Record snowfall in New York City

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2nd snowstorm this week slams nation’s Midsection, Northeast – Third, perhaps bigger storm, on the way

Fresh on the heels of record snowfall in New York and across the region, a second winter storm was dishing up more misery from the Rockies to Maine.

A record 8 inches of snow blanketed New York’s Central Park on Monday, with up to 9 more inches forecast through Wednesday.

The situation is so bad in New Jersey that Gov. Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency.

Tuesday’s storm swirled out of the southern Rockies overnight, cutting a 400-mile-wide swath from Nebraska to Texas. Snowfall amounts could reach 6-10 inches in places like St. Louis, Springfield, Illinois; Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio, and could hit a foot deep in the Kansas City area.

“The month of January was the third-snowiest for Chicago,” said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen, adding the area was deluged with 33.7 inches of snow. “If you go back the last 50 days, it’s literally snowed every other day in Chicago.”

 “The Northeast faces a triple threat this week,” said Hennen. ” Expect … perhaps a bigger storm over the weekend into early next week.” on-northeast/

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7 thoughts on “Record snowfall in New York City”

  1. Good LORD is this arguing with idiots so predictable.

    The old ‘canard’ that ‘higher temperatures mean more snow has been thrown out again.

    There have been a couple dozen papers written looking at seasonal tempurature averages, showing that LOWER TEMP AVERAGE = MORE SNOW! Granted, indeed, the psychometric chart will tell you that -10 F air CANNOT hold as much water as +10 F air. And the snowstorm at 25 F compared to 5 F, tyically will deliver more snow. HOWEVER, WINTER is a composite. NOT ALL OF WINTER is the Jan 20 to Feb 10th, meteorological LOW (i.e. the lowest temps of the year.) What is very important are Nov, early Dec. and Late Feb and March, when…if the temps are STILL BELOW 32 F, (but typically above 15 F) there are LIKELY TO BE MORE SNOWSTORMS, leading to a SNOWIER WINTER. THUS THE CORRELATIONS ARE: “Colder winter/More snow” because of the “front end” and “back ends” of the season.

    1. Well said. Here in Oregon often Feb/March are the most snowiest periods and it is looking like it won’t fail again.

      Usually it has been March but this time February is looking into the lock.

      We have several low pressures about to bombard us and the NWS has used the word *Uncertain* at least a dozen times because wherever the lows wind up will determine who gets the 4+ inches of snow.

      The first wave is sometime tomorrow afternoon thru evening and another one Friday before the biggest on Saturday which may be a severe ice storm.

      Cold east winds are developing and the temps were several degrees colder then forecasted.

      It’s looking like the 7 cast will have some serious adjustments to be had in the coming days.

  2. Well a warmer atmospere holds more snow everyone knows that. Unless of course its warm and dry then it causes less snow like in Clownifornia. Geez people you have
    to listen to the experts who are trying to save the world.

  3. How is 8 inches of snow a ‘record’ for Central Park? Looking at the past, amounts exceeding 30 inches have fallen there.

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