17 thoughts on “4406 record cold temps in January”

  1. Each area is unique and hard to predict. In s/central Wa state, we had -20 as a week long cold temp with 5′ snows in 2005. Coldest this fall was -6. What we’re seeing is much cooler/longer spring season, very short summer, then hard short fall and right back into a sunless winter. It used to be blue sky/white cloud plus winter snow. Now almost always just freezing gray rain/fog/ice, much less snow pack.

    Creates very difficult crop growing conditions, got the green house up year and made a huge difference for squash, tomatoes etc.

    Blessings all!


  2. We will likely have record heat this summer and fall with another record cold winter.

    Every 500 years we have a peak of warming and cooling which 1998 was the peak of the warming. We are still on the *warm* side but are slipping steadily cooler.

    I don’t think a mini ice age will mean an end to heatwaves. If anything I think heatwaves will actually mean more extreme as temperatures try to balance itself out.

    Dad recently found some climate notes he forgotten about until recently where he learned that in 1000AD the ENTIRE western Hemisphere was stuck in a period of extremes. Either extreme heat or extreme cold. Extreme rain or extreme drought.

    We are experiencing those conditions again today though on a smaller scale.

    With todays laze fair attitude towards weather extremes I’d hate to see how we would’ve survived 1,000AD or the Medieval warm age with our attitudes.

  3. During the American Revolution there was a year without a summer – I wonder if we are going to have a spring or summer this year. Hope so our heating costs have doubled.

  4. The Governors of several US States have written to Odumbo asking him to stop blocking propane shipments. Too many Americans are dying from the cold thanks to Odumbo’s shut down America regulations.

    1. Whoops! It’s in a foreign language. I am not sure if it was accident or intention but if it’s the latter please remove the link.

      Most of us don’t read that language.

  5. The map has red dots all over my areas, but we are having bitter cold at least 20 degrees below the average temperature for this time of year. If its not record cold its darn close.

  6. Also, if you look at the ice extent during the last ice age, the places which were the coldest follow a very similar pattern (almost the same), as the snow and ice pattern we are seeing now across the northern hemisphere. The oceans and landmasses are followed similarly by the Jet-Stream when it meanders, as lower solar activity no longer magnetically holds it in place over the poles. Forget stocking up on logs, order yourself a tree!

  7. “Severe winter ‘may challenge US airports’ finances'”

    “StockMarketWire.com – Flight cancellations due to severe winter weather could result in financial risk to US airports to varying degrees, according to a Fitch Ratings report.

    Disruptions have been widespread, with more than 40,000 flights cancelled and 180,000 delayed this winter so far according to some estimates.

    Much of the disruption has occurred in the Midwest and Northeast, resulting in a ripple effect affecting every major airport across the US.”


  8. Mind you, so far in the UK we have not had a bad winter so far other than record rain and flooding.
    However, if and when temperatures plunge and the storms continue we could be in for a really bad time. In America and Canada, you expect really cold temperatures and deep snow and deal with it, but here, our transport infrastructure falls apart with an inch of snow. Also, our buildings are not designed or insulated to the degree required for -20 or below. An ice age, mini or not would destroy the country.

    1. People in the UK struggled to survive the the harsh winters of 1946-47 and 1962-63. But they were hardier souls then. My mum walked a mile through waist-deep snow in 1947 to get to work. The feeling was in those days that if you had a sack of potatoes and plenty of coal you could survive anything that the weather could throw at you. A repeat of such conditions now and the country would descend into chaos.

    2. Actually people in and around 45 degrees latitude climates tend to not handle snow/extreme cold very well here in America either.

  9. The features driving the NH and SH winters are the Sun powered Jet streams and Blocking Highs now called Polar Vortex’s by the media. These steer the Jet Streams and the weather systems within them in deep meanders across the Globe. Where a Southerly Jet stream brings warmth and moisture to high latitude location such as Alaska and Southern Norway the warmest will shout about AGW and how bad CO2 is. This stream of moisture then cools as it loops south and drops as rain/snow as it turns into a northerly over the Mid West US, Central Europe and Asia, dumping many Inches/Cms of snow. No mention of this is made in the press, its just weather and a bad winter. We could have 15 more winters or so of these to cope with. The next item for suppression is that Alpine Glaciers in Europe and Asia have started to expand and increase in the depth of ice in them. I still want all the CO2 tax money back from the thieving Governments who have stolen it via a fraudulent lie based on AGW.

  10. Many would hope I’m wrong, but I expect next winter to be the same or just slightly worse than this winter.
    I see the events taking the same path in Europe as it did during the Grand Solar Minima that took place 400 years ago and named the Maunder Minima.

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