Reagan inaugural had to be relocated indoors !!
    In December 1989, 8″ of snow fell here in Charleston – an all-time record – with high temps not getting out of the frigid upper teens on Dec.23rd.
    Then in 1994, Congerville, IL, plummeted to -36 F in January – yet another all-time record.
    So again, all that ignorant, lying talk and BS of global warming was total non-sense after the mid-1970’s. Now we are heading for an ice age, as we can see. They had it right the first time. Better prepare and store food while we still have a chance.

  4. actually they are comparing this year in the great lakes to 1994. In 1994 they achieved the most ice coverag that year since the satellite records beginning in 1979 @ 94.6% of a freeze…the reason they are using 1994 right now is that when you compare the actual dates of Jan.28th of the two years the great lakes this year is a little ahead of schedule….so if February is cold or even near average I believe we will have a complete freeze…what does that do here? It prolongs winter regionally…yes it does stop the lake effect snow machine but we lose the moderating effect of the lake waters which may mean another deep intrusion of cold…right now both American and European models expecting another arctic plunge from February 6-10. Frozen lakes mean a delayed start to Spring in the region…pay attention to the last frost when it occurs and next cold season’s first frost….the shifting of growing seasons will tell the story

  5. Here’s an update on Malaysia’s Mt Kinabalu which is a mere 6 degrees north of the equator and was reported to have seen snow a few days ago. Frost has been sighted and photographed at the mountain’s lodge, called Laban Rata, at just 3,000 meters or 10,000 ft above sea level.

    Mt Kinabalu (4,101 meters or 13,455 ft high) is a very popular tourist attraction with over 20,000 people from all over the world climbing the mountain each year. And all these years despite so many tourists going up, you will never hear of reports or see any pictures of frost like this at Laban Rata.

    Not sure what this frost at such a relatively low altitude means but it is certainly rare. Mt Kinabalu’s peak is barren rock and was covered by glaciers during the last ice age.

  6. I think in 1912 and 1913 all the Great Lakes froze completely over.

    So, it would appear that this is a 100 year event or so.

    No ice occurred after 1913, so I guess the question must be asked as to whether one is about to happen now.

    It’s certainly not runaway global warming though.

    1. “it would appear that this is a 100 year event or so.”

      Unless it happens again next year.

      No one alive today has experienced a lengthy solar minimum. We’ll see what happens.

    2. 90% threshold broken twice in the last 50 years, 1977 and 1994. 90% is extraordinary because Michigan has to mostly ice over and you need at least half of Ontario.

      80%+ has been eclipsed 4 other times in the last 50 years. 2014 should join those, but 90%+ will require some additional big dives of arctic air thru February.

  7. “With all of the cold we want to show you tonight something happening we’ve not seen before. The great Lakes freezing up at a fast clip”.

    Yea right, she should have gone just a little further and said not in our lifetime. As those of us whom know better, the great lakes froze up tight during the Little Ice Age during some winters. Good god, don’t let the facts ruin a propaganda news piece.

    On a different story line,the Mail Online, Jan 27 2014, ran an news story about earths magnetosphere collapsing.

  8. T I don’t think Robert is trying to truely poke holes as much as he shareing and keeping on to his reasearch of the ice age cycle.he posts cold and snow and ice and volcano storys because it all part of the reasearch he has and is doing with the cycle.

  9. ok BIG picture.
    One huge CME..and ALL solar pv windturbines new machinery computers 3d printers everything supposedly green n replacing OLD nasty manual tech..
    ALL of that goes in an instant
    what works?
    OLD non chipped motors diesel vehicles OLD ones.
    coal fires turbines and coal trains and steam engines.
    OLD lathes etc they are scrapping as junk
    but golly
    we dont HAVE any apprentices or trained operators left.
    how many hand operated kitchen household items do YOU have that work?
    a potato peeler n maybe a hand op can opener if you go camping?
    thrown out all that old fashioned crap?

