Land rising in Yellowstone National Park

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More interestingly, helium-4 emissions have increased dramatically.

During the last five months, station NRWY GPS has recorded about 3.5 inches of lift (the land is rising) and about 1 cm (0.4 in) of movement toward the southeast.

Measurements from other stations in northern Yellowstone show smaller movements forming a circular pattern of deformation of the park floor.

Not only has there been a sudden rise in elevation and the development of new cracks, but Yellowstone has suddenly started issuing huge amounts of helium-4, a very rare form of helium.

It’s the presence of this gas that interests scientists.

What surprised scientists is that Helium-4 appears to be the strongest predictor of activity, as demonstrated with other volcanoes.

For example, at the volcanic island of El Hierro , the smallest of the Canary Islands of Spain, which rumbled and shook during seven months in 2011 and 2012, the gas silently filtered through the soil and groundwater on the island.

Eventually, a new underwater volcano erupted off the south coast of the island.

When the eruption started, gas flow at the surface increased dramatically.

The latest reports show that the emission rates of crustal helium- 4 from Yellowstone exceed (by orders of magnitude) any conceivable generation within the crust.

“This means that the helium -4 comes from very far under the ground, a clear sign that something big is happening what did not happen to Yellowstone in our lives.

On top of that, just last week a strong earthquake struck just a few miles from Yellowstone demonstrating that the flow of hot magma is moving.

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17 thoughts on “Land rising in Yellowstone National Park”

  1. Neil: There has been a lot of wild speculation that volcanoes cause global cooling or even ice ages, but that has not been observed. Sure, “a year without summer” was reported but even that didn’t change the climate. We older folks all remember the fear mongering about “nuclear winter” too, and that was never demonstrated either. So called “scientists” have blown so much CO2 smoke up everyone’s behinds lately that there is NO credibility left for wild speculation and unproved predictions. Maybe a massive volcano would cause bad weather locally, but the SUN causes the climate. If you have any other theory you better prove it first. Wild speculative predictions are for washing swine.

  2. The release of Helium-4 is the sign that we need, and have been waiting for, in order that we start serious preparations for the big eruption that is inevitably going to happen. When Yellowstone erupts that will trigger the next major world Ice Age cycle that will last for tens of thousands of years. Life on this planet will be severely cut down. There are other super volcanos around the world. Any one of which could erupt too. At least one such super volcano erupts every one hundred thousand years thus triggering the one hundred thousand years long Ice Age cycle. Last time this happening 75,000 years ago it was not Yellowstone that erupted, instead it was Mount Toba in Sumatra.

    1. Actually there was the Lake Taupo eruption in addition to the Toba eruption plus 3 VEI7 Eruptions.

  3. Hmm.

    Given the total land mass, depth, number of hot spots at the site do not be surprised to witness a small to moderate eruption at one of the spots.
    Knowing that water is the primary catalyst needed to form the oxygen necessary for a major event and again the land mass encompassed, have often wondered the volume of water necessary to lite Yellowstone?
    Have any underground rivers been located there?
    Track the water source available to these bad boys. Do we know the water source? From past experiences looking at data from other volcanoes it becomes clear that without spending the resources to check the potential inflow of water into the chamber we are just monitoring the effects of the events leading up to a potential major eruption, again not an exact science. Volcanoes can erupt without any solid warning just(boom)hello!!!
    Believe that a 2″-3″ rise and fall of Yellowstone over a lengthy time frame may not be to significant. But the same rise over short duration considering the lass mass involved and an increase well of above average concerning He4, concur that there is a larger than normal magma flow going somewhere?; building pressure undoubtedly from water inflow?
    As far as Yellowstone giving us a fit and a fright, we all know that there will be a lot of blowing and going from exhaust tubes, like a steam engine blowing down. Will probably come upon us without much warning(just me), if it even occurs in our lifetime.
    But yeah, ther has “probably” been enough fracturing over the years to get some magma moving east.

  4. something new for the doomsday neurotics to worry about. now let’s figure out how we can panic the public into a new volcano tax. better yet, invest in volcano flow blockers. let’s put them up all over the circumvolcanic region. can put people to work in another mindless and useless project. maybe we can use the geothermal energy from yellowstone to power the government by guaranteeing an endless supply of toxic hot air.

