Britain braces for two-week Arctic Blast

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Will feel more like February, say experts.

Temperatures will fall to -3C (27F) by the end of the week, say forecasters, and parts of Britain will endure overnight frosts and icy winds.

The wind chill factor will take parts of the North down to -5C and even the South will be shivering in overnight lows close to freezing.

There could even be another dusting of snow over the hills in the far North by Thursday.

This could make the beginning of May feel more like February, experts said. 

Thanks to Don Brown for this link

“The overnight frost could affect fruit crops and young seedlings badly even in the south i.e. London and Kent,” says Don.

31 thoughts on “Britain braces for two-week Arctic Blast”

  1. Well, that winter snap didn’t last long. About a day and a half here in West Yorkshire.
    Problem with the Daily Express is that they cry wolf a bit too much these days (remember the 3-month arctic blast they predicted back end of 2013, for Britain?). Looks like USA and Canada got that one.
    Last spring was pretty cold. To me, this one isn’t exactly warm, but it’s tolerable.

    1. I think HARRP is working with these Global Warming bozos to strike where they say the weather will be mild in order to surprise us.

      I have learned to forecast the weather and am more often right then wrong when they say a season will be one way and it winds up the opposite way.

      Here in Oregon they thought spring was going to be dry and it wounded up being unusually wet easing drought concerns at least for Western Oregon.

  2. I’ve seen snow in May before. Rare, but not unheard of. Last time I saw it, it was around the late 1970’s. Long before any of the “OMG, what have we done to the weather?” garbage. I’ve also heard of snow in June.

    Anything that falls outside of “mild, gentle and dry” is now seen as an omen of impending catastrophe. Enabled by a hysterical media that hasn’t seen truth or objectivity for years.

    Taking these sources seriously might be likened to asking a 3 year old for stock market predictions and then acting on what is said.

    It was, after all, the same paper that was screaming about this winter being the coldest ever on record and it turned out to be quite mild compared to the last couple of years.
    Everyone except Piers Corbyn is a blind guide when it comes to weather forecasting.

    1. Has anybody notice the last 5 years the weather seems to go exactly OPPOSITE of whatever the Global Warming officials say it will?

      If they claim the winter will be mild and dry it will be cold and wet. If they claim it will be record snow and cold all the while trying to attribute global warming with it then the weather will be record rain.

  3. Chilly weather in early May is very common in the UK and Ireland. Yesterday our local Belfast television news reported afternoon temperatures of only 6C-7C in the Antrim glens.The normal daily maximum at this time of the year is 13C-14C.

  4. I’d vaguely thought a clout was some sort of loin-cloth, predecessor of underpants. But perhaps there’s more to it than that, if only to wonder what was worn for the rest of the year!

    Today’s “Telegraph” says “..“clout” is a 15th-century word for a scrap of clothing. This is one of the dafter edicts. If, by the time May is out, you are still bundled up in fleeces and furs, you will not look sensible but [snipped]”

    Regards Ant

  5. Cast not a clout till May is out.

    That’s the old saying, but the trouble is no one knows what a clout is any more.

    Some sort of reference to winter clothing or a coat or something.

  6. Hello all,

    I can’t reach this page at present; it has to be said though that the “Express” usually has large front page headlines of Heatwave, Wintry Blast, House Prices Up, House Prices Down, Pensions Up, Pensions down…

    Regards Ant

  7. Posted in Editorial 01/05/2014 9:35:53 SNOWFALL IS COMING TO Petrozavodsk. STSI urges drivers to refrain from traveling! Yesterday and this morning in the North Karelia have been heavy snowfalls. As reported by readers DTP.Petrozavodsk in some places fell to 20-30 centimeters of snow .
    According to forecasters, the snow is now approaching Petrozavodsk. On the night of May 2, the capital of Karelia expected passage of snowfall. Overnight could fall about ten centimeters of wet snow. Expected snowstorm . The air temperature will go down to 1 … -2 degrees.