  10. Its all out in the open now, the anti fossil fuel hippies have finally hit on the method of achieving what they have been figh ting for since the sixties. Calling it Climate change is a big win for them. Could work but behind the scenes the West is being attacked as our economy is based on fossil fuel. Lose that and we’re finished. Of course that is the objective of the left.

  11. I imagine during the last major Glacial, the Great Lakes must have frozen over and right down to the bottom. Unless massive snow fall/glaciers insulated them from freezing… hmm it’d be interesting to research that.

  12. Hi everyone. First post so please bear with me if you have the patience.

    The gbl wrm believers cannot, nor ever will back down. Things have gone too far. It is now just a money making machine with lots and lots of jobs that people go to everyday, and they rely on them to carry on. Even if the whole thing is a sham.

    When will the world see what is actually taking place? Probably over the next ten years or so. Because their wallet will be hit by heating costs or as we can see now, the lack of fuel.
    The BBC report on sunspots was for me at least the singular most important nod MSM has given so far that all is not as it should be. It was profound, and I expect the opening chapter on reversal of judgement that will soon become apparent in media reporting. They have no choice. Events guide news, and you cannot hide from events.
    The internet is now their major compeditor on reporting and even if they still do not fully aknowledge it, it is still a truth. The first time in human history we are able to report events in real time to ourselves. The media is dead, long live the media.

    And just to be even more controversial, I find a certain arrogance in comparing past events to what is happening now. It’s almost like saying the Earth and Sun is not capable of doing something new. Something that we can see in ice core records or whatever other mapping of the past is presented, does in no way say we will go through a repeat. We can easily go through something new that future generations will study.
    The Earth, and Sun, as scientists are always telling us, are always evolving.
    I read this site everyday and decided to add a little to it. But find it difficult to understand why there is a need to constantly try and find holes in the global warming believers. I cannot see any point to it. You are argueing with people who hold jobs. If it was me, I would look for alternative employment.
    These are only my opinions, and not intended to hurt or judge anyone.

    1. “Something that we can see in ice core records or whatever other mapping of the past is presented, does in no way say we will go through a repeat.”

      I’ve been thinking lately that maybe the last “minimum” period ending in the 1800s was “supposed” to actually be the next “big” ice age(according to the “cycle” theory), but something changed(or evolved as you put it). Of course politicians today will use ANY change, abnormality or variation(even those the are cyclical) to help with their global warming “business”, so you’re right, it’s actually useless to try to disprove warming & try to promote something else(ice age), though I still think it helps to inform as many of the unwashed as possible that it’s(AGW) purely a money-making scam used against them(which I’m sure they’ll all find out anyway(the hard way) as you said when they have to pay the heating bill(or freeze)).

    2. Hi T..”But find it difficult to understand why there is a need to constantly try and find holes in the global warming believers. I cannot see any point to it. You are argueing with people who hold jobs. If it was me, I would look for alternative employment.”

      well..the reason to show the holes n lies is to stop them ruining lives now and future. there is no alternative employment for majority of industries they wanna shut down for good.
      how many miners metalworkers etc are going to become pV installers?
      theres “imaginary jobs aplenty”
      co2 modelling for making farmers lives hell adding to the cost of building a home or renovating.
      real jobs creating and making and adding TO the economies?
      pretty thin and getting slimmer!
      mega billions wasted that could have gone to REAL issues like health/ aged care /infrastructure /food production/general physical labour jobs.
      the stated aim is to shut industry down
      do that and aLL related and flow on jobs go with it
      and the green economy cant and has NO intention of replacing them.
      they want us cold malnourished and corralled for control
      neutered by pharmas or crappy food and ill from lack of meaningful work and exersize. all of which is progressing nicely.

      1. Took the words right out of my mouth laurel.

        Saved my fingers a lot of typing.