    1. But seriously folks…

      Geothermal power, unlike wind and solar, IS a viable alternative energy source for which the technology already exists, and also unlike solar and wind, geothermal power is constant, predictable, and dependable. I don’t know practical it would be to harness Yellowstone, however.

    2. Please don’t give them ideas. We’ve already had daylight tax and the being-over-eighteen-years-of-age tax, aka the Poll Tax here in UK. Now we have Bedroom Tax here.
      We don’t need any more!

  5. 3.5 inches of rise, or bulging, doesn’t seem like much movement, even for small volcano. If a super-volcano was getting very angry, I’d expect to be reading of movements of several feet up, down and sideways in multiple areas of a huge caldera(s).

    1. Reminds me of a line from a fantasy novel I read some years ago; alas I don’t recall the title or author, but the line ran something like:

      Queen: I can’t cough, sneeze, belch or break wind, without some wag tries to make it into a war!

  6. Yellowstone has been moving off and on for some years now. A few years ago Yellowstone Lake basin tilted and moved the lake over some, according to my brother in law who has a cabin on the lake. Its an active volcanic feature with a lnog history of periodic eruptions slowly moving west to east. Since I live west of there I’m not so worried.

  7. Hubby, (a physicist) says He 4 is common and He 3 is not. What is looked at is the ration of the two:

    WIKI: In the Earth’s atmosphere, there is one He 3 atom for every million He 4 atoms.

    Helium is used as a critical tracer throughout the Earth sciences, where its relatively simple isotopic systematics is used to trace degassing from the mantle, to date groundwater and to time the rise of continents1. The hydrothermal system at Yellowstone National Park is famous for its high helium-3/helium-4 isotope ratio, commonly cited as evidence for a deep mantle source for the Yellowstone hotspot2. However, much of the helium emitted from this region is actually radiogenic helium-4 produced within the crust by α-decay of uranium and thorium. Here we show, by combining gas emission rates with chemistry and isotopic analyses, that crustal helium-4 emission rates from Yellowstone exceed (by orders of magnitude) any conceivable rate of generation within the crust. It seems that helium has accumulated for (at least) many hundreds of millions of years in Archaean (more than 2.5 billion years old) cratonic rocks beneath Yellowstone, only to be liberated over the past two million years by intense crustal metamorphism induced by the Yellowstone hotspot….

  8. ENOCH
    And on account of the deeds of your hands which your godlessness has wrought,
    In blazing flames burning worse than fire shall ye burn.

    12. And now give presents to the rain that it be not withheld from descending upon you, nor yet the dew, when it has received gold and silver from you that it may descend. 13. When the hoar-frost and snow with their chilliness, and all the snow-storms with all their plagues fall upon you, in those days ye shall not be able to stand before them(the angels testimony).

    A couple verses from Enoch I.

    From evidence currently being uncovered and the writings not only from this book but others, a great ice age was upon the earth before the last magnetic reversal added to the deluge.

    By Ice Then By Fire

    Luv u all,

    From the frozen South

  9. The thing to remember is that not every eruption at Yellowstone is catastrophic. There are some of the sort we usually associate with volcanoes and I believe the last one was sometime around 70K years ago. I think it is important for people to understand that the size of eruptions at Yellowstone can run the entire spectrum of size.

  10. Get a second opinion from geologists and geochemists. Yellowstone rises and falls regularly over long periods and one of the things that happens is seismic events due to rocks fracturing from the stress. Jake Lowenstern and I call this a slow swarm. A classic example of this is found between Holmes Mountain and the Norris geyser basin.
    If and when Yellowstone wants to erupt it will be obvious but we are not there yet.

    1. Unfortunately Steven we do not know that. We have nothing else to compare this to. We make the assumption that there must be increased uplift and increased geothermal activity. But that may be completely wrong. We have zero clue how much uplift is necessary. For all we know the necessary uplift has already been completed. Yellowstone is already the most active area in the world when it comes to geothermal activity. Why would we think more activity would be necessary? We don’t know. It is all wild speculation. Even by USGS scientists.

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