  8. At the May holidays in Karelia SNOWFALL IS EXPECTED.
    In some regions of Karelia today (30.04) it snowed – in Kalevala and Kem area. In Segezhskiy area snowfall is still ongoing. At the May holidays in Karelia will begin cooling. The average daily temperature in the afternoon will be +1 – +5°. The night will keep temperatures below zero during the night of Friday to Saturday, the thermometer drops to -6 °. Expected snowfall. Due to changes in temperature, on the roads of the republic, the formation of ice dams. Many drivers have already changed studded tires on the “summer.” Traffic police Karelia urges drivers if possible avoid traveling.(translated with

  9. more like 3 days. Both the BBC and GFS charts suggest it will get warmer by Sunday. There is a long history of Arctic outbreaks in early May and a local name for it in northern Scotland is ‘ The Gab o’May’. We’ve had much worse ones than this, but it’s going to be treacherous for gardeners after the mild winter and warm spring encouraging a flush of growth. This is a massive difference to last year’s record cold spring.

  10. Guys this is normalish weather for the UK.
    As soon as the Cricket season starts, it snows, but only lasts for a day or two.Ive seen harsh frosts in June before now.
    If you look at the Sun spot record in living memory you will see that the worst winter weather occurs at the bottom of the Solar cycle, when a Jet stream gets stuck below the UK and an easterly air stream develops. 1947, 1963, later 1970s, late 1980s, for example. We then had the Modern warm period (the hockystick part of the graph) and we are now in the Modern Minimum, with the Sun’s output during a Cycle MAX is still way below normal levels. What will cause food shortages over the next 20 years isnt snow and ice on the ground, but severe Frosts at critical growing points of the Wheat and Corn growing areas.
    The Wheat futures market will be an interesting place in the comming years.

    1. Keep an eye on the volcanoes that will be the telling sign of the next ice age.

      SEE YA

    2. indeed,no surprise at all and temperatures will rise to 20C in the southern UK over the weekend. As far as the newspaper reports are concerned we should remember the old adage ‘ good news is no news’

  11. Alberta will be getting a cool down after a couple of warm days. Temperatures will be about 7 to 10 Celsius degrees cooler here in Red Deer from Friday through Tuesday with showers and a chance of wet snow. Calgary will be even cooler with temperatures in the low single digits and chances of flurries. Since the cool air will make it’s way southward, I wonder if areas in Idaho, Montana or further south will see large amounts of snow.

  12. …as with USA it’s all about the Jet Stream for the UK but the warm Gulf Stream Current is a big factor there.
    Very interesting this cold blast because it will show us what type of weather patterns are causing it.

  13. A very critical difference is that we have significantly higher CO2 levels now vs LIA, and that will help crops deal with cold weather, droughts, and shorter growing seasons as growth rates will be faster.

    1. Which would be nice if not for all the other cosmic crap headed our way in the usual cyclical fashion… just like these interglacial periods… fun while they last, too bad our glorious leaders don’t tell us when they’re about to end, but that would spoil the ‘fun’, right?

      1. LOL, what makes you think the (in)glorious leaders know anything to tell us? {What with their (in)glorious heads so far up their pompous a$$es?}

        1. Will re-iterate,
          Why do you think bunkers are being built across the globe?
          THEY KNOW!!

      1. Just because Co2 is higher not mean O2 levels are lower only that Co2 is more predominant. (IF) plant life is more abundant then we should actually see more O2 at the lower extremes. HUH.!.!

  14. The UK is definitely the ‘Little Ice Age’s” beta test site. I’ve maintained all along, the Brits will never give the E.U. control over their land planning, agricultural, and food security apparatus.

  15. Tisk, tisk. Wasn’t the clap trap this “Winter” all about who warm it has been in parts of UK? I think with Summer just around the corner, a nice Maunder signal would be for some more snow to show up in unexpected places this May. Mr. Dalton has already clearly signaled that he is in attendance.

    1. yes, it was a very mild and wet winter indeed over most of the UK, but although we did not get any severe frosts, it was sufficiently cool in Scotland for record snowfall and snowlie above 1500ft or so. Lots of snow in a mild winter—now that’s interesting.

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