        Just to add one comment: Those of us that do have jobs at current are looking for those holes and exploiting them as much as possible in hopes of retaining employment. Sir or Mam, you must lead a sheltered life or are a champion of poverty and starvation. We are in the sentencing stage of progression, the judgement has already been handed down. Nothing personal but you do sound rather insensitive to the unfortunate citizens that have been harmed from these policies.(2 comments)

        Best Regards

  13. You know all this talk of the Polar Vortex?

    I think it’s more like the polar air-mass has slipped over North America, leaving NW Europe with a big mass of warmer, wetter air…

    1. At the moment that isn’t the case (Warm Europe).
      The northern Jet stream is looping Cool wet weather along the coast of Europe covering the British Isles and coastal Norway with cloud and rain, then snow above Oslo. Northern Europe is as cold as the US from Germany to the Black sea. This Jet Stream loop is then bringing Snow over Eastern Europe and down into Turkey etc. The same looping effect is bringing cool wet weather from the Chinese coast to the Northern Cascades in Continental America – its weather driven by a Solar Minimum Sun. Get used to it, we have 1-to 15 years of this to get though. However, if a Super Volcano kicks off during this period all bets are off.

  14. In southwestern Arizona and Southern California we are seeing highs in the 21 to 26 degree celsius range and have been for weeks. This has all been seen in the past and is merely a recurring weather pattern. The cause is a blocking high over this area channeling cool moisture north of this area into the cold arctic air covering the rest of the country. The difference is in having the sun’s extremely low UV output at the same time the PDO is in a cooling phase. It remains to be seen what the effect of the reduced radiation on the Pacific’s surface will be. This could be bad news for the future.

  15. The poor states could use some of the UK mild weather still no wide spread low land snow and so far none expected for UK and Norway having wild fires and UK seeing endless rain no global cooling here and UK mean temperature is 6.2 makes January second or third warmest since records began and February heading down the same path so global warming propaganda usage from likes from met office BBC and IPCC going to use the UK and Norway for there proof on global warming and forcing children not know what snow looks like we know climate is cooling the children in Britain will not see no snow in the UK this winter for first time and we can’t blame. The polar vortex or AO any other UK winter with very strong polar vortex and NAO/AO we seen some form of wide spread low land snow during winter so I do believe I’ve seen the evidence are climate is cooling and weather patterns changing I wish yous had some of are mild winter to help yous in the states bob can you answer this or anyone it’s just strange thanks

    1. In the UK we don’t get cold continental air because we are an island propped out in the relatively warm Atlantic. By the time the Atlantic has cooled enough Spring is starting and any cool air feed from the East is usually dry and cold with little moisture. And when we do get a clash of Atlantic moisture hitting dry cold it can give us relatively significant snowfall, but usually it only last for a few days at the very most with the Atlantic eventually steaming through and snow quickly turning to rain.

      It takes an awful lot of different conditions for it to snow here, at least down to lower levels and round the coasts. 2010 Winter was a bit of an exception, we had bitter cold from the East and nothing seemed to shift it, although most of the snow was in the North and East of the UK. I live in the West and we did get some good brief heavy snowfalls, we did get a lot of small flurries and bitter cold for about 2 months solid, same as 2011, especially later months, lots of small flurries pushing through from the East but nothing really lying.

      This Winter in the UK has been quite exceptional given the colder Winters in the last few years. I can count on one hand the amount of frosts we have had, all it has done is rain and rain since start of December, it’s been pretty horrible, and only today is it dry and cold – the ground has actually dried off for first time in Months!

      Some of the weather guys have been saying that although it has been exceptionally wet it hasn’t been as warm as they expected with all the rain, so we will need to see what the Central England Temps are for Winter Months, it looks like Jan is going to be warm but not record breaking.

  16. “…propane shortage … And prices are up 20% in some places.” Balderdash! Propane prices are up about 300% here, not 20%. $2.29 per gallon went up to $6.49 this week in Washington State. “Shortage” said my supplier.

    1. Much of that appears to be cloud cover. Check out a clear day on satellite like Jan. 29th. There may be different imaging.

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