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More than 100 roads closed

“Severe winter crushed media’s little “global warming party”, says reader Alex Tanase. “After the warmest December in 50 years, winter came back in Romania big time. We have orange code for blizzard in almost half of the country (Southern Romania). Over 100 roads and schools in several counties are closed. Wind blowing with 80 km/h gusts, snow two meters (almost 7 ft) in some places.”

Red code for snow and blizzard for 3 counties: Braila, Buzau and Vrancea.


Serious car crash in A2 highway, Army is trying to rescue people from the snow, so far nobody is badly injured, thank God :

Authorities are trying to unlock rivers by blowing ice with dynamites to prevent imminent spring flood in villages near river:

Unfortunately, some people didn’t make it:


Thanks to Alex Tanase for these links


2 Responses to Romania – Buzau County closed by severe blizzard – 2 meters of snow in some places

  1. Reverend Red says:

    It would be interesting to know where these countries are exactly and what their normal winter weather is like. It is hard to judge the normalcy/abnormalcy of these weather reports with no idea of what weather they typically have. But it certainly seems that they had an abnormally ward December and now things have turned violently in the other direction.


  2. Steven says:

    We may have at last gotten past the second peak in the 24th sunspot cycle. If so then we can expect a reduction of sunspot activity and some more global cooling.

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