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School buses cancelled, power outages, road closures around the region.

Snowfall reached 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches)

Environment Canada says the latest wintry punch to hit Thunder Bay and area dropped between 20 and 30 cm of snow.

The wet snow knocked trees onto power lines and caused widespread outages, especially in rural areas of the city.

Hydro One’s website indicated over 5,000 customers around Thunder Bay were still offline late Friday.

All school buses in Thunder Bay and in rural areas were cancelled on Friday, and many rural schools were closed.

Thunder Bay, a city of 121,000 in Ontario, Canada, is located on the northern shore of Lake Superior about 10 miles northeast of the Minnesota border.




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Snowfall amounts for parts of Ontario
There were also snowfall reports in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island but they were at the most 11 cm (4.3″).


Issued by Environment Canada at 6:50 P.M. EDT Friday 25 April 2014.

Another spring snowfall for much of Northwestern Ontario. The heavy wet snow resulted in winter driving conditions and also may have played a role in a number of power outages being reported in the Superior West region.

The daily snowfall record for the Thunder Bay weather station is 19.8 cm (7.8″) set on 25-April-1950.

With some melting and compaction going on, total snowfall amounts may have been somewhat higher than reported.

Location…………snowfall amount Centimetres (and inches)

Cameron Falls………………..5 (2.9″) estimated
Thunder Bay city…………….18 (7.1″) from meteorologist
Thunder Bay Airport………….19 (7.5″) estimated
Just west of Thunder Bay……..30 (11.8″)from meteorologist
Thunder Bay hilldale road…….33 (13.0″) measured from public
Thunder Bay mckibbin street…..15 to 20 (5.9″ to 7.9″) estimated
Nolalu……………………..15 to 30 (5.9″ to 11.8″) estimated from public
Mink mountain……………….15 to 20 (5.9″ to 7.9″) estimated from public
40 km northeast of Thunder Bay..11 (4.3″) volunteer spotter
Mine Centre (W Atikokan)………8 (3.1″) climate spotter
Fort Frances…………………5 to 10 (2.0″ to 3.9″) estimated
Atikokan…………………….5 to 10 (2.0″ to 3.9″) estimated
Upsala……………………..11 (4.3″) estimated

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11 Responses to Another big winter storm for Thunder Bay

  1. dakotabob says:

    I talked to a friend who lives north of Grand Marais, MN this weekend. They received 11 inches of snow to go along with the 13 inches that they still had on the ground.

  2. Jack Caruso says:

    And what do we get over the last six months? News about a forest fire in New Jersey! That’s it! Unbelievable.

  3. Deborah says:

    http://www.fprnradio.com/freedomfrequency/ – very interesting discussion. Dutch and friends talked about the movie THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and how 4 of the 5 events in the movie has already happened.

  4. kingbum says:

    Funny I live in international falls Minnesota and it borders ft. Frances Ontario and I saw no snow here…it certainly was cold enough this morning though

  5. AndrewS says:

    For the last 3-4 days Solar wind speed has been taking a nosedive – below 300km/s (around 270), after being in the 400 range and above for the last month or more.
    See the Landscheidt link to the left.

    • SKC says:

      I’ve been tracking this solar wind also. Your right, it has nosedived in the last 3-4 days.

      What is very interesting is the Earth and Mars were in alignment at the same time the solar wind was in the 400 range.

      see http://www.theplanetstoday.com/

  6. Kenneth Lund says:

    Hey Thunder Bay, how’s that global warming working for ya??

    • Wayne Dunham says:

      Well it now feels like the middle of summer here in south east Texas and the few weeks of winter we had are caput for now, until maybe mid-November. 92 in Houston yesterday and supposed to be well in the 90s today. So I guess our summer’s starting early this year and to make matters worse our air conditioner has gone out… So for the next 8 months or so outside work will be at minimal. Much of the time will be spent inside sleeping and trying to stay cool. Come on Ice Age!